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Page dated 7/3/78

A small brown room with furniture, too large, too dull…

Time for all the things I’d never part with to go…

X the earthy…

Bring on the bright and airy…

There is light…

I have to go for it…

How sad to leave these ways that have brought me here…

So familiar, so comfortable.

I can linger only briefly…

I must grab the future now before it slips away.


There must always be hope.



Page dated 1/4/95

There were a bunch of old friends sitting around a table for the purpose of saving Central Park or possibly having a reunion in Central Park or something except that no one seemed concerned with the project. Richie Barie was concerned about his evening’s agenda and whether it was appropriate. John McAuliffe was concerned about how many chances he’d have to get stoned. Terrie Mitchell was quite taken with her own pajamas (aren’t these cool?) She was washing dishes. I had on a pair of overalls made of navy dockers material and I was very very pregnant. At the end I made the comment to John that I was glad I hadn’t ended up with him.

Notes: I’ not sure what this means but I got the sense that by appearing pregant, I was saying “This is MY baby and you’re not going to screw it up.” I believe that my “body” is my life and what I’m doing is right for me.

Dreamer’s comment: I’m just thinking WOW! I knew way back when. It just took a while to sink in. LOL!

Page dated 1/3/95


(I welcome my guardian angel.) I saw a beautiful dark rose colored light sprinkled with indefineable sparkles. It was wonderful!


There were a lot of people there gathered for dinner. Cipot was there somewhere. There were 5 or 6 people assigned to eat in separate rooms. There was a car in each room that we were supposed to set in to eat. My group was my grandmother, mother, sister Anne, Joe, me and someone else I think. We got in our car and I said let’s go to that kind of decrepit table instead. We all agreed. The mashed potatoes were in a drawer with a dropdown front in the side board. Weird.

Message: Cut down on fast food and eat more family meals together at the table.


Page dated 1/2/95

I dreamt that Dawn Titus bought a house on that street behind the Tastee Freeze. I think I lived across the street. It seemed dark inside. She was trying to fix a toaster or something and couldn’t because there wasn’t enough light. I seem to remember something about taking up a collection for a turkey dinner for some eldery couple down the street.

Note on the page:  I don’ know what this means.

Dreamer’s comments: I still have no idea as to what this might mean.


Page dated 1/1/95

First Dream:  I wake up after I nearly slam the car I am driving into the rear of another. (It’s black and I believe we are on Martha Avenue.)

Message: I believe is “Pay atttention”.


Second Dream: I’m downtown. My car is parked on the street near the New Rehab Center Building. I buy a bunch of junk at an auction and it’s sitting on the street. I go to get my car and it’s gone.  It is the second time my car has been stolen. It’s a nice car. I walk to the Police Station and report it. They take me into a back office where there is a lady and a bunch of snakes and I discover plutonium and/or kryptonite in the corner guarded by a snake. (I watched Los and Clark before I went to bed). Next thing I know I’m in the War Vet’s Park. Then I wake up.

Message: Some bad thing will happen over and over until we learn a lesson.


Dreamer’s Comments:  I  have none.  And I’m beginning to think – at least this morning – that whatever I  think does not matter at all. 



Page dated 1/25/95


We were at a dance or a wedding reception. It seems the children were going to entertain by singing or something. Patrick Power was trying to convince us that Tom was not his father. Later I was picking out music. There were lots of tapes but only 2 or 3 titles. They were all the same. Abby and I were dancing.



I was on the road – lead car in a line. There was a piece of construction equipment blocking my way. It was weird looking. Reminded me of a rocket turned on its side. There was a man in the black rubber nose cone that looked as if it could telescope out. Finally I got tired of waiting and drove around behind him insead of in front. I didn’t care if I was supposed to or not.



I was walking with this girl named Becky who I used to work with at Hysol and who now works at Everywoman Opportunity Center. She is married to Dennis somebody and lives in Steam Valley I think. We were walking on these unique looking bridges called ballyhoos. There were toys underneath. Becky kept saying she wanted one of these things that looked like a mini microphone. I reached down and got her one. I also took a model of the bridge we were on. It opened and closed like a drawbridge but horizontally rather than vertically with like a sliding motion. I felt guilty as if I had was stealing some kid’s toys. I kept looking around to see if I was on Earth. I kept thinking I was on another planet because things seemed so “different”. Becky swooped her hand over the sky in one direction and said “Earth is over that way somewhere.”


Page dated 11/14/97 dream fragments


I dreamt I was starting a business. There was some sort of safe with big buttons on the outside of the building. I was being taught how to operate it. The building reminded me of the old Olean Theater with the marquee that came out over the sidewalk in rhe ‘bad’ part of town. It was dark. It seemed like anyone could push the buttons but you needed a key for the second one which was black. The rest were white. They reminded me of the buttons on Abby’s trumpet, but there were 4 of them. I think the safe turned into a laundromat dryer. When I opened it, fluffy white shits came out. There were pictures on them that had been imprinted by the dryer. I looked in the next dryer. A white shirt came out that was all stuck together. Like the picture had turned in on itself and stuck it together. I could see the picture was a rosey red colored one and it reminded me of a child’s shirt. I felt sad that it hadn’t turned out right.


I was at this place on the water. It was dark. The porch stood on stilts out over the water. There was a track of moonlight visible on the surface of the water. It was the only light I could see.

Dreamer’s comments: There are no notes on the page. While I was typing No. 1 in, it occured to me that I do not remember that Abby ever played the trumpet so I have no idea where that came from. (I did date a trumpet player from a local band for a while before I was ever married.) I have flirted on different occasions with startimg a business but never seriously pursued it. Don’t know what the t-shirts might have meant. Could be if I was contemplating a business start up at the time it would not have turned out. I have done that many times but the farthest I ever got was passing a business plan class. Maybe this dream is what stopped me LOL. No 2 must have been something I saw in a movie once!



Page date 1/8/98

I dreamt I was talking on the phone with Bambi. I had just told her I was getting divorced when all the power went out. I was just about to explain why and felt I had been cut off before I could but when I put the handset back to my ear she was still on there talking to me. We had never been cut off. Then I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: Note on the page – I am never cut off from the ‘power’ unless I think I am??

That seems  like something to contemplate!

Page dated 12/30/97


I dreamt I wanted to try on a new pair of pants. They were red and white check… like an italian tablecloth. There were only two dressing rooms and there was someone else also going to try something on. I rushed to the dressing rooms first. I picked one and when I got inside there were boxes and things piled in it making it sort of cramped. It seemed dusty to me. I went out to go to the bathroom and left the pants in the room.  I peeked in the other dressing room as I passed and found it was normal looking.


I dreamt that I stood and watched everything burn. Fire was consuming everything in site. I did not feel distressed at all. I was just watching. and at the same time wondering “what’s next?”   I felt very calm and had a sense of oneness with everything.

Dreamer’s Comments:  If I thought really hard, I’m sure I could come up with something for the first dream.  The second is a recurring dream.   I’ve had it more than once though in different forms.  Hmmmm…..