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Page dated 7/14/2012

I dreamt a semi passed me on the expressway and then swerved back in line in front of me narrowly missing me. I woke up slightly unnerved.

Dreamers Comment: That really did happen to me in 2013 when I went to visit my daughter in Memphis. It did sideswipe me, and it did scare the shit out of me, but I kept on driving and so did (s)he. Yikes!!!



Paper dated 10/6/12

There is a parade in Olean.  There is a fire in the woods.  Diana has my car keys.  She is in the hospital.  Which one?  I am confused.  I want to go to Walsh(?) and get Nina’s keys but Nina is in the hospital.  Diana has the keys.  Abby wants to see the parade.  Where are the cars?  Where are the keys?  Diana appears all cheery.  Her problems are solved.  LOVE HER!!

Dreamer’s comments:  This is such a cryptic dream.  Fairly recent.  Diana is a friend who was recently cleared of cancer.  My Mother passed about a years ago.  She was in a nursing home.  I think this is just sort of happily telling me everything is okay.