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Page dated 6/3/95

Another person (unknown) and I were sinking in quicksand.  I’m not sure how we got there.  I expected my nose, mouth, ears etc. to fill with it.  Instead we dropped right through into a sort of corridor.  It was lit with a reddish glow – maybe a little yellow in it.  It looked hot but it wasn’t.  Although I didn’t see anyone else, I sensed an intelligence.  I sat overwhelmed and it filled me up.  And we (the Earth and I) became connected – I felt we were as one.   As soon as I felt  that, I woke up.  (Before I went to sleep I was meditating on my first chakra which is red.  It seems like the Earth represents itself AND my red chakra and I had the sense that all is fine with both of us.)

Dreamer’s comments – I do not remember this dream in particular but i do remember a few dreams where I could sense my connection to the Earth and “got” that we were okay.  We are all living breathing beings taking one form or another and working together so I cannot say I think this is “out there”.  I think it just deepened my appreciation for what the Earth does for us and gives me an idea of what I can do for it.


Page dated 7/11/00 (sketchy)

Strangers were partnering up for sex.  I don’t remember the actual sex part but afterward whoever I had sex with was going to be killed.  I thought I should go into the room where he was before it happened and get my stuff so I wouldn’t get blamed for his death but I fell asleep.  When I woke up I went to the room and started to pack my clothes out of the dresser drawers.  He was laying on the  bed which was chest high.  I thought he was dead.  He opened his eyes and I asked “are you all right?”  He said “yes” and I continued to pack my stuff.  (I have no clue what this means unless it’s a reference to something in my life that I want to leave behind and never see again and it looks like I’m determined to do that.)

Dreamer’s comment:  I would guess that the note in parenthesis is correct.  Usually first impressions after dreams prove to be correct.  So I’m evidently sorting out the stuff I want to keep and leaving the rest behind to die in peace.  I always find these kind of dreams encouraging.  Like an indication I’m making progress.

Page dated 7/4/00

I have a fish tank with two fish.  The water is dirty .  I take a plastic bag and dip it in to get some of the dirty water out so I can put some clean in.  When I get to the sink with it, I notice I have also caught a fish in the bag so I take it back to the tank, empty it and start over.  This time when I get to the sink, I start to dump the dirty water out and I notice the sink is full of small (6 inches) slimy shiny black water snakes trying to slither away from the drain.  I am startled to see them and drop the bag.  A few escape onto the floor.  I pick up the bag with two fingers, holding it away from me in disgust, and put it behind the sink cupboard.  I don’t want to look at it.  I notice in the sink there is a sort of dinosaur shaped live thing that is small but a bit large for the drain hole.  It’s head and neck appear to be going down but the body is too fat and it seems to be stuck.  I turn on the cold water and it gets sucked down the drain.  The slimy snake things follow.  I wake up in a bad mood.  (I think these creatures must represent old thoughts/patterns inside me that I’ve been trying to clear out.  Some of them I realize have not served me at all and I see them as distasteful.  This hopefully means I’m ridding my thought processes of them.  Hooray!  Though my ego is probably having a hard time giving them up!)

Dreamer’s comments:  What I had added in parenthesis at the end makes perfect sense to me.  I am one of those people who are constantly challenging myself to “improve” and totally believe I am responsible for whatever happens to me because of my own thought processes.

Page dated 3/18/00

I dreamt Joe and I were in this huge room with hundreds of people.  We were eating at long tables.  Everyone was facing the same direction so there was no one across from us eating – just the person at the table in front of us – his back.  Joe was sitting in the back of the room.  I was more in the middle.  He asked me to get him some meat evidently because I found myself in a hall for that reason.  I had to go a long way to get it.  When I got to the kitchen they acted as if I was asking for gold.  They gave me a small plate of beef bites for Joe.  I asked for another for me.  They gave it to me but it seemed to be only half as much.  I took a couple of pieces of Joe’s and put them on my plate to even them up.  On the way back to the room, a very tall dog began to follow me.  I had to hold the plates up high.  The dog somehow managed to wrap itself around me – surround me – so that I could not move in any direction. There were a couple of people sitting on a bench in the hall.  They came and held the dog so I could move forward again.  When I got to the room, people were beginning to stir making it difficult for me to get to the back where Joe was.  I was quite frustrated by this time.  Just as I was about to arrive at Joe’s seat, he got up and walked away to chat with someone further back.  I yelled his name.  He looked at me.  I plunked the plate of meat over top of his so he could see and walked away.  I felt angry.  Just then I saw that the kitchen door was right at the end of his table and he could have gotten the meat in a fraction of the time it took me to .  I went back to my seat.  By that time my meal was cold.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s Comment:  This would be a typical example of a reason for resent I might feel and bottle up and not express early on in our marriage.  The “I’ll do anything to make you happy” mindset I had in the beginning even though it might cost me anything from creature comforts, time, money or whatever to provide for his happiness.  Obviously I felt I deserved something for my effort and also felt I would not be   acknowledged for it so I took some of his meat, (lol) Thank goodness I’m over that….  Now I would do something like that if I wanted to, but I might also say “do it yourself” to preserve my own sanity or best interests.  Funny how things like that evolve and/or mature in relationships.  Then I went through that whole thing again with my daughter.  Wanting to do all for her too, only to realize to do all meant less of me.  Interesting.  And when you find that middle ground, you find that everyone gets to express the best and biggest part of everyone!  Love it!

Page dated 10/28/99

(dream)  If I can find the body’s “catalytic converter”, I’ll have it made.

(Just went to Anita today who saw me going into nutritional healing)

Note (from page) dated next day:  went on the internet to find out what a catalytic converter was.  It’s a device incorporated into an auto’s exhaust system that reduces pollutants in the gases emitted by the exhaust.  When I went to bed last night I had bad gas pains.

Dreamer’s comment:  LMAO!  (Anita is a local psychic)  Also, did take some classes in natural healing methods although I don’t know if this dream, or my reading, is what prompted me to do that. 

Page dated 7/14/99

Saw Chris on Internet doing work with I think it was phantom pain.  He was going to help me with something.  It wasn’t like lost limb pain.  It was healing freedom from phantom illnesses diagnosed by an M.D. in a former life  some of the symptoms of which may have been carried over.   Knew he did the same work in a former life.

Dreamer’s note:  There is a graphic on my page that I cannot duplicate…  it looks like a screen with a winding path and a dotted line that leads to it and lots and lots of lights all around the whole thing.  I cannot only NOT duplicate it here, I cannot even begin to describe it.  And in the middle for some reason a shoe print.  Very odd…..

Also not sure of who “Chris” is in this dream.  I suspect it might be Chris Giermek who I knew to be a certified Hypnotist in this life with an interest in regression therapy.  Have not seen him in years.   8/31/13

Page dated 6/28/99

A rather large (but smiling) snake dropped down next to me – said his name was pathology – I’m calling him “pa” – or “pssst pa” (I don’t think he was laughing but maybe he was) – he’s my healing snake he said.


Dreamer’s comment:  I remember this dream as if it happened last night.  I have called “pa” before and know I have heard from him but do not recall the circumstances…  only that I find comfort with him.  8/31/13