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Page dated 9/30/92

I saw Dieter at the store buying candy. Mitch, Bambi, Donna and I were cleaning the walls in someone’s bedroom. Whoever had lived there before had been quite messy. There was a plan to put fringe around the top.

Dreamer’s Comments: For some reason I want to say there is something hidden somewhere yet to be discovered. I don’t know why I want to say that 20 years later, but that’s what I get. Go figure!!!



Page dated 9/29/92

Abby cut her hair without asking me. I was mad, but calmly so.

Dreamer’s comments: Just a prelude of things to come. She has done so many different things to her hair. Some I’ve loved, other maybe not so much. But never really been mad, mad about any of it. She never hurts anyone by doing it and it IS her hair!!!


Page dated 9/27/92

I guess I must have written this one while I was still sleeping. Can’t read half of it. The parts I have say I paid for shorts at some store and put them in my car. Two guys saw me. They went in and picked up handicap stickers?¬†No one was laughing inside. (I somehow knew maz was watching over it all) In the end everyone had handicaps, some were just subtler than others.

Dreamers comments: So there! Make sense of that one! Maybe we all aren’t perfect and some imperfections are more obvious than others??? Beats me!


Page dated 9/22/92

Don Fish had music playing really loud over an intercom. Lots of people in sparkly shoes were dancing in Susie’s office. Some person fell down the elevator shaft. We ran down to the cellar to see. There were a lot of dirty tissues to pick up.

Dreamer’s comments: Can’t even hazard a guess. Certain words come to mind, like celebration, interrupted by tragedy. Lots of crying.


Page dated 1/6/92

I stopped at a party at John Bean’s house (I was invited) on Main Street in Cuba. It was suppose to be a work party. He was painting his house but everyone else was just sitting or standing around drinking. His Brother, Chuckie, was the only other person I knew there and he had brought a big bag of socks – work socks. I walked around and didn’t see anyone I knew so I decided to leave but tables were set up where I had parked my car and I couldn’t find it. Then Joe was there talking to some girl he said he was trying to help but no one would help me find my car. I was mad about the car and mad about Joe and that girl and I woke up mad. Then I decided I didn’t want to be mad all day so I went back to bed and I finished the dream in a nice way, found the car, made up with Joe and just woke with a headache. I must have looked up the meaning of woolen socks somewhere because there is an indication in the margin that they mean affluence.

Dreamer’s comments: This dream is over 20 years old. I have no idea really what it means. My best guess is that things were just not going as I had planned and I was not happy about it and I just wanted to change the unhappy feeling to a happy feeling. Evidently I did but the change came with a headache. Maybe this was one of the first lessons taught to me that you can change how you feel??? Interesting.

To this day I still do that if I can. If I wake up mad, I try to go back to bed and visualize a happy ending to whatever was making me mad. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I get myself madder. Isn’t it funny how life works!