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Page dated 12/30/97


I dreamt I wanted to try on a new pair of pants. They were red and white check… like an italian tablecloth. There were only two dressing rooms and there was someone else also going to try something on. I rushed to the dressing rooms first. I picked one and when I got inside there were boxes and things piled in it making it sort of cramped. It seemed dusty to me. I went out to go to the bathroom and left the pants in the room.  I peeked in the other dressing room as I passed and found it was normal looking.


I dreamt that I stood and watched everything burn. Fire was consuming everything in site. I did not feel distressed at all. I was just watching. and at the same time wondering “what’s next?”   I felt very calm and had a sense of oneness with everything.

Dreamer’s Comments:  If I thought really hard, I’m sure I could come up with something for the first dream.  The second is a recurring dream.   I’ve had it more than once though in different forms.  Hmmmm…..



Page dated 3/22/95

I went to Toronto with Dawn. For some reason I kept hearing a voice that told me that Toronto was an Indain home. We went to see a movie/show about Indians. I found the whole thing fascinating. Dawn kept flirting with the guys sitting in front of us (they were Indians) I really hadn’t noticed them until I saw people getting up and leaving. I heard someone walking up the aisle say “fire”. Dawn said “yes, there is a fire and we have to leave.” I was bummed. The movie was good and I wanted to see the rest. As we left I didn’t see a fire but the usher said we could not go out the front door where we were parked and to go out the back. I didn’t want to walk all the way around so we stuck to the front door. It was on fire so we found a side door and left. We got in the car and drove away.

Dreamer’s comments: On the page I have noted that my family was going to Toronto in two weeks to see Phantom of the Opera. Dawn is married to a Seneca Indian and I am reading a book about Indians.

One interestng fact since then is that Dawn’s marriage “went up in flames” so to speak and she divorced her Indian and is now married to another man. I got to see the whole Phantom play.  :o)