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I saw a path of light. Joe, Abby and I are on it. Seemed to lead to happiness and fulfillment. Also saw that our 5 pets – passed on – were with us. Also on that path but different. Like they were with us but waiting for us at the same time.

Dreamer’s comments: This dream was 22 years ago. I do feel happy and fulfilled but given what I know about the Universe now, I’m sure I had a completely different definition for happy and fulfilled at that time. I think peace and contentment would more describe what I am feeling and I’m pretty sure my husband and daughter are more at that point also. 22 years ago I could count pets…. hahaha… I can’t count them all now! Surely I would miss one if I tried and I don’t want to do that but it does make me happy to think I’ll get to play with them all again sometime



Page dated 1/11/94


I was driving down a road – don’t know where – in an open top jeep. There was a truck ahead of me spreading gravel. We turned into a narrow road cut through a hill. When the truck drove up the side of the hill, the gravel started spurting out every which way. The road ended in a circle and I was sure I would be stoned but miraculously not one piece of gravel landed in my jeep.


I was in a car with Kuba and Debbie going to Cuba Lake up the Haskell. Kuba said he had to stop at a party on the way which happened to be at my old house. I was interested to see what it looked like since I’d heard it’d been run down. It was in better shape than the way we left it. The cellar had a tile floor and the pond had a new dock and a break wall. When I woke up I realized the house was not really my old house but it was the same house I had visited in another dream.

Dreamer’s comments: How funny… I have no notes jotted down about these dreams. The first thing that comes to mind about #1 is being stoned as in high not as in having gravel thrown at me. In dream #2, the opposite is true of my old house. I drove up there one day and when I saw it’s condition, I left right away. It was more of a hovel than a house and I felt bad about it.


Page dated 1/10/94


I am on foot. I come to a place where the houses get each one prettier than the last. I seem to be looking for a place to live. I think the last one on the block is beautful but I look in the backyard and there are what appears to be two more places – run down small trailers – dirty clothes on he line, trash in the yard, etc.


Somehow I am in this house.  I am sitting on the stairs in the front hall or on the bannister or something. I don’t seem to know anyone. There are people in the other room who seem to be playing cards. Some music starts. It is kind of a folksey, bluegrass blend. A man who reminds me of one of the Wintermantles approaches and asks me if I want to dance and starts to do this jigging thing. I say i know’t know how but he teaches me. Several others join us and we dance in a circle.

Dreamer’s comments: #1 It seems to me that this is telling me things are not as they appear. The front of the house I like at the end of the block looks beautiful but it has a “dirt”y secret in the back which I would have never known about unless I had carefully looked the whole place over.. #2 For some reason, I want to say I wandered into a clique of some sort.  The card game and the music and the type of dancing were so unusual to me and seemed specific to this particular group of people Nothing wrong with that really. Just that to really feel like I belonged it seems like I would have to really be enthusiastic about these same things as these are the things that made their world go round. Although it was fun, I felt it was not the ONLY thing and could not see myself getting ‘stuck’ there.


Page dated 1/10/94

I am in the back seat of a car Bambi is driving. My glasses are broken. I can’t see. We pull up to a house where there is a loud party. I know Charlotte McLaughlin is in there. I don’t want to go in. I’m very annoyed about the lenses falling out of my glases. I can’t get them fixed.

Dreamer’s comments: I am safe. Bambi is driving but I end up at a party where Charlotte McLaughlin is present.   She is a County Legislator that I find I cannot trust although I can’t tell you why. I think it’s because of my job where I can watch how she works. So my glasses are broken which to me seems to mean I need to take a second look at her. Perhaps if my glasses are broken, I have not really had a clear picture of her.

Page dated 9/21/94

Dreamt Athletic Attic was having a going-out-of business sale. The prices were dropping every 5 minutes it seemed and I just kept buying. I was buying for everyone. Sneaks for Kellee Fox, Mickey Mouse ornaments for Joe, flowers for Melissa Capito, stuffed animals for Donna, Amanda and Abby. I was at the checkout when I turned and saw a green on green striped touring cap. I couldn’t decide whether to buy it for Joe Welch or not. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comment: Heaven knows I love a good sale and shop uncontrollably sometimes when I see one. I love to buy things for people when they least expect it. Better than Xmas anyday as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure that is what this is about, even though I don’t think I could get anything other than the sneaks at that particular store.


Page dated 1/13/94


I had to pay my taxes and I had to drive through a place that gave me a ticket. It was a ticket to get into a park or something. Next thing I knew, I was at the dinner table with Bob and Cindy Mountain and Mitch Simon. There with other empty seats. They were all dressed up and I wasn’t. They didn’t seem to care but I felt self-conscious.


It seems I lived in an apartment by myself. It may have been upstairs. It was small. The furniture was old but very beautiful and comfortable. The kitchen was oak, even the old fridge. It felt like I liked to garden and did so. I had a cat. I may have been very old myself. It was as if I was watching all this AND also living it. Then I thought about Bambi and when I did she was just there and everything became hers. Strange. I woke with the feeling I had walked with fairys and undines as well as material spirits.

Dreamer’s comments: #1 Ever since I began to work, I always hated to pay taxes. I remember thinking everytime I turned around the government was taxing me for this or that and it pissed me off and I felt like I would never have any savings. I also always got money back and when I did, I would go on vacation with it instead of saving it. The Mountains have gobs of money and are my friends. Bottom line, I think this was a money dream. #2 I didn’t think I would ever get married and this dream is probably a projection of where I expected to be in my future. Not so as I did get married. Not even one regret though I do like to be by myself.

It just occurred to me as I was putting the title on, that I had these dreams exactly 22  years ago.  Makes me wonder….  I feel like writing a story around this series.


Page dated 1/10/94

We were at Disney, Dixie Landings. I decided to go for a walk. I walked along to Port Orleans until the sidewalk ended and then continued on along the foot path. I came to a spot where the path became VERY narrow running between a tree and the river. I tried to go by. My foot slipped into the river and I began to sink. I had on a winter coat and gloves and was carrying a coke making it difficult to grab the tree to pull myself out. I somehow managed to do it. I woke up heart pounding.

Dreamer’s Comments: Not sure what this means really. I’m thinking maybe Disney was growing old for me, or I cold on it because of the winter coat. Plus it seems like I was sort of trying to get away from it by walking to the next resort area and then continuing past it into the part where all the treehouses are and going by myself.


Page dated 1/10/94

It’s important to write everything down, not just impressions – which is what this is. My dream was that Sarah G’s father had a girlfriend with the same dress as Sarah G’s mother. I lost the rest.

Dreamer’s comment: I find it interesting that for a couple of pages prior to this, my notebook is filled with little messages to God and dream angels, and the sandman and dream guides and whoever to please help me get a good night’s sleep AND keep a good dream journal at the same time. And then I have this dream about one man with two women who have the same dress. And here I am one person looking for positive consistency in two outcomes resulting from one action. Am I “out there” to think these might be related?

Page dated 1/9/94


I wake up with this thought in my head… Students who open doors for one another, got doors opened for them (to the shoe closet)

Dreamer’s comment: My immediate thought is that this is a basic lesson learned as a courtesy when young. And although the door to the shoe closet may not seem like much, the door to the job of your dreams would be big and it would be nice to think that the person you opened he shoe closet door for was the exact person who could reciprocate and open the door that could get you going later in your life. Moral of the story…never miss a chance to do good for someone!