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Page dated 4/5/01

#1.  Everyday when I got home from work I would find a load of unflushed shit in the toilet.  I thought Abby was pooping before she left in the morning and not flushing.  Then one day she stayed somewhere overnight and shit was there again.  I told Joe.  He showed me a place in the wall where the paper had been slit cleverly so you couldn’t tell.  Behind it was a blue plastic safe and I thought someone must be getting in our apartment when we’re not home.

Written here but not part of the dream – I think this means there is a whole lot of shit in my head that is hidden (safe) and has not been flushed out yet.

#2. I left and met some guy for lunch.  We had to walk to another building to order it.  I ordered a fruit salad and sherbert.  The lady taking my order just didn’t get what sherbert was.  He ordered a lunch and then he tried to order a big fruit salad for another date that he could take to a gathering and the same lady that understood fruit salad with me didn’t understand fruit salad with him on a larger scale.

Written after this was but not part of the dream it says maybe this means I need to process one small thing at a time..  i.e. single order of salad – sherbert confused at first.  The bigger salad (picture) is maybe too much to understand at once right now.

Dreamer’s comments – I would go a step further in interpreting the first dream and say that I was looking to blame someone else for the shit which was probably mine.  In the second one, I am evidently trying to move ahead too fast and need to slow down and understand the parts and how they fit together before I can get the whole.  For some reason this all seems to relate to metaphysical understanding for me as represented by the “other building”.


Page dated 4/18/01

A field of black covered with millions of stars.  Beautiful.  A page turns.  Another field of black covered with star but in the center a pattern that flashes circular in form – clearly I see the top portion which says PAY HOMAGE…  the bottom is blurrier but I believe it says TO THE KING.  So then on the page I have drawn this illustration…  it is circular and depicts this saying with PAY HOMAGE making up the top half of a circle and THE KING making up the bottom and TO is sitting right in the middle and I have drawn lines to represent what I imagine are sun rays emanating from this whole thing.

Again the page turns and in the distance I see another pattern in a black field filled with stars.  It is red, flashing and looks as though it is superimposed on top of the original – or perhaps a similar pattern – but it leaves quickly.  I can’t seem to get it back so I miss the message for now.

Written on the page in parenthesis but not part of the dream I have written (I think it means to trust – offer my trust – to the universe)

Dreamer’s comment:  I vaguely remember this dream.  It stymied me as I recall.  And I never was happy with the interpretation I settled on although seeing it now in hindsight, I guess it’s as good as any.   

As an aside…  To all of you who are reading this wierd blog of mine I thank you.  I really started it as a personal project never thinking anyone would be interested in reading some old woman’s dream diary.  If you ever have a comment or see a more meaningful interpretation, I would certainly welcome it.  I think there’s a lot stored up in our heads that comes out at night waiting for us to notice and be talked about.  Thanking you in advance for any comments and again for reading.  AND  If you’d like to share one of your dreams here…   feel free!    Cathy.

Page dated 4/17/01

I live with many others on top of a hill with wide rolling lawns.  The hill is encircled with a line or road of stones at it’s base.  No one has ever crossed it.  No on knows what lies on the other side of it.  I stand beside it wondering what will happen if I cross.  I am tired of living on the hill.

Dreamer’s comments:  Sounds like it’s time for a change or something, wouldn’t you think?  TOTAL change.  Different people, differnt places, etc.  Hmmmm…  Know I’ve been there before!  Could this be a lesson in feeling content where you are?

Page dated 3/29/01

I am talking to Abby.  Her back is to the window.  It is daylight.  I see a bat fly into the side of the car and begin to ease itself through the cracked window into the inside of the car.  I point it out to Abby.

Dreamer’s comment:  (Abby is my daughter)   All I can think of is Rabies…  bats in the daytime means rabies!  How queer am I?  This is the first dream in the third notebook I pulled out of a box.  Another thing I think of is “bats in my belfry!”  Why do I do this?  What sense does this make?  Why not?  So do you think there is something somewhere lying in wait for me?  Oh shit!  Isn’t there always?  Okay!  Time to stop…  I’m rambling….  Oh boy…  Looks like one of “those” days….

