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Page dated 1/22/14

#1 I dreamt bugs were eating my brain.

#2 I was making a dip. I had put all the ingredients in a bowl and found the beater and was getting ready to mix it when my sister, Anne, came in and began to add garlic juice. She would not stop. I knew I would never be able to eat it there was so much of it.

Dreamer’s comments: Obviously it seems there is something “bugging” me. LOL. As for Anne’s garlic juice, all I can think of is a part in this book I wrote where the ladies are making a natural “bug” repellent and they add an ingredient which was not on the list. It was garlic juice, more or less… Garlic oil. Seems connected, but who can tell for sure???  It made one of the other characters in the book break out in a rash.

I think we all go around sometimes thinking things are one way only to discover they are another.










Page dated 8/3/14

There was a small bump and sore spot on my right hand. I took the tweezers and extracted a long long curved needle like a dried pine needle, and knew my troubles were over. Whew!

Dreamer’s comments: I will ALWAYS take a dream that clearly indicates my troubles are over.


Page dated 1/17/14

I was walking by a pond. I think it was the one by my first house. I noticed a snake coming out of a hole in the ground I knew it was poisonous and should not be there and it knew I was there and plotting to kill it. Then I was in like a rewind and there I was having a deja vu and I knew a poisonous snake was going to come out of a hole in the grond and I was going to kill it and I knew it knew I was coming. And I saw muself chop the first part of it off as it came out and I was NOT happy. Then I was so relieved again having another deja vu where I knew I was going to see the snake and he knew I was going to be there and I saw myself stuff something noxious into the hole to prevent his exit only that did not work and I felt bad and then I was in rewind and again I saw the whole scenario about to play out again and the snake knew I was there and I put a clear plastic bag over the hole so it would slither into it and I would then asphixiate it. I don’t know what happened because I woke up but I felt bad about feeling like I had to kill the snake and wondered why.

Dreamer’s comments: I cannot claim to be partial to or unafraid of a big snake though I do find them interesting to look at. I also believe them to be good luck, but maybe poisonous ones aren’t. Also I’ve often thought they were a sign of wisdom. I evidently felt bad about thinking I had to do away with this snake and obviously I had several chances to kill it or not and how to kill it if I did finally choose to. I never got the chance though since I woke up.


Page dated 10/16/14

I was at Bambi’s.  She kept getting me drinks. She kept telling me to try this bright red one. It looked too sweet and I declined. We were watching movies but right in the middle a black and white clip would play and she would say “OMG Harri! Do you remember that?” She would be laughing and laughing. I didn’t get it. Finally she made me drink the bright red drink. It was icy and cold and refreshing and not at all what I expected. After that I understood the movie and laughed a lot too.

Dreamer’s comment: One thing I can always count on is Bambi making me feel ‘right’ or ‘better’. Bam, if you are reading this, I want some of that red stuff.


Page dated 10/30/14

This is the night I dreamt the book B4. Eight pages of scribbles which turned into 55 chapters written over 55 days.

Dreamer’s Comments: Writing a book was always on my ‘bucket’ list. Something I wanted to do before I die. I had been going through some very tough times. I had just lost my job, my mother had recently passed and my husband and I were facing some very challenging times. I was really tired of having to deal with it all and my prayer before going to sleep that night had been that I either wake up with something to live for or not wake up at all.


Page dated 7/20/14

#1        Abby got a new job but didn’t like it much. Then Shirley Temple called her. She was in bed and I called in to her that Shirley Temple was on the phone. She jumped right up to take the call which surprised me. I didn’t think she knew who Shirley Temple was. She went on an interview. I watched. I wasn’t physically there but I could still see. Right away I knew she was hired. It was a Daisy Duke job. She was going to move to Tennessee.

#2       I was walking in the mall proper. The Department of Social Services had a desk in the main thoroughfare and one store was the office. I had to tell them that Tom someone called in sick. I also told her Tina Stetz was on her way to vacation and would not be back for days. Another person was in a bad accident. No one would take her time sheets. I just kept them so I could report it higher up.

Dreamer’s Comments: Abby was moving back home from Tennessee. She had a job there but did not like it as it did not pay well. I don’t know what #2 means. Tina Stetz owns the book store in the mall and to my knowledge has nothing to do with DSS.. DSS at one time did have an office in the old Salamanca mall but it was long gone by 2014. I am wondering if I felt overwhelmed by work at the time of this dream. I had just been forced to retire and had a hard time adjusting and pretty much did nothing for quite a while. This dream must reflect all my excuses for not keeping up with the day to day stuff. That’s my best guess.

Page dated 7/17/14


I was driving my old green mustang convertible – 1967.  I drove it to work and didn’t know where I parked. I needed a new car.  I tried to call my mother on my car key.  I had to press each button 10 times for each number of her phone number.  I realized I had a treasure when I was telling a friend about my car key phone and heard a guy behind me go Wow!  Call John Fusco (don’t know him – just a name)  Tell him what I had because he could give me a better trade in deal on the  Mustang then what was being offered now.  Then I could have a newer car.  But I couldn’t find where I parked.  I kept walking up and down looking for it.  I ran into some girls I worked with standing outside a live theater.  One of them agreed to help me look for it.  I was going to go through the parking lot since I never did.  One girl saw a guy she thought was hot inside the theater doors and she was singing opera to him so we all started singing opera as we walked.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments:  Not sure.  Maybe look at things twice before deciding to replace them?  and Pay Attention to where I park.  I get ‘pay attention’ dreams a lot.


Dream dated 6/9/14

I seemed to be at a big party at the end of my block. The food was delicious and I was eating at the end of a long table. Crappy (Kevin Callahan) kept bringing different people just past where I was sitting where they would then puke. I found him and gave him “holy hell” and told him to find somewhere else to bring these unfortunate people to do their puking or next time I had to puke, if there was a time I had to puke, I would do so right in his lap. I was quite angry. He was ruining a wonderful meal.

Dreamer’s comment: Well… wasn’t I just an understanding bitch? Wonder what is making me so mad? In most instances, I would just allow these people their right to puke in this puking place and simply move my seat and eat somewhere else, far far away. Instead I am getting all confrontational. Hmmm….. I’m wondering why….. P.S. Didn’t I dream the right named person for his job? LOL?