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Amazon Spam

The calls started at 1:30 p.m. est on June 16, 2015.  The caller ID registered 702-514-3037 Nevada.  There was no one in Nevada that I knew who would be calling me.  I did not answer.  The next one came at 5:01 p.m. from the same number.  I ignored eight more on June 17 at various times.   The June 17 calls recorded 7 calls from this same number and one from 844 (not an area code at all I found out using hindsight).  On June 18, there were three from this Nevada number, one from 702-763-5859 and two from Arizona 480-492-1153.  I have family and friends in Arizona.  I answered.  Turns out that number is not assigned to anyone.

When I answered, I was informed that my name had come up on a list to be an Amazon Affiliate.  They described the terms.  It sounded very plausible and I nearly accepted the offer even though I found the person (Eric Webb) to be somewhat overbearing.  The second call came from the same number and I answered again intending to tell them I was going to report them for harassment if they called again.  It was a woman.  Elizabeth something.  She said she was doing follow up on the first call I had received and asked how was my experience?  I told her overbearing.  She said she was disappointed and asked me if I’d accept a call from someone else.

Two hours later I received my third call from a very personable man calling himself Eric Thomas.  He answered all of my questions about the program without hesitation.  He gave me a website and a back office for that website and explained how they worked step by step.  It seemed very much like something I could do and would want to try.  I gave him the least amount of money possible.  I might as well have thrown it into the wind.

You cannot stop payment on a debit card transaction.  I have no idea where to report this.  So I just decided to blog the experience and put it on facebook and share it with the public.  I can only hope that my lesson learned the hard way can help you avoid the lesson altogether!

Love my readers!