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Page dated 10/23/01

I dream of boomerangs.  (Everything comes back to you!)

Dreamer’s comment:  What else can be said?


Page dated 8/31/01

I am on the opposite side of my house as the driveway…  It seems like the East Riverside Drive house.  I come around to the driveway side and there is a beat up red car coming forward out of the driveway that I don’t recognize.  There is a man driving.  He looks like a Mediterranean rug dealer – lots of hair and a beard, dark skin – round face.  Sort of threatening.  I wonder what he wants when I see a dog that looks like Poochie in the back seat.  I say “Oh you found my dog” while I as thinking “I didn’t know she escaped”.  Then I looked down the driveway and Poochie was slowly walking toward me.  I looked at the dog in the car and saw that is wasn’t poochie.  I wanted to make sure poochie wouldn’t escape, so I reached for the door handle on the car, looked at the real poochie and said “wanna go?  She came to me and I picked her up.  The man rolled his window down a little and said something about the dog he had.  I said it wasn’t mine and he left.  I went round to the other side of the house and put poochie in the fence and closed the gate.  Then I went through the backyard to he gate on the other side and found it open.  It was an odd gate that closed in the middle with hinges on both sides but hardly anything would be able to fit through if just one side was open.  I didn’t remember having a gate like that.  I closed and latched it.

Dreamer’s comment:  Lots of crazy stuff going on in this one.  First was that my dog did like to escape whenever she could and some very “odd” people would return her…  that two sided gate is something we discussed when we fenced in the yard at Upland because the yard was so big Joe considered a riding mower which would necessitate a wider than normal gate.  I’m just not sure there’s much here except a lot of mixed up “stuff”.

Page dated 7/16/01

Joe and I are going to look at a house.  I think it is a vacation home of some sort.  We are early to the real estate agent’s office.  I am unfamiliar with the location and the agent.  We are early.  Joe and the real estate agent fall asleep on the couch slouched over while they are waiting for the time to go.  I don’t know if I fall sleep or am reading but I look at the clock and realize we are now very late.  I wake them up and say it’s 6 o’clock and we’ve missed our time.  Joe gets on the phone to see if we can come now.  The next thing I know is we are outside the office and going to look at something – i don’t know if it’s real estate or the furniture in the house or what.  The real estate agent (I don’t know him – sort of light brown hair and a bit heavy) is going to drive.  We get to his car which is a  very small and uncomfortable looking convertible.  He’s left the top down and it’s full of water.  Not full but lots.  I don’t want to sit in it.


Dreamer’s comment:  It had to be something I ate.  Early, late, who knows what this could mean?????

Pae dated 7/6/01

I am in the kitchen.  I spill white thick salad dressing.  All the lights are out except for a very small night light on the stove.  When I flip switches nothing happens.  I find Joe and say I’ve made a mess in the kitchen.  The breakers must have blown.  None of the lights are working.  Be careful not to slip and fall in the salad dressing.  I’m going to reset the breakers.  He said that’s not right and points to the one little light on the stove.  Just as he does, that light goes out.  I think all the lights have gone out in the place where I find nourishment and I wake up.  What does this mean?

Dreamer’s comment:  I don’t know what this means.  Sometimes these dreams that I’m revisiting pop up at the strangest of times.  I feel like all the lights everywhere have gone out.  Even though I might put my car in drive, it will only go in reverse.

Page dated 6/8/01

I dream I am pregnant.  I am at an outdoor party.  I am having a horrible time.  I am not married or in a position to have a baby and everyone is having fun but me.  I go in the bathroom and lay on the floor and cry.  An obnoxious woman I used to work with came in and started offering stupid ideas about what to do.  I get up and go in a stall to hide but stili she keeps on talking and I can hear her. I finally make the decision to go home.  I feel better and start to walk to my car.  I am following a couple.  A man that used to work with Joe who now works at Walsh and his wife.  I am in the middle of the road.  They are off to the right.  There is a big huge as a house snowbank.  They walk around to the right.  I can see a cemetery in the distance there and know my car is near there.  I decide to go left.  When I get toward the edge of the snowbank I see there is another even higher one.  I decide to go over, rather than back around to the right.  I get near the top of it and start to sink in.  I begin to think I may not get out of the snowbank.  I wake up very bummed.

