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Self Love

When you are advised to ‘love yourself’, what do you do? I myself have tried several approaches.

Some of the obvious are to look in the mirror and see what you look like. If you do that, most likely you will always find something unlovable. Too fat, too skinny, wrong color, just plain ugly. There will always be something you just don’t see how you could ever be happy with. That pretty much will make it a challenge to love yourself.

Or maybe you will run out and buy a book about it. And you find all kinds of recommendations on what you can do, how you can change – sage suggestions that when implemented will make yourself easier to love.

Or maybe you will review your life. And I don’t care who you are, how philanthropic you have been, how much time you have donated to ‘causes’, how much patience you have exhibited with those you may have found tedious, chances are you will find something that you have done ‘wrong’ which will forever stain you and make you unlovable.

These imperfections do not bode well for the old ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ rule.

Here is the thing I have found in all my years of soul searching – all those things I am pointing out do not count. They are not real but rather imaginary. They are projected by you, onto life’s screen, just like a movie projector throws images up on a wall to tell you a story. No matter how beautiful or how hateful, it is still just a story. Not real. You cannot take those things with you when this life is over. You might be remembered for them by those still wandering this Earth, but what does that matter if you are not here to enjoy the applause?

You are NOT a body. If you could “see” the real you, I am convinced you would see pure love. How could you not love that? The beauty of that is that it is ‘catching’ and when you look around that is exactly what you will see everywhere, in every other projected body.

You might also see the stories they are weaving and throwing up on the wall. You will have particular tastes or preferences. You might like love stories, or crime stories, or science fiction and you will choose to ‘hang out’ in the theaters showing the movies you like best. What I’m trying to say is don’t try to love the movie or even the projector showing the movie.

Rather see the creator. When you see the creator, you will see love. How can you not love that? That is perfection. That is the REAL you!

Believe it when you are told you are not your body, or even your deeds. It’s easy to love yourself – and everyone else – when you realize that truth. You will not be able to find one unlovable imperfection because there are none!