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I dreamt I went to a bar on some side street. It sat back on the lot and looked like a small dark brown house. It had a porch with a railing. I was supposed to pick Steve, an old friend, up there. The door was open and I could see him sitting in there but he didn’t seem to see me. He was wearing a dark green NY Jets tee. I don’t know why. I can’t remember him ever being a great football fan. He finally saw me and motioned me to come in. I parked my car and went in. He kept offering to buy me all these flavored beers. I had already tried the root beer beer and it did not sit right so I kept declining and finally just asked for a good old fashioned beer. We sat and talked and laughed for hours and time dropped away and all of a sudden he had his long hippie hair and foolish grin and it was the early 80’s again. I knew if I looked outside I would see his old beat up blue pickup in the parking lot.  I woke up missing him and hoping he was having a nice life.

Dreamer’s comments: He was an “I wonder what if” person who passed through my life. He had been married once and had a daughter. He never could get over his ex I don’t think who once found me visiting in his apartment and took me aside and told me he would always love her and there was no chance for me at all. We parted when he moved to California. Much later I worked with an in-law of his and found out he had remarried his ex, divorced her yet again and had finally broken free of her and remarried someone else. Another 10 years later I saw him in the County Building where he was adopting a baby. He was such a gentle person.




I dreamt of my father, passed at least 50 years ago. Only the second time I’ve ever had a dream of him. I only talked to him on the telephone actually. Didn’t actually see him. It’s all sort of a haze. Don’t even remember what we talked about specifically but it had something to do with not seeing him in so long and and wanting to see him again. Mostly I just felt a lot of love. I remember then calling my sister, Anne, to see if he had called her too. She said yes, but that was all. I know the name Drew came up. He had said he was with someone named Drew. I only know a few Drews and none of them have passed. It was just weird and for some reason, I woke up feeling very unsettled.

Dreamer’s comments: I have an odd sense of foreboding. I am feeling anxious. It feels like ‘something’ is going to happen. Like a death or something. I hate when this happens.  I need to let this go.



I dreamt I was in a lounge/bar. I was with all my giggles. We were sitting on a sofa and we were watching a parade of men go by. They were all ages and sizes and sorts. We kept asking Joanne if she saw any she liked. I saw J.D. go by. He is my daughter’s age. I saw a dwarf like man go by like from the Lord of the Rings movie. He stopped to flirt.  She didn’t see any she liked. We were laughing a lot. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comment: I have none.



I dreamt I was cooking onions for pierogies and was looking so forward to eating them. I could actually see them on my plate and taste them in my mouth. I woke up with heartburn. No lie!

Dreamer’s comment: My first thought was that I would make some pierogies for dinner tonight. My second thought was no – I don’t think so. I think I’m supposed to stay away from onions.  How queer am I?



I don’t know where I was or who I was with. We were sorting out stuff in an old house. I remember saying stuff like, ‘I remember those’ or ‘I used to have one of these’ but I don’t remember what I was looking at. I do remember a soft black leather purse that had a pleated top which on the outside looked like a ruffle but inside, the pleats were actually slots that held coins worth different amounts. And there was a big fat zipper that held them all in place. I had never seen anything like that and I just kept staring at it for some reason. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: Not sure what to make of this. My daughter was home last night and we all went out to dinner and at dinner she was vocalizing her goals. Her ultimate goal is to have a job with some company she is aware of that makes sporting goods or sports wear but she wanted to work in their human resources department. She works in HR now. She wanted to meld her fashion martketing degree with her HR experience somehow. She also talked about a show she worked in NYC for a vintage clothier she knows. Her booth was directly across from Chanel and she talked about a vintage Chanel bag that was there that she loved and was $7800. So I’m just thinking this dream was a chaotic regurgitation of that conversation in a way.



I woke up in a really old, victorian like, house. It was dark but I could see there was an old light fixture attached to the wall over my head. I reached up to turn it on but the bulb was burnt out. I went looking for a bulb. When I looked down I noticed that I was wearing a long white flannel nightdress. I went down some stairs and seemed to end up in a long galley style pantry. The ceilings were very high. There on a plate on the end of a counter were a bunch of light bulbs. They were all unusual shapes and sizes. Some were totally glass, even the screw in part. I chose one that had a crown shape. I took it upstairs and put it in the light socket and it turned on. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: My first thought on waking was ‘I wonder if Thomas Edison has seen all these different kinds of light bulbs.’ How wierd am I? Not sure what this means but what I hope it means is that some kind of idea is going to strike me. You know how in cartoons, a light bulb comes on over the head of the character who has a bright idea? Like that. I need a bright idea! LOL!