Page dated 9/10/96

I am beckoned into a room – I can’t describe how but I know it’s okay to go and I feel this great curiosity about it.  I really cannot see inside, it seems gray and foggy but as soon as I step in it seems as though I have stepped into a rainbow of feelings.  The best way I can describe it is that bands of emotions or feelings circle and swirl around everything and it is very easy to get caught up in the “vortex” of one or another.  Somehow it is communicated to me, or somehow I just know, that the way out of one of these swirls is just to “accept” it as it is and not struggle and I seem to hear a faint whisper that tells me “everything is perfect just as it should be”.  I begin to fly freely about on these bands as they take on colors and look like ribbons that I can feel more than see and I begin to understand that for me red is uncomfortable, I feel anger for what I don’t know, and I am close to depression…  I want to get out of this and remember to just let it be and find myself wandering closer into a pinkish/orange color which feels sort of “sour”.  Although it is not really uncomfortable, there is nothing substantial here…  i am mesmerized by a bright golden light I see off in the distance and move towards it…  I feel like it pulls me in, and would run right through me and out the other side if I directed it to.  I want to stay here…  it is warm and inviting and comfortable.  Off to the side I see flashes of purple that intrigue me.  I’m trying to decide if I want to move from this place that feels so “right” and go explore…  I wake up because the cat has jumped on my head and wants to be fed.

Written on the page but not part of the dream I have noted that it seems that all colors were needed to make up the whole….  and “ACCEPT”   I was in charge.  Those colors would do whatever I told them to.

Dreamer’s comment:  After this dream I remember I would sometimes “feel” people in color when I met them if that makes any sense.  


Page dated 3/26/95

We were in a fancy restaurant/bar.  Maybe in NYC or somewhere similar.  It was the 40’s I think.  I seemed to be with two good friends (one of them was Anita Reed Schnell).  We went to the bar where we ordered something similar to Kahlua and cream.  I was a little drunk.  Anita started doing some kind of kick dance and I joined in but I couldn’t kick well because I had on my black suit with the straight skirt.  I thought about hiking it up but an old boyfriend (John McAuliffe) walked in with the high school beauty (Bonnie Keller).  He was Italian.  We just sat down at a table.  I tried to get his attention but he nodded his head and two of his greasy black haired Italian goons said they had to talk to me and took me to another room and sat me at a table and they made small talk and finally I said “so wht do you want to talk about?”  They said “He will never recognize  you as his wife”  I said “Does that mean I will pay forever?”  They nodded yes.  I wanted to cry and run from the room.  I woke up.

Written on the page but not part of the dream – First thoughts:  I was surprised I was his wife.  Hadn’t acted “wifely” for the times (40’s) and second – what had I done to deserve that treatment?  I bet answer is in first thought.  But was I promiscuous too?

Second thought:  Ahhh…  but maybe I normally was very wifely.  Maybe it was an arranged marriage and he didn’t really love me so he ran around with “looser” women.,  Maybe that night I was making an effort to be more “his type”.  I really didn’t have any idea what to order at the bar.  I had ordered what the other two girls did.  I was dressed more sensibly and I didn’t dance well.

This makes me wonder if our karma is over – John’s and mine!

Dreamer’s comment:  OMG!  This really makes me laugh!  This dream is about an old high school boyfriend – 30 years prior.  It must have really seemed serious when I woke up – or I took it seriously – look how I analyzed it as if it was present day or as if it was relevant to “now”.  I must have seen it as a past life thing.  Maybe it was….  Hmm….  well…  when I think about it…  I could see him as a rude 40’s mobster type!  Oops….  hope you aren’t reading this!!!!   LOL!



