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I dreamt I went to a bar on some side street. It sat back on the lot and looked like a small dark brown house. It had a porch with a railing. I was supposed to pick Steve, an old friend, up there. The door was open and I could see him sitting in there but he didn’t seem to see me. He was wearing a dark green NY Jets tee. I don’t know why. I can’t remember him ever being a great football fan. He finally saw me and motioned me to come in. I parked my car and went in. He kept offering to buy me all these flavored beers. I had already tried the root beer beer and it did not sit right so I kept declining and finally just asked for a good old fashioned beer. We sat and talked and laughed for hours and time dropped away and all of a sudden he had his long hippie hair and foolish grin and it was the early 80’s again. I knew if I looked outside I would see his old beat up blue pickup in the parking lot.  I woke up missing him and hoping he was having a nice life.

Dreamer’s comments: He was an “I wonder what if” person who passed through my life. He had been married once and had a daughter. He never could get over his ex I don’t think who once found me visiting in his apartment and took me aside and told me he would always love her and there was no chance for me at all. We parted when he moved to California. Much later I worked with an in-law of his and found out he had remarried his ex, divorced her yet again and had finally broken free of her and remarried someone else. Another 10 years later I saw him in the County Building where he was adopting a baby. He was such a gentle person.



Page dated 3/26/95

We were in a fancy restaurant/bar.  Maybe in NYC or somewhere similar.  It was the 40’s I think.  I seemed to be with two good friends (one of them was Anita Reed Schnell).  We went to the bar where we ordered something similar to Kahlua and cream.  I was a little drunk.  Anita started doing some kind of kick dance and I joined in but I couldn’t kick well because I had on my black suit with the straight skirt.  I thought about hiking it up but an old boyfriend (John McAuliffe) walked in with the high school beauty (Bonnie Keller).  He was Italian.  We just sat down at a table.  I tried to get his attention but he nodded his head and two of his greasy black haired Italian goons said they had to talk to me and took me to another room and sat me at a table and they made small talk and finally I said “so wht do you want to talk about?”  They said “He will never recognize  you as his wife”  I said “Does that mean I will pay forever?”  They nodded yes.  I wanted to cry and run from the room.  I woke up.

Written on the page but not part of the dream – First thoughts:  I was surprised I was his wife.  Hadn’t acted “wifely” for the times (40’s) and second – what had I done to deserve that treatment?  I bet answer is in first thought.  But was I promiscuous too?

Second thought:  Ahhh…  but maybe I normally was very wifely.  Maybe it was an arranged marriage and he didn’t really love me so he ran around with “looser” women.,  Maybe that night I was making an effort to be more “his type”.  I really didn’t have any idea what to order at the bar.  I had ordered what the other two girls did.  I was dressed more sensibly and I didn’t dance well.

This makes me wonder if our karma is over – John’s and mine!

Dreamer’s comment:  OMG!  This really makes me laugh!  This dream is about an old high school boyfriend – 30 years prior.  It must have really seemed serious when I woke up – or I took it seriously – look how I analyzed it as if it was present day or as if it was relevant to “now”.  I must have seen it as a past life thing.  Maybe it was….  Hmm….  well…  when I think about it…  I could see him as a rude 40’s mobster type!  Oops….  hope you aren’t reading this!!!!   LOL!



Page dated 10/4/99

I was at a wedding outdoors.  Some relative of Lorraine’s (Reese – next door neighbor) It seemed to be June 1966.  Everyone kept handing me their cameras so I could take a “group shot”.  They all got in the water waist deep – gowns and all.  There were so many cameras it seemed like they were there forever.  Big, big group – crowd.

I tried to tell Lorraine that when I went to bed last night It was 1999 but she sort of blew me off.  Then I tried to tell a couple of other people but no one believed me.  I told one guy I knew what was going to happen and we could make money off that.  He wouldn’t believe me.

I went home to my trailer at Meadowbrook (which I didn’t have in ’66) and Joe was there and a lot of old stuff was there.  Then I was sitting at a table with someone who seemed vaguely familiar – Sue MacDonald’s (worked with her at Hysol) brother in law with tight curly hair (mike?) who put his hand on my back.  I told him I didn’t allow that and he removed it after sliding it down my back and across my ass.

Canada was half under water.  (lubricate eyes)

Dreamer’s comment:   Wow!!   Water water everywhere!