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For more years than I can remember, I have been fascinated by my “night life”.  For the better part of the last 63 years I have – off and on – kept a notebook by my bed and recorded every dream  in as much detail as I could possibly remember.  I have boxes, and drawers full of notebooks and papers and napkins and receipts upon which are scribbled the adventures I undertook during my forays into sometimes ordinary, sometimes surreal and sometimes absolutely unimaginable spaces and places.  To this day, some are so memorable I don’t see how they could ever be forgotten nor can I see how they could not be as real as I am at this moment in time thinking about committing them to cyberspace where I can’t imagine anyone would ever be interested.  But here I go!  A Blog!  Me!  LMAO…  I always was my own best audience! (That is something my friend, Katie, loves to say!)