Page dated 2/11/95

There was a wonderful man.  I think I was Chinese looking.  We were moving into a new apartment.  I was a mystic, or a healer, or something.  I had him draw a card from a deck with beautiful pictures.  He drew one with a hill, a diamond shape and sun rays.  (on the page I have actually drawn a crude illustration of this  —  it looks like three small connecting hills or “bumps” – rising from the center of these I have drawn a diamond shape like on a playing card – and shooting from the top half of the diamond are lines that would represent sun rays – sorry don’t  know  how to do that in the middle of text)  When he drew it, the same sign appeared luminous behind him and I knew he was “THE ONE”.

Then we were at a parade or something.  It got very dark.  We were uptown but the post office was on a hill with cement stairs leading up to it.  There was a great national calamity – like a giant earthquake – and there were a lot of small fires.  I knew “HE” was out being helpful.

I was handed the headless dead body of a small maroon colored rabbit.  I cradled it lovingly.  A girl brought me a shoebox to put the body in.  I couldn’t because I knew she would throw it then in a trash heap.  I felt a lot of love and compassion for the small furry body and then that extended out to include everything.  I KNEW that even though I was surrounded with fear and crying and devastation that things were going and happening exactly as they were supposed to.

Further written on this page but not part of the dream – (This was a wonderful dream.  I did not want to wake up.  I felt so good.  So fulfilled.  so wonderful, so insightful and all these words still do not describe how I felt.  I want to be back there!)

Dreamer’s comments:  I remember this dream and how good I felt.  I remember going to work and telling a couple  of friends about it.  I remember one friend who totally “got it” and one who thought I was a little bit “psycho” I think.  LOL!   And maybe I am.  Let me ask you this…  what if dreams are the real deal, and “life” is the dream????  What then?   It seems to me that this was a dream that taught acceptance of “what is”. 

Page dated 1/20/95

First I was in this little antique shop when somehow I was abducted.  Then I was on this covered dock when this guy came onto it and asked directions to another person I took to be “the leader”.  When he realized he’d have to climb 4 flights of stairs and zigzag across porches full of people he came back and then my covered dock became a boat and we were speeding down a river.

There was a snake that I think was my friend that I let eat my donut.

Next I was in a room with my snake and “the bad guy”.  He had a treasure map that he didn’t know was a treasure map but I knew how to read it.  The room was full of old Egyption? india? “sacred treasures”.   He put the map down.  I sort of hid it up underneath a table we were sitting at.

I believe I had some sort of homing device hidden in my clothes – my pants.  I woke up.

(This is written in the book, but not part of the dream:  I’m not sure who was the “good guy” and who was the “bad guy”.  This was a very Indiana Jonesish kind of dream.  I think the good/bad guys represent separate sides of myself.  The treasures are the treasures within.  I have one side that wants me to use them and one that doesn’t or does but doesn’t know how.  Thank you for this dream.  Please send me a detective dream to help me unravel the mystery of how to make use of my treasures.)

As an afterthought. I recall that in the dream , in order to find the treasure, you had to stand and look at the map from far away, not stand so close, and then it became apparent how to find it.

Dreamer’s comment:  Wow!  Guess I already did the interpretation on this one!  Good thing!

Page dated 1/17/95

I asked for a “lucid” dream.  I dreamt that I was supposed to dream of a “0”  I actually saw a big zero in my head.  Of course, I thought “zero, how unexciting to dream of nothing”” then I realized that I was supposed to clear my mind and have nothing in it – not even a dream.  Of course I thought I should have an audience so that others could benefit from watching me have a clear mind and so I began to arrange chairs for the audience around this very large “0”.  Then I realized that I was dreaming something (chairs) and I was supposed to be dreaming nothing (clearing).  (Hmmm….  I wonder what the message is here!?!  DUH!)

Dreamer’s comments:   This is so funny to me…  it reminds me of when I started to meditate and was trying to learn to clear my mind….  Can anyone relate?  Honestly, the best way to clear your mind is to stare into space, don’t you think?  Well…  the best way to learn to clear your mind.  That was such a natural thing to do when we were little.  Before all the bullshit comes to fill it up!