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How you play…

So I’m watching the tube, Rachel Maddow to be exact, and she is talking about the raid in Yemen, the first to be ordered by Trump, designed to collect intel. You know, computers and cell phones and such. And she’s talking about what she has heard regarding the making of the decision to conduct such a raid.

I don’t know if I got this right, but as I understand it, the decision to go in and get this stuff was made at dinner. And the people at the table included Mattis and Flynn who I would have expected; ard Cushner, the son in law, the BriteBart guy… oh you know of whom I speak, and one other that seemed like an odd choice to be there. And of course Trump.

Anyways, the way it was described reminded me of a bunch of people, really, who are playing a war like video game. It reminded me of watching my husband standing at the bar with a bunch of his friends discussing a particularly invigorating round of golf, or an outstandng game of pinochle they shared.

Then I saw the president come right back from Dover where he had met and joined the real life family of the Seal who died as a result of that ‘over dinner’ decision to conduct that Yemen raid.  His body was was being returned. The president had to speak on an entirely different subject. I could be wrong, but he who generally seems so blustery and cold hearted, seemed a little choked up. I found that interesting too. Could it be that when he climbs down from his castle to join in with those playing at ‘real life’, (his playing pieces) he finds out what ‘real life’ truly is? Interesting for me to watch that. I dare to hope the experience stays with him when he has to make future decisions that affect the everyday person.

Life IS a game. No doubt in my mind about that. And it is good to experience that game from all perspectives. And the whole thing gives me a sort of understanding about that old saying, It’s not about winning or losing, its about HOW you play it. (Grantland Rice) I’m fascinated.  And I’m happy to just watch at this point.



There is no authority greater than your own.

I believe we are all born as we are to be. I believe that curiosity is a natural tendency that can lead you to your fated destiny. Whether saint or sinner you are perfect. There is no reason to be, or try to be, what you are not. You are here to fulfill a purpose that you appointed yourself to.

No book, no religion, no teacher or mentor, no system of belief can improve what you already are. The freedom you seek is already there just as it is supposed to be. To accept that opens the door to your freedom.

I believe we are all examples of pure love destined to awaken the same in every other person that appears before us in this life. Whether your name is Jesus or Judas, love is exactly what you will teach because that is all there is.

So do not beat yourself up because you do or do not own the world, or you are or are not famous. Trust that what you are and the way you are is exactly right. For whether you are a dogooder or a murderer you are always teaching love to someone near to you in your own unique way. Or go ahead and beat yourself silly! Maybe that is the way you discover your true nature.

Change seems to always be a struggle… have you noticed? To think “I could be better at this or that” and then to take action on it is an exercise in futility and a judgment call. It is a struggle because it runs counter to your natural tendencies. There is no judