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I was at a party. I was handed all these wide strips of dark gray paper. Each had a silvery strip down the middle. If you scratched off the silvery strip, you would find a secret that belonged to someone. I was directed to hand these out indiscriminately to people that were in the room. For some reason, I could see what each one said. I didn’t like the game and I ripped them up and threw them all away. Some people seemed disappointed that we could not play the game. I left. I ran into a woman I used to work with. We were good friends and I hadn’t seen her in a long time. We went down this alley to this restaurant and had lunch. It was fun.

Dreamer’s comment: So interesting. Connie the woman in my dream I used to work with, just recently retired and is back in the area and wanted to have lunch. She just called me, just now. I must have seen that coming somehow!



Page dated 8/23/13

A bunch of us at Ross Schaffer’s house for some big event. Lots of cars. I couldn’t find mine. I showed the miniature horses to someone in the barn even though I thought we might get in trouble for being in there. I said Don’t worry I knew him. (Well he had been a neighbor) Deb drove us around the parking lot looking for my car. She kept going over big piles of rocks taller than her car. Katie and I were laughing in the back seat trying to find my car Ellen was running along side talking to us through the open back window. We didn’t seem to be anywhere near my car. I finally told her to go by the barn since we were one of the first ones that came. I woke up thinking that someone was going to get a new car and it would be a bright color.

Dreamer’s Comment: Well… it’s been a year, but my friend Diana did get a bright yellow Corvette.

Page dated 5/24/95

Lou Levinson (Kodak) came to the office with Susan Nersinger.  Lou ate pizza and fell asleep.  I fell asleep also.  I woke up.  My undershirt was on the outside of my dress and sleep wrinkled.  I tried to hide the wrinkles and couldn’t.  I went outside and joined some people dancing down the street.  I think one was Connie Kreydt.  I was dancing away when I realized they were all doing the same dance.  I wasn’t and I didn’t know it and I was sure I could learn but didn’t know if I wanted to.  Then Jack Searles joined me.  We sat talking when a parade started.  It was like no one knew about it because there were very few people there except for a small group (15) next to us.  There were dancing dogs all dressed up and clowns driving small go-cart deals (legislature?)  Then Jack and I went for a ride.  We drove by a restaurant that had an Easter train ride in back.  No one was on it.  Then we drove along a river.  At first it was clear and blue like a pool.  There seemed to be a swimming race in it.  Then it turned into a more volatile regular river/creek – muddy/rocky and there was a fork.  It split.  I asked Jack if anyone could swim in the blue part and he guessed so.  I wondered if the racers would have to go through the regular part of the river too.

Dreamer’s comments:  My first REAL job was at Kodak but I do not remember anyone named Lou Levinson.  The name Susan Nersinger sounds familiar but I cannot place her.  I was evidently working for Jack at the time of this dream.  He was/is County administrator hence the reference to the legislators acting like clowns which was the opinion I held of politicians in general.  (still do)  Seems like there were lots of decisions in this dream…  like do I want to be the same as everyone else by doing the same dance, act in the same way, etc.   It is interesting in that I did take the road less traveled by choosing to leave that position which was probably the best and most secure job I ever held but it did mean conforming.  By leaving I believe metaphorically speaking I have left that clear blue river and had to navigate a rocky twisting stream.  Gone is the security of a government pension and all the other perks associated with holding such a position.  I have to say though that I have no regrets.  No dancing dog here.  I’d much rather wear my undershirt on the outside of my dress!  LOL!  In hindsight, all in all such a wonderful learning life experience!


Page dated 8/3/00

#1- I am at the beach again.  David Carucci owns a hotel property there I think.  Every calendar has a different year on it so I can’t figure out what actual day it is.   Do know it’s near the end of August.  It feels sort of chaotic.  August 28 I think.  (I wonder if this has anything to do with the move)

#2 – I tell Jayson I will come back to work part time but I don’t know if I want to.  I have email from him to log on and I put him off until next week as I don’t want to read on the net anymore.  I may be missing out as I notice he has some of his readers managng sites.  I probably could too.  I don’t want to.

#3 – I see a dead man standing in front of an old sports car – like a 50’s type T-Bird – behind a split rail fence.  I had the sense he was either a car enthusiast or maybe died in a crash.  In front of the fence are two youngsters.  The man is pointing down at them as if to say he is watching over them.

#4 – I see a spinning cylinder.  Paper money was fed under it and then whipped out the other side as if to say that money went as fast as it came but it all sat on a platform of money so I felt like there was savings of some sort but it was not growing right now due to unexpected expenses.

#5 – I see a swiftly moving river and someone trying to swim upstream – struggling – I want to yell at them to float.  To go with the flow and quit struggling.  They will go over the falls but then all will be calm.

Dreamer’s comments:  #1 just indicates major chaos to me.  #2 happened in reality.  I at one time did do readings for a major site on the internet and I did terminate my contract although  I don’t recall it being in that fashion.  #3 – no clue, a message for you maybe???  #4 – an omen of what was to come.  #5  Ditto with me as the swimmer learning the hard way!

