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*1   I was at a high school gym.  I think I was with Katie.  It was very crowded and dark and hot.  They were pulling numbers to see who would win a bunch of money. Katie had lots of other friends around so I went to the bathroom  Bambi was in there.  I looked in the mirror and there were band aids on my face.  I took them off and applied lots of  makeup.  I was sweaty.  when i went back out he crowd was gone, Katie’s car was gone and the place was full of girls in white chiffon dresses.  It felt like a graduation.  I knew I had to call Joe for a ride  (For some reason I felt like this was another chance for Katie but she had not changed and still carried old wounds that were hard to cover over…  that for some reason she felt abandoned and needed a new start.)

#2  Riding by a park on on low side of a hill where there was a crowd gathered again to pull a ticket and avoid the big climb.  I knew I had won but just kept going home because I knew my name was on the ticket and they would call me.  (I’m a winner)

#3  In a breakfast buffet line.  Got the last plate.  Went back and Joyce Naughton was there wanting a plate.  I found her one.  She was appreciative.

Dreamer’s Comments:  Life is full of fresh starts.  No matter how late you get in line, I will enjoy them and help others enjoy them too!!!


Page dated 5/18/00

Question before bed:  I am interested in pursuing oobe’s…  Any advice?

I dreamt I was standing beside a small plane full of people that was going to take off.  I understood there was no room for me on it.

Answer:  No!

Dreamer’s comments:  All of my oobe’s have been spontaneous and evidently according to this dream I will be happy with that at least for the time being!!!

Page dated 5/17/00

Note:  I  had evidently decided to ask questions before going to sleep looking for answers to come in the form of dreams as the next few seem to be in that format.

Question before bed:  Should I do anything with this situation I find myself in with _______ (I named a friend here which shall remain nameless in this blog).

Dream #1  I was trying to get N’Sync tickets but it was all sold out except for some scattered single seats.  (We could go but not sit together.)

Dream #2  I was at an amusement park.  The rides were operating but it was very cold.  (We could be together here but not enjoy it)

Dream #3   I looked out the window and saw a kangaroo tied to a tree.  It had jumped around the tree and tangled/tied itself up basically (my mind)

Answer:  Don’t bother with it.  It will work itself out.

Dreamers comment:  Although I do not remember the specific problem, I can tell you that to this day we are fast friends and so the advice I gleaned from these 3 little dreams was good.

Page dated 3/31/00

I was in this apartment.  I don’t know if it was mine.  I was not “at home” there.  There was a man riding a bike that was loaded down and very top heavy.  It was cold and snowy.  He was on a bridge I think.  He tipped over.  I felt bad for him.  It was his apartment I was in.  Before he left he went to a wall cupboard of doors and sliding panels.  He left stuff in it.  After I watched him tip over I went to that cupboard and went through it.  There was an accordian file but I didn’t look in it.  I thought maybe his secrets were in this cupboard.  I turned on a little light that was inside the cupboard and kept looking.  I noticed the wall next to me was black but see through.  There seemed to be a family that lived on the other side.  I was afraid they might be able to see me going through his cupboard.  I couldn’t find the light switch to turn it off so I just shut the doors and left without turning it off.

Dreamer’s comments:  This I would think has to do with keeping someone’s confidences.  Here is this person who is carrying  a load so heavy he doesn’t seem to be able to bear it and he seems to keep it locked up inside.  It seems like I try to help him carry the load, but he doesn’t seem to want me to and I can’t force it.  Just “let it be” seems to be the message here.

Page dated 3/21/97

I went to bed last night wondering what the “devine design” for my life might be.  I “spoke the words” for and asked for a definite lead.  I had a dream that someone (I don’t know who) and I were “skiing” up one side of a small mountain and down the other.  We had skis on our feet, but jumpropes for poles.  I made it easily and with no problems.  The other person had some problems which I encouraged her/him(?) through.  (She got off her tracks once – started sliding backwards and she seemed to tire easily or something)  There was a small outdoor party going on at the bottom or end of the trip.  Joe came and looked at our jumpropes and told me the only difference was that my rope was longer and stronger but they were basically the same.  This all happened at night – in the DARK – except for the party was light.  It should be noted that I went to bed BELIEVING  I would receive my answer.

So I got an answer here and I believe it means I am to help (encourage) people over tough spots (mountain) in their lives and show them how to use the tools (ropes) they have to make it through.  How?  I don’t know!

Dreamer’s comments:  Sounds good to me LOL!

Page dated 9/12/00


Came down the stairs in ice skates and told Abby and Joe I was going ice skating in the pond across the street.  They were watching TV and waved me on.  I went and I fell through the ice.  I woke up before I died.  I could not breathe.

Dreamer’s comment:  Feeling neglected?  Facing fear?


I was cooking.  Shirley Peters (a former neighbor) was sitting at my kitchen table eating a pie shaped wedge of what looked like a red frozen breakfast waffle – holding it like a cookie.  I was about to correct her – tell her that’s not how you eat that – then instead just shut up since she looked like she was enjoying it.

Dreamer’s comment – A reminder that everyone has their own way of doing things and not to interfere or judge.

Page dated 5/21/02

My dog, Poochie, was taking a crap in the back yard.  I was watching through the back door.  When she was done, I was surprised to watch her back up rather than walk away.  What she uncovered was one of my dinner plates loaded with crap that wasn’t log like, more mush like.  Gross!  (I must need to change my eating patterns!)

Dreamer’s comments:  What other comment could there be?

Page dated 4/10/02

I have a white stripe on my tongue running from front to back.  It bugs me.  I want it gone.  A man gives me a clear blue lozenge with a very strong menthol  taste.  I suck on it and the stripe disappears.  I keep looking in the mirror.

Dreamer’s comment:  Just not sure….  There seems to be something wrong in my life that bugs me…   there may be some sort of advice here but not clear about that at all!  Maybe telling me that the remedy is as simple as the remedy offered in the dream and I’m making more of it than is necessary.

Page dated 6/8/01

I dream I am pregnant.  I am at an outdoor party.  I am having a horrible time.  I am not married or in a position to have a baby and everyone is having fun but me.  I go in the bathroom and lay on the floor and cry.  An obnoxious woman I used to work with came in and started offering stupid ideas about what to do.  I get up and go in a stall to hide but stili she keeps on talking and I can hear her. I finally make the decision to go home.  I feel better and start to walk to my car.  I am following a couple.  A man that used to work with Joe who now works at Walsh and his wife.  I am in the middle of the road.  They are off to the right.  There is a big huge as a house snowbank.  They walk around to the right.  I can see a cemetery in the distance there and know my car is near there.  I decide to go left.  When I get toward the edge of the snowbank I see there is another even higher one.  I decide to go over, rather than back around to the right.  I get near the top of it and start to sink in.  I begin to think I may not get out of the snowbank.  I wake up very bummed.

Dreamer’s comments:   Well it seems obvious to me I’ve made some choices that are unconventional, will not take anyone’s advice, refuse to follow the norm, and now I am up shit creek without a paddle.  No wonder I’m bummed!  Do you suppose what is obvious to me now, was obvious to me then?  Do you think that obnoxious woman I could not escape was really me beating myself up?