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Page dated 10/23/99

Part I

I was going to work at a new job in Hamburg. I could drive my rattletrap car on a very extensive and intricate road system. I knew the way but was leary of whether my car would make it. OR I could take the boat which would be a nice smooth ride and faster only I knew wouldn’t have a car when I got to Hamburg. I elected to take the boat only I was having a hard time finding the dock. There were may paths going to many different docks. They wound down long halls and around pillars which were very poorly marked. I went down the wrong path and when I came back to the beginning, found they only spoke Japanese and I had to go even further back to find someone who who spoke English who pointed me right back where I had been. I returned and was trying to find the right signs when I woke up

Part II

I then dreamt I went to the booth in the parking lot and when they brought me my car it was rand new. No problem going to Hamburg now!

Dreamer’s comments:  There is nothing on the page.  No notes or observations.  My brain is not working properly.  I know I am supposed to write what I think this means, but the whole idea eludes me.  For some reason, nothing is making much sense to me at the moment  Oh dear….



Page dated 3/21/99

Ordered Tabouli at a stand that was enclosed in a larger building. There were tables all around the stand but still inside. Carol and Tony Capito sat on one side of the building. I was sitting on the other. They came over and looked at my Tabouli which didn’t look at all ike Tabouli. When I tasted it, it tasted good and I ate the whole thing even though it didn’t look like it was supposed to.

Dreamer’s Comments: There is nothing on the page to indicate any impression I may have had after this dream. I will say though, that here I am years later and it kind of makes sense. Tony has evidently been complaining that “our” crowd never calls them anymore for cards or the guys for golf. I think it’s because things just aren’t ths same as they used to be since we all retired. They got very involved in their grandchildren’s lives and never seemed to have time for us so we quit calling. The Tabouli just didn’t look like it was supposed to anymore!!!  Funny how these years ago dreams suddenly make sense.



I was laying on a bench in front of an old gas station or car repair building or some place like that covered by a blanket. I was in a daze somehow. I think I was a prisoner, or captive. But I also could see where I could have gotten up and walked away. Noises would get my attention. I’d wake out of the daze briefly to see what it was. There was a parade once. I wanted to see the parade but sank back into my daze. And I think some kids another time. Then a big black dog with wet paws and damp body jumped on me. I snapped out of it enough to jump up and say “get out of here”. Throughout I was aware that there were some old men in the gas station checking on me periodically (my captors I thought they were). When I jumped up I wondered where my car was and how I got there. I couldn’t see my car. There were people going in the building and I heard the words “tool time”. I wondered if my car was out back. I felt it was. I wanted to go look when I heard my nephew Charlie call to me. I looked up and he was at his house next door. I ran over some lawn under some trees to him thinking I escaped and was saved. There was mud around his house and I asked him “do you think I could slide around in this for fun”. He told me I better come inside. Then I was in his kitchen, big and pretty and bright. I saw Suzanne and the kids sitting at the the table working on something together. I think it depressed me. I felt dazed again. I went to another room nd called my mother. I heard her ask if I was ok. I said yes but I still felt a little dazed and couldn’d talk. Then she told me that my sister Susan and cousin Diane went to tool time to visit the psychic. I panicked thinking they could be captured and as if my mother picked up on it she started asking “where is Diane? Is she okay?? Then my Aunt Helen (dead) came in the door from downstairs and said “everyone was fine. They were on the way.” I told my mother and hung up. I wondered what was next for me. The phone rang and woke me up.

Dreamer’s Comments: Even though it’s been a while, I do remember this dream vaguely. I think I was actually on a bench in front of Uncle George’s store on Cuba Lake. Afterwards I remembered thinking I was not a prisoner at all but under the watchful eye of “guides”. I find it interesting that I should come across this dream this day as not a half hour ago I made plans with my cousin, Diane, to visit Lilydale. She has never been and I think does not quite know what to expect. Should be fun!



Page dated 3/22/99

I was living in my old house at 1241 Seneca. I was upstairs in a bedroom that is really not there. The bed was covered with laundry stacked in piles around the perimieter. I was refolding and sorting it. It seemed like it was Donna Simon’s family’s laundry and I was wondering when I would get to mine when Diana Scanlon walked in. She laid down in the middle of the bed and curled up. i asked her if I could get her anything and she told me she wanted some pepperoni. She said she saw two big sticks of it in my car. I went out and the pepperoni was laying in the front lawn. They were big sandwich style sticks about 6 feet long each and my car was gone. I called Joe at work to tell him my new car was stolen and got his answering machine. I called back the operator and made him get Joe out of a meeting to tell him. Meantime Diana was cutting the pepperoni and trying to find a beer. Then I called 911 and got Vida. I told him about my car. I was secretly wondering if Abby had taken it without telling me. The Police came to take a report. I described the car. It was a Honda or a Mazda I thought. It was foreign. Then reporters came. I asked the policeman if I should talk to them and he said no. At one point, earlier, my back yard was filled with cars. The neighbors were having a car show and I yelled at them to get the cars out of my yard. Then later I had to go over and ask if they saw who took my car and we made up. I looked through their cars to see if mine was there. That’s when I found out that Diana was eating their pepperoni they were going to sell at the show and I had to give them what was left.

Dreamer’s comment: Huh??? Pretty crazy. I have no idea.

Page dated 3/20/99

#1            I wanted the County Clerk’s phone number – Jim Griffith. It wasn’t in the directory and Nancy Allen could not even give it to me. It seems like I wanted Abby to have a job there. Finally after pushig and pushing, I managed to get it and arranged for a job for her. Then I found something out about him and I didn’t want Abby to work for him anymore at all.

#2           Joe and I were staying at some lake. I was supposed to go to work but didn’t want to. Joe told me to stay home then. I felt guilty not going because there was a full schedule. I went to work in an old car. I went down to the cellar and got into a bed. Dawn came and got in with me. Some nurses I didn’t know came in and asked “how can you do this to us?” I made up a lie about Joe being sick and I was up all night and I was so tired. I decided I better go to work and was about to get up when this chair started sliding across the floor unaided. I woke Dawn up and said “look”. Then my purse, which was on the floor, started moving. Dawn said she was going home. I said I was going to work. I thought I was dressed but when I got out of bed I found I had red sweatpants on. I had to go home and change. I went out to the old car and there was a young couple leaning aginst it. He was admiring the car. I tried to sell it to him. He didn’t have the money. They got in the back seat. I asked where they were going and they described a drive-in I never heard of. I was a little annoyed because I had to go home and change my clothes so I could go to work. I drove a ways and we saw a bridge. It was odd and bright and sort of like an old yellow brick draw bridge or something and the guy told me to cross it so I did. Then we were in narrow crowded streets. The car turned into a funny sort of bike. I could either peddle or push a gas pedal on it. I found I was in Bradford but I was lost there. The couple was still with me. The bike kept stalling and I would have to use the pedals. I wanted to go back across the bridge. We were in a restaurant. I asked for directions back to the bridge. The lady told me to go through the place in the cellar. I carried the bike which was surprisingly light, into the cellar on a long wide winding staircase. There were a couple of alleyways there, I wondered which one. Then I saw the bright bridge at the end of one and started that way.

Joe woke me up.

Notes on the page:

Cellar = soul searching

trip and couple = being drawn off course

vehicle = my body

sweatpants = not the right job for me.

Dreamer’s coments: I have nothing further. I’ll trust my end notes.

Page dated 3/14/99

I was being given a tour of a house. It reminded me of Diana’s house or my childhood house on 6th St. Big and old but there were distinct differences.

I was shown the plot plan that Diana’s house was on. It was big and “whole”. In the one I was being shown, there was a road being built right through the plot where the house was splitting it down the middle. The road wasn’t done yet.

Dreamer’s comments: This is interesting to me in hindsight. I can’t imagine what I thought this might mean at the time I had it, but the next year we purchased an income property. It was an upper/lower apartment house. The plot it sat on had a “paper” street that ran right down the driveway and clipped the side of the house. We didn’t think a thing of it at the time and after a couple of years we did sell it. (It was lucky we had it as we had to move into it when the house we were living in sold within a few days of listing it when we were going to move to Connecticut, which we never did) Anyways, at the time, we did not think that the road would ever actually be developed, but I believe they are now very close to doing that as the community has expanded in such a way in that area, that it would make sense to develop that road. Another dream with foresight!

Page dated 3/13/99


Kathy Hower kept giving me more and more work. Got to be too too much so I approached her about prioritizing but everything had to be done “first” so I started working on the FIFO method. Some nurse, or someone didn’t get paid because her time was buried in my pile.


There were some cubby holes. It looked like a square with maybe 12 cubes. In the bottom left hand two, I found some money in one and something else in the other that was valuable but I can’t remember what it was.

Dreamer’s comments: I must have been working at the Health Department at the time of this dream. I did not work for Kathy Hower and had nothing to do with “time” other than my own. As I read it now, I have to laugh.  Just yesterday, I was thinking I needed to make a list of things I want to “get done”.  I am procrastinating on finishing some projects around the house and know I’ll feel better once they are behind me, but for some reason, I keep putting them off. 

Page dated 2/4/99

It was me but it didn’t look like me. It seems from the styles, it may have been the 40’s. I live in a brick house with a sunporch. Nice neighborhood near the outskirts of some town. I am married but I don’t know to who. I have 2 kids, a son and a daughter I think. I’m on the sunporch. My suit is calf lenth with a skinny skirt in big checks in dark tones. There is a big yard with lots of space between houses. A paved street. I look out and my cat is running toward the house being chased by a bear with huge shark like bright white pointed teeth. I run in the house. The cat follows. The bear is on the sunporch. It goes away somehow I think. The kids can’t wait to tell their dad. Next day maybe, same thing only kids are on the porch with me and this time the dog comes and a baby bear with the same teeth. This time I call the police. The girl is scared, crying a little. The boy just in awe. The police come. The bear is gone.

Next, I’m looking down into a room where police are talking to a psychic about what I don’t know.

Dreamer’s comments: This dream was so long ago, it’s hard to tell what it might mean, but if I had to guess I would think I was feeling threatened by something (the bear) and the threat becomes less ominous (baby bear) but is never the less still there (same teeth).

Page dated 2/3/99

I dreamed my mother was crying and saying “I never got to say goodbye to him.” I understood this to mean that Joe (her husband) had died although no one had actually told me that.

Dreamer’s comments: I don’t remember when Joe died. I do remember that I had taken my mother to the hospital to visit him. He seemed fine and the nurses said he was doing well. After our visit, I took her home and when I got home my phone was ringing and it was my mother saying she had been called back. I turned around and went and got her and took her back to the hospital. When we went in his room he was already dead. His leg was hanging over the side, out of the covers; his eyes were wide open as was his mouth. Neither one of us was prepared for that sight. She burst into tears and said exactly what I heard in my dream.

Page dated 2/2/99

I dreamed my niece Amy moved back to town. I saw her when we were each driving by the mall. She was going to and I was coming home. She had a perplexed look on her face. When I went by her house I could hear laughing so I knew her family was here. When I got home, I mentione I saw Amy. Abby said “yeah I sent her to the mall for something”. I was upset. I told Abby people were not her servants and I told her she was not to do that anymore, and I told her she would have to babysit for free for her. She would have made all of 80 cents.

Dreamer’s comments: Kind of clueless on this one. I do know I have always been amazed by Abby’s ability to get people to do the things she doesn’t want to do herself. On the other hand, she has an enormous capacity to “help” people. She does not hesitate to do for others what she does not want to do for herself. Perhaps this was a dream meant to emphasize that for me.