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Page dated 10/25/97

I was somewhere. Somewhere light as opposed to heavy, although it was light as opposed to dark too. I was speaking with someone of authority who seemed to be like the mission control director of my life. HE was quite candid and had a nice sense of humor. I explained that I had made my decisions and was asking for direction and guidance. I was told that not this business but his next business would flourish. I was told that my current relationship with my family would go through a process before final resolution and to just allow the process to take place. There was no harm foreseen. I was asked to restate my decision and it was pointed out to me that I had also created a third possibility. And that one of these possiilities would suffer because I would eventually have to make a choice. I said it was not my intention to cause any suffering for anyone or anything and wondered why I couldn’t have it all. He found this quite humorous and I came back feeling totaly trusting and knowing I will be directed and okay. I will learn to check with my gut often.

Dreamer’s comment: Since this dream was in 1997 and it is now 2015, I find a lot of it sort of cryptic. It seems to be addressing certain circumstances that I was pondering at the time and cannot remember now LOL. I believe the business “thing” was about my husband, who since I have known him has started his own business 3 different times. The first was a disaster. The second went well but ended in disaster due to ignorance of the tax law. The third is now in full swing and flourishing. He loves it and seems to have no lack of clients. As for myself… Hmmmm. I just don’t know. I do still gut check and maybe this is why.


Page dated 12/17/97

Sneaking secret informtion into and out of the computer in the basement. It is all related to the Health Department in Machias I think. Jack S. knew, Ray J. knew. Terry Stone suspected I think what was going on. For some reason I felt like a fly on the wall watching it all.

Dreamer’s Comments: Seems all very below boards to me. Looking at the date does not even help me remember what may have been going on. As I recall, there was a time when that county was full of all kinds of coups and there was a particular office with all access that leaked like a sieve.

Page dated 3/22/97


I was wading in wet cement up to my armpits.  I think Ellen was somewhere nearby.

(My first impression is sluggish – soon to be stuck – but who?  me?)


I was at Cuba Lake in a nice cottage.  I burned Barbara Simon’s head with  a cigarette.  The round spot in her hair – on her scalp – positively glowed red/orange.  I was frantic and felt horrible for being responsible for this injury.  In my panic, all I could think to do was get cold water for it but the faucet I ran to was hooked up to a washing machine and the run off was dirty and warm.  There was a voice or something that told me to clam down and when I did I noticed there was a sink with clear cold running water right next to me.  I poured some on Barbara’s head and she began to cry.

(I think the lesson here is to remain calm in calamity’s face and to keep things simple???)

Dreamer’s Comments…  Okay then!

  P.S.  Sorry Barbara!

Page dated 3/21/97

I went to bed last night wondering what the “devine design” for my life might be.  I “spoke the words” for and asked for a definite lead.  I had a dream that someone (I don’t know who) and I were “skiing” up one side of a small mountain and down the other.  We had skis on our feet, but jumpropes for poles.  I made it easily and with no problems.  The other person had some problems which I encouraged her/him(?) through.  (She got off her tracks once – started sliding backwards and she seemed to tire easily or something)  There was a small outdoor party going on at the bottom or end of the trip.  Joe came and looked at our jumpropes and told me the only difference was that my rope was longer and stronger but they were basically the same.  This all happened at night – in the DARK – except for the party was light.  It should be noted that I went to bed BELIEVING  I would receive my answer.

So I got an answer here and I believe it means I am to help (encourage) people over tough spots (mountain) in their lives and show them how to use the tools (ropes) they have to make it through.  How?  I don’t know!

Dreamer’s comments:  Sounds good to me LOL!