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Page dated 4/6/00 (x-rated?)

I dreamed I wanted to masturbate in the bathtub but (my mother?) (my yoga teacher?) someone came and sat in front of me so I couldn’t.  I had no privacy.  So i wanted to sleep instead but I had culers or little ponytails all over my head and I could not get comfortable because of it.

Dreamer’s comments:  I guess no worse than a “wet dream” but i bet I woke up frustrated although the page doesn’t say so.  

I certainly can’t say I’ve had a boring dream life!`



Page date 4/1/00

Standing out front of a big house/building…  I feel it was a fraternity house.  Big porch.  Lots of trees around it and cars parked among them and not much lawn.  Mostly dirt.  (sort of like the Lilydale Hotel or old house that used to be at Gargoyle Park but lots bigger).  Someone I knew was moving in (abby?)  or maybe some young man I didn’t know.  Very strange.  Had the sense this dream was influenced by the feng shui i was thinking about and the keno I played online yesterday.

Dreamer’s comment…  Or maybe I just had some weird drugs…  I mean what do feng shui and keno have in common.  What is cool to me here, is remembering that house that used to sit in Gargoyle Park over to the side out past the event structure.  I had forgotten all about that until just now.  

Page dated 3/27/00

I was on some sort of a journey (journey of life?) walking.  Whatever companions I may have had were gone and I was by myself on a trail through the woods.  I could see a river flowing beside me to my right and down a fairly steep wooded bank.  I think I was moving up river or against the way it flowed.  I sensed there was a presence in the woods between the river and myself.  There was a faint sensation of fear but it did not overwhelm me.  I kept breaking up pieces of bread and throwing them in that direction.  For some reason I felt that  doing so would throw that presence off my trail.  To the left I noticed a rabbit -a  dark brown velveteen looking rabbit –  stick his head out of a hole in the ground or a tree stump top or something.  We looked right at each other before it disappeared back from where it came.  I came to a clearing where the trail cut through a field and it was flat between the river and me.  There were several naked men standing in the river with their backs to me.  I called a thank you to them for allowing me to view their nice butts.  :o)  There were two more men in the process of disrobing in the field off to my left.  The trails and earth rose gently in front of me and I knew that on the other side of that rise I would find home.  I also had the sense that there was someone coming up the other side to meet me.  I felt very happy.  Joyous.   That I had come so far.  I woke  up.

Dreamer’s comments:  Was I approaching heaven?  Traveling through unknown terrain that held a hint of fear in it but holding it off the best I knew how?  Is heaven full of naked men with nice butts?  Now that is the real question!   Hahahahaha!  And who was coming to meet me?  Just a strange one I think…..

Page dated 10/8/00 Snippets


I seemed to be on a roof.  I was going to the M.D.  I think.  I looked down at my chest and there were two wires stapled high on the left side.  One was old.  It fell out and when it did a big monitor fell off me.  Then I was on the ground and it almost hit me.  It fell next to me.


I stood at the counter in Sears.  I think Dude was the clerk.  She was giving me forms for the MD’s in the area.  If I took them to the Doctor I could pay with my Sears card.

#3.  I was working in an office at the bottom of a ramp.  There were two desks.  The girl who worked at the other one left early with the boss.  I was wondering if I should.  Then Katie came down the ramp with someone.  She was with a person – Debbie? Molly? – They were ooohing and aaahhng over a many tiered cake.  I hadn’t noticed it.  Katie was lurching around as if she was drunk.  There was a tray of food on the other side of the room.  It had been there a while and there were precut pieces of cake on part of it.  I poked at a few and found one that didn’t seem too stale.  I took it to my desk to eat it.  I noticed on the other desk that a candle in a jar – well the wax was now liquid and boiling but there was no flame to blow out.  I didn’t know how to stop it – to cool it.


I think at one point someone asked me if I knew “Deep”.  I was puzzled for a minute then realized they were talking about Deepak Chopra.

There is a note written in the margins on this page that I woke up two days later very sick…  sure it’s digestive – made an MD apt. for the next day!  (Must have been that cake!)

Dreamer’s comments:  There is too too much here…  The sickness got me!  One observation is that Dude is a receptionist in a Dental office so she sort of appears in an appropriate setting.

Page dated 9-11-02

I first see a Name    BROUGH _ _ _ _????

I am in a store buying cigarettes.  A girl beside me is also buying cigarettes,  She is young and has dirty blonde hair.  I look down for money and find I am naked.  She gives me a ride.  I wrap a towel around me  We stop somewhere or something,.  I think on Washington Street.  The girl turns into David Thropp.  Emil Ash is there and David gets out of the car.  I am sitting in my towel with my feet stretched out onto the drivers side leaning on passenger door.  I hear what is an argument I think and Emil whips out his dick and starts pissing on David and then in the car window.  I quickly put my feet down and roll my own window up.  Then I am in a living room back with the dirty blonde full of young people who have each paid $3.00 to see CCR,  (Creedence Clearwater Revival?) I still have my towel on but there is a ten and a five taped to my leg where my pocket would be so i pay with the five and say keep the change.   The alarm goes off.

Dreamer’s comment:  I don’t even know what to think….  I probably do smoke at the time  Emil Ash once offered me money to have sex with another person (which I declined) but it wasn’t  David Thropp.  David Thropp sells Vitamens which he formulates himself.  None of this makes any sense whatesoever to me  Anyone make any sense of this one?

Page dated 1/20/95

First I was in this little antique shop when somehow I was abducted.  Then I was on this covered dock when this guy came onto it and asked directions to another person I took to be “the leader”.  When he realized he’d have to climb 4 flights of stairs and zigzag across porches full of people he came back and then my covered dock became a boat and we were speeding down a river.

There was a snake that I think was my friend that I let eat my donut.

Next I was in a room with my snake and “the bad guy”.  He had a treasure map that he didn’t know was a treasure map but I knew how to read it.  The room was full of old Egyption? india? “sacred treasures”.   He put the map down.  I sort of hid it up underneath a table we were sitting at.

I believe I had some sort of homing device hidden in my clothes – my pants.  I woke up.

(This is written in the book, but not part of the dream:  I’m not sure who was the “good guy” and who was the “bad guy”.  This was a very Indiana Jonesish kind of dream.  I think the good/bad guys represent separate sides of myself.  The treasures are the treasures within.  I have one side that wants me to use them and one that doesn’t or does but doesn’t know how.  Thank you for this dream.  Please send me a detective dream to help me unravel the mystery of how to make use of my treasures.)

As an afterthought. I recall that in the dream , in order to find the treasure, you had to stand and look at the map from far away, not stand so close, and then it became apparent how to find it.

Dreamer’s comment:  Wow!  Guess I already did the interpretation on this one!  Good thing!