Somehow I am with a tribe of Indians but I am white. I am not sure if I am actually there or if I am just an out of body onlooker. A white man has been charged with splitting up some land that is somewhere in the Midwest I think. He knows the area and has been friends with this tribe of Indians for a long time. He is there to ask them the best way to do it. There is a lot of unrest. Some of the indians who have been his friends for so long are so disappointed in him. Some younger ones just want to kill him. There is another man there who has drawn an irregular shape that represents a map of the area. I see a big river and some lakes on it and then some other squiggly lines that I guess also represent waterways. They came in a wagon. I can see it in another area. There is no cover on it. It is full of “stuff” under some kind of canvas or cloth of some sort and is “parked” under some trees quite far from where the talking is going on. I wake up.

Dreamer’s comment: Such an odd dream. I wake with the sense that it does not go well for any of the participants although I did not see what happens. I only sense the unrest and I can feel that the younger indian men do not want their visitors to leave alive. I once dreamt I was an Indian woman a long time ago. I’ve also dreamt that I was what one would picture as a ‘pioneer’ woman traveling across the country in a wagon train. I always thought that these were reincarnation dreams. One of them was a ‘teaching’ dream that seem to let me know I was resilient. In the other I ‘knew’ another person in the dream in the same way that I knew him in this life but our roles were reversed and it made me think I knew the reason I knew him in this life because of what happened in that life. So interesting. I love the puzzle. PLUS the whole thing sort of reminds me of the scripts I saw in last night’s dream. In the end, none of it is real but we take on these personas to find that out. It seems anything can happen both horrifying and fun but not to worry. It is just a script. It is not real.  We are like children just using our imaginations to have some fun.  We are projecting our hopes and fears onto a screen as if it is a movie and in some cases we believe what we see and experience both the euphoria and the fear that accompany our projections and so believe it is real.  This tells me I can lay it all aside.  I merely need to recognize it is all just a product of my imagination.



I get off the elevator and stand before a long table. I see it is covered with scripts. These are all the stories in my life. Some are ancient. Some have not been touched. A large trash bin appears on the other side of the table and I begin to pick out scripts that I am no longer interested in and toss them in. I see them land in a pile and feel gratified I can resurrect them later if I feel the need. Right now I just want to clean. I want to rearrange and redecorate. The process feels cathartic. I feel much lighter now. A weight has been lifted. I realize I have been working too hard to hang on to scripts that no longer serve me. They seem unnecessary now, although still of value. The value of them is in me now. I no longer depend on the script. I know it by heart. I begin to look at some of the scripts that belong to me but do not seem to have ever been seriously considered in this ‘scriptland’ I find myself in. I briefly scan a few that seem to be calling to me.  I end up with two. I take them back to the elevator where I will sit in an easy chair that I know is there and try to decipher which are best suited to my current circumstances and offer continued growth. I wake up.

Dreamer’s comments… Seems to be a continuation of last night’s dream. I am feeling very comfortable and have the sense my life is about to change. I am optimistic in what feels like an authentic way. I am also curious. I am 65. I have gone about my life rarely refusing any opportunity to experience something new. There have been only two opportunities that I refused and now wonder what if? about. The first was to go to Woodstock and the second was to take a job in Monaco. In a way, I regret the Woodstock decision. The other is easier to let go of. So interesting. This process of regurgitation and examination.



I am in an elevator with some others. No matter which floor button I push, when the doors open I see the exact same thing and seem to be in the same place. When I look out, I see escalators, all coming up or coming down, none of them leaving. Others seem to get on or get off my elevator and go about their merry way. I do not see what they seem to see.

Dreamer’s comment: Before I went to sleep, I was concerned about level confusion. I believe this dream is trying to tell me there is only one level and so any confusion would be just that… confusion, projection, unreal. Viewing it from this perspective somehow made things clearer to me. It was a beautiful explanation that I am so thankful for. It put a smile on my face.



I was at a party. I was handed all these wide strips of dark gray paper. Each had a silvery strip down the middle. If you scratched off the silvery strip, you would find a secret that belonged to someone. I was directed to hand these out indiscriminately to people that were in the room. For some reason, I could see what each one said. I didn’t like the game and I ripped them up and threw them all away. Some people seemed disappointed that we could not play the game. I left. I ran into a woman I used to work with. We were good friends and I hadn’t seen her in a long time. We went down this alley to this restaurant and had lunch. It was fun.

Dreamer’s comment: So interesting. Connie the woman in my dream I used to work with, just recently retired and is back in the area and wanted to have lunch. She just called me, just now. I must have seen that coming somehow!