Dreamer’s comments:   Well it seems obvious to me I’ve made some choices that are unconventional, will not take anyone’s advice, refuse to follow the norm, and now I am up shit creek without a paddle.  No wonder I’m bummed!  Do you suppose what is obvious to me now, was obvious to me then?  Do you think that obnoxious woman I could not escape was really me beating myself up?


Paged dated 6/5/01

#1  A dog needs it’s leg wrapped.  I was going to cut the gauze when I realized it would be better for the man who was going to do the wrap to cut it himself.

#2.  I dreamt I was a mailman.  Some people stood out waiting for the mail.  There was a big apartment building at the end of the road.  In the mailroom there were some socks and other small laundry hanging out in front of some of the mailboxes.  I had a message for Mr(s) Young.  There were socks in front of hers.

#3.  There was a line of cars taking up parking places.  On the end in full view – a dull gray antique.    Written on the page but not part of the dream (Takeaway from this one – there are many ways to get there – you don’t have to be  young sleek and shiny to get where you’re going or to even fit in)

Dreamer’s Comments:  It just seems to me there are a lot of small messages here….   i.e. don’t let the small stuff (socks) get in your way or stop you from doing what you want/need to do; there are somethings that are better left doing to those that know what they are doing (the dog’s leg); and you can start doing whatever you want to do whenever you want to and there will always be a parking place for you in the end as long as you keep at it.  All age old bits of wisdom brought forth in different form.

Page dated 5/31/01

I was picking up a prescription at an outdoor pharmacy – pink liquid.  The pharmacist said he was going to write the government because it was “nuclear”.  I asked to go down cellar so I could write a note too.  He wouldn’t let me.  I lost the actual script  He said he kept it to write the government.

Dreamer’s comment:  All kinds of things pop into my head here….  illegal drugs, cancer drugs (aren’t they nuclear?), pepto bismal (pink) maybe I was sick to my stomach?   Who knows…..  


Page dated 5/28/01

#1  I was dressed as a bride but I was at some big banking/corporate party – very “posh”.  Well at first the “wedding” was downstairs  Then a “bigwig” came and asked us to come upstairs.  I went in the bathroom and there was a big tiled floor area with drains all around where ladies could stand over to pee – which is what i did.  The bigwig came right in to where I was peeng and asked me to please come into the regular party part,

#2  I was taking Casey home but we were stuck on Steam Valley or something and couldn’t get across the river to his house.  His mother was mad I think.

Dreamer’s Comments:  I seem to have lame brain this morning and can think of none.  Being dressed as a bride might indicate “new girl” on the job as it seems like a corporate event which I have always loathed.  Casey was/is a friend of my daughters.



Page dated 5/18/01

I was a man in an insane asylum but I didn’t really feel like I was crazy.  I was taking a shower and a big fat woman nurse was trying to grab me through the curtain.  I wanted to fight back but mostly just kept evading her attempts.

Later I dreamt there were two people inside of me.

Dreamer’s Comment:  Sometimes I wonder where this stuff comes from….  could these be past life indications or overactive imagination?

Page dated 5/13/01 (Mother’s Day from hell)

I was in some sort of mini mall – maybe three or four stores.  Each store’s clerks were dressed in costume.  Some of those dressed up weren’t really clerks – they were terrorists or something and started harming people.  I escaped down some stairs that kept going down and down to different levels – all dark different levels.  All dark stone basementy type floors.  I managed to call for help along the way somehow.  Before that I remember sitting down in the mall hall and hiding my face against my knees.  There was a gun or some other weapon pointed at me I believe.  Then I escaped.  On the bottom floor I found a door to the outside where I found myself in a very deep ravine.  The only way out was to climb the rock to the top.  I found a place that looked manageable and began to climb.  When I was almost to the top a kind of Women?/Man? appeared on a platform to my right and wanted me to step onto it  I did.

Dreamer’s comment.  I don’t know what made this the Mother’s Day from Hell.  It sure does seem like everything was against me until I made the decision to move on my own and once I did and seemed to make progress I then seemed to have some help.  “God helps him who helps himself?”