Page dated 7/3/00

I was on this school bus with some kids on it.  Abby was driving picking kids up.  An opossum crossed the road.  Abby was so into watching it she missed a turn for one boy.  I kept telling her it was coming up but she didn’t hear me.  When she finally did, it was too late and she had to turn around.  She turned into a school with a circular lot.  Just as she got into it, cars started moving around and it seemed like she was going the wrong way  Another school bus stopped and was going to let her through.  A kid on the bus told her not to go that way but Abby didn’t listen and went anyway .  I felt proud of her.  She had to drive up a steep driveway to get out of the lot.  It was muddy and wet and she kept the bus in the  middle tracks and made it onto the main road.  When we got on the first thing I noticed was the opossum  that distracted her in the first place.  It was curled up and seemed to be sleeping on a tall stump  Abby drove right on by it this time and it was all down hill from there.  (This has to be about Abby’s schoolwork.  Seems like she’s going to do okay!)

Dreamer’s comment:  That last sentence in parenthesis makes perfect sense.  Abby is my daughter and she was so easily distracted from her schoolwork.  At one time or another throughout her school years, she attended one school or another throughout our area and I allowed it, for better or worse, in an attempt to get her focused.  In the end she did best in a small private catholic school with very few students where she got good attention and there was no room for cliques.  In fact, there were so few students, that even the different grades mixed together for socializing and sports, etc.  And I AM proud of her!

Page dated 6/22/00

I am in what looks like Fred Flintstone’s bowling alley.  I am bowling with someone.  I don’t know who.  But I am using small lumpy rocks – very small.  I throw them down the lane and am lucky if the big misshapen pins even jiggle.  Mostly the stones/rocks fly through/between the pins.  I am very frustrated and decide to find a regular heavier, bigger bowling ball.  I walk to a rack of balls.  The first couple I pick up seem hollow and just about weightless.  A man points and says “try those over there.”  I pick up a ball that is heavy enough but one side is flat although the holes fit my fingers .  I take it to my alley and whip it at the pins.  Before I do that I laugh and hold the ball up and say “what do you think about this baby?”  All the pins fall down and suddenly I am outside.  The sun is coming up and I appear to be in a desert, or a place without a lot of trees.  There is a huge pit in front of me and we are burying a VW that is full of garbage.  Right before they pull the top over it, I yell “wait” and I reach in and pick out one piece of paper that is gunky and stained from being in the garbage.  The sun comes up further and things get brighter.  I wake up.  I don’t know what was on the paper.

All along the margins of this dream I have made notes…  by the lumpy little bowling rocks i have noted “little effort?  nothing happening?”  By the sentence where I search for a new ball i have written “false starts?”  Also “things will not go smoothly.  Look for the unorthodox/not normal”.  By the place where all the pins fall down with the weird ball I have noted ” take things into my own hands”….  where we are burying the VW I have noted “putting the whole thing behind – begins to get better”  Where I stop them right before the final cover and pull out a piece of gunky paper I have noted “take lesson learned from the experience” and then at the end “all turns out well”

Dreamer’s comments:  I think my notes covered this one….  One problem…  I don’t know what the lesson was LOL!

Page dated 5/8/00

I was riding my bike on a road like the Hinsdale Highway.  I wanted an ice cream cone.  I felt like I was headed in the direction of Buffalo, away from home.  I passed a place on the other side of the road.  It felt like  I’d been there before but I kept going.  The next place I got to was closed.  No one was there and it was dark.  The next place was beautiful.  Lots of flowers hanging in baskets.  I think they sold them too but the ice cream cones were $3.99 for one scoop.  I thought they were way too much money.  I turned around and went to the very first place I saw on the other side of the road.  It was very “homey” feeling.  It was divided into three parts.  One was a little store part, sort of crafty but cute although not vey original, the second was a “sweet shoppe”.  This is where I got my ice cream.  Also they gave me a job teaching people how to make candy apples even though I had never done that before and had no clue how to.  The women said they’d show me and put me on a list with others also scheduled to “work”.  Then there was a “fixit” shop place – definitely a man’s world – messy and greasy – even sort of scary looking.  When I got outside to get on my bike, I found the tire had fallen off the rim.  The man in the fixit part was very nice and fixed it and wasn’t going to charge me but I insisted on paying him.  The men inside were laughing and joking and teasing me but in a nice non-personal way.  I only paid $1.00 for the tire.  Then when I got outside I found my pedal had fallen in two.  A man went in to tell the fixit guy.  He came out with a tool to fix it and said “looks like you’re not supposed to leave this place”.  I woke up.  In parenthesis I have noted “this must be about relocating”.

Dreamer’s comment:  Makes perfect sense…. around that time my husband was offered a job in Connecticut and we went there to “look around”.  We found it very expensive compared to where we iive now, and the places we considered comfortably affordable were shabby and run down and the places comparable to what we currently owned were 4x the price we were willing or able to pay.  The thing I don’t remember is if I had this dream before or after we started looking there. 

Paper dated 10/6/12

There is a parade in Olean.  There is a fire in the woods.  Diana has my car keys.  She is in the hospital.  Which one?  I am confused.  I want to go to Walsh(?) and get Nina’s keys but Nina is in the hospital.  Diana has the keys.  Abby wants to see the parade.  Where are the cars?  Where are the keys?  Diana appears all cheery.  Her problems are solved.  LOVE HER!!

Dreamer’s comments:  This is such a cryptic dream.  Fairly recent.  Diana is a friend who was recently cleared of cancer.  My Mother passed about a years ago.  She was in a nursing home.  I think this is just sort of happily telling me everything is okay.