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Page dated 8/6/95

Joe is called on to dig up unusual things on our street…  like toes?  He finds a beautiful crystal (clear – probably quartz) and gives it to me.  I am immediately able to travel out of my body to get information for people.

Dreamer’s comments:  Sometimes I am spontaneously able to do that anyways without a crystal.  Or at least I have found myself out of my body seemingly seeing things that are happening that would otherwise be unknown to me.   This once happened to me while I was working at my desk and I had put some music on by an obscure band that a friend who has since passed over introduced me to.  All of a sudden he stood before me and we began to dance right in the lobby to the music and I was literally in two places at once.  Working at my desk, and dancing in front of it with my old friend.  Very conscious of each existence.   (If you are reading, this would be your father, James, and the music of Spiro Gyra who used to come to a tiny bar in a house in Portville years ago called The Riverside to play their jazz)  I also, one sleepless night, sat reading in bed, only to look up and see a friend of mine peeking around the corner of my doorway.  She was astral travelling and stopped to say “hi”.  I had not seen her for years as she had moved away.  The next day I emailed her and asked if she had been aware of it.  She did not know of it.  How many readers have I lost with these simple truths that most would call flights of fantasy?   The thing is, we are so much more than we appear to be…  than the eyes in our head can see…  All you have to do is open up to it with love and have no fear.


Page dated 8/2/00

(2:00 a.m. It is fucking hot and sticky!)


I watched a girl dressed like Bo-Peep – hoop skirts, visored bonnet, etc. – jump in the ocean to swim.  A huge fish comes…  looks like a dolphin but bigger – to play with her.  Some men come and caught the fish thinking she was in danger (their reason).  She wasn’t in danger.    She was playing.  I noticed another man standing on the shore just watching also.  The men were going to kill and gut the fish.  I felt very sad.  I didn’t want them to do that but I seemed to be in spirit and could not be heard.  No one would listen to the girl   I could also see a boat and a beach.  I was sort of high up looking down on the scene.

Dreamer’s comments:  Have you ever had flying dreams…  I’m thinking this was one of those….  Those are generally my favorites and I remember them vividly but I didn’t remember this one.