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Page dated 6/2/95

I was out of my body playing some kind of cosmic tile game with some other entities high up in the heavens.  I looked down to Earth and saw two white circles and something else approaching my house.  As I got closer I realized it was an old friend named John and his 2 young sons who were wearing sailor hats (white circles).  I zapped back into my body so that I could greet them.  We ended up sitting at my kitchen counter having a conversation that taught me more about attachments.  I let the words flow through me as I explained to him that having attachments bound one to the Earth.  That there were certain items created for the convenience of the physical body – i.e., a refrigerator, clothes, etc. and that everything else – including certain routine behaviors – was unnecessary.  To become attached to those other kinds of things was to be attached to the physical.  I was reminded of the bible story of the man Jesus told if you want to follow me you must give up all your material things.  He meant that not so much in a possession sense but in an attachment sense.  If you’ll recall, the man was bummed out about it.  As John would be.  It has been my observation that he is a very materialistic person and I understood why it was he who was sitting across from me.  I could see that side of me reflected in him.  (This was a wonderful dream.  Makes me want to clean my house and get rid of a lot of “stuff” – just give it away. )

Dreamer’s comments:  I remember this dream as if I had it last night it was so vivid and “real” to me.  I remember the great joy I was experiencing while playing the tile game and I also remember the great sense of release I experienced after I understood how attachments can imprison us.   It is funny how “stuff” has come and gone in my life….  It has always felt better to have it “gone” and in fact since becoming unemployed I am again cleaning out my house!  I swear there are little elves in my basement just making clutter when I am not looking!  Where in heck does it all come from really and why do I keep it around????


Page dated 9/14/96

I seem to be back in the same space I left off in last time.  I am there as an observer – feelings aside – and there is a person with a pointer who is guiding me through it.  He is using a model…  a person I seem to know well but for some reason don’t recognize.  He uses the pointer to show me that this person is a composition of the same energy i felt in the room.  He shows me in a way that explains that energy needs polarity  – positive/negative to exist.  Therefore everything must contain that polarity.  To experience wholeness, i must acknowledge that.

Energy also has like a gravitational pull.

Our energy is everywhere as evidenced by karma in t his 3 dimensional space.  Our energy will seek us because we are its creator.

Negative energy exists to teach us the difference.  It will always be but I don’t have to use it.  That is a choice.  What I might consider an addiction is an energy I have labeled negative that I have sent out in the past.  For instance if I was a drinker, this energy will come back to me as it’s creator and I must accept it and acknowledge it.  To fight it, would infuse it with more negative energy and make it stronger and harder to resist.  To accept and acknowledge it simply as a part of the negative, and then see it and allow it to take its place as part of the whole diffuses it.  No action need be taken other than acknowledgement.

A person must let the negative energy return to its creator to achieve wholeness. and then  recognizing that they are whole then choose not to send forth the negative again.    I wake up to pee.

Notes written on the page but not part of the dream include:  Do not struggle with the return of negative energy.  Simply allow it to be, knowing that it will bring wholeness….   and Make conscious positive choices to live comfortably, and  joyfully…..


Dreamer’s comments:  When I find a dream like this – and it’s one that I for some reason had forgotten – I wonder….  I think…  It feels like there is truth in it and like it is trustworthy information.  I can say, that after these many years later, it is.  I live in a small town where stuff like this just doesn’t come around out of nowhere.  You have to go looking.  I am also someone who tries theories on for size before I integrte them permanently.  I do believe this is at least a near truth, if not a whole one.  It at least deserves consideration.  Enough said… 

Page dated 9/10/96

I am beckoned into a room – I can’t describe how but I know it’s okay to go and I feel this great curiosity about it.  I really cannot see inside, it seems gray and foggy but as soon as I step in it seems as though I have stepped into a rainbow of feelings.  The best way I can describe it is that bands of emotions or feelings circle and swirl around everything and it is very easy to get caught up in the “vortex” of one or another.  Somehow it is communicated to me, or somehow I just know, that the way out of one of these swirls is just to “accept” it as it is and not struggle and I seem to hear a faint whisper that tells me “everything is perfect just as it should be”.  I begin to fly freely about on these bands as they take on colors and look like ribbons that I can feel more than see and I begin to understand that for me red is uncomfortable, I feel anger for what I don’t know, and I am close to depression…  I want to get out of this and remember to just let it be and find myself wandering closer into a pinkish/orange color which feels sort of “sour”.  Although it is not really uncomfortable, there is nothing substantial here…  i am mesmerized by a bright golden light I see off in the distance and move towards it…  I feel like it pulls me in, and would run right through me and out the other side if I directed it to.  I want to stay here…  it is warm and inviting and comfortable.  Off to the side I see flashes of purple that intrigue me.  I’m trying to decide if I want to move from this place that feels so “right” and go explore…  I wake up because the cat has jumped on my head and wants to be fed.

Written on the page but not part of the dream I have noted that it seems that all colors were needed to make up the whole….  and “ACCEPT”   I was in charge.  Those colors would do whatever I told them to.

Dreamer’s comment:  After this dream I remember I would sometimes “feel” people in color when I met them if that makes any sense.