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Page dated 8/3/98

I dreamt that Ellen was getting divorced.

Dreamer’s comment: Ellen did get divorced but it was not until August of 2004 – six years later.




I dreamt we were in a cabin.  I don’t know who “we” were except that Bambi may have been there. The cabin was on the side of a mountain. The road ran by it and across the road was a parking area. There was a murder. I was not a participant. I’m not sure I was even an observer. There was a message written in blood on the wooden floor. The only word I can remember from it is “accountant”. I couldn’t wait to get out of there and went across the road to the parking area where my “jimmy” was and left. This whole dream is very hazy and I’m not certain I’m remembering it right.

Dreamer’s comments: Kind of hard to analyze this it’s so old. The only thing that springs to mind is the demize of the accountant where Joe worked. He was let go on sexual harrassment charges. Joe added his job to the one he was already doing. Can’t remember the exact timing of that incident.


Page dated 3/14/99

I was being given a tour of a house. It reminded me of Diana’s house or my childhood house on 6th St. Big and old but there were distinct differences.

I was shown the plot plan that Diana’s house was on. It was big and “whole”. In the one I was being shown, there was a road being built right through the plot where the house was splitting it down the middle. The road wasn’t done yet.

Dreamer’s comments: This is interesting to me in hindsight. I can’t imagine what I thought this might mean at the time I had it, but the next year we purchased an income property. It was an upper/lower apartment house. The plot it sat on had a “paper” street that ran right down the driveway and clipped the side of the house. We didn’t think a thing of it at the time and after a couple of years we did sell it. (It was lucky we had it as we had to move into it when the house we were living in sold within a few days of listing it when we were going to move to Connecticut, which we never did) Anyways, at the time, we did not think that the road would ever actually be developed, but I believe they are now very close to doing that as the community has expanded in such a way in that area, that it would make sense to develop that road. Another dream with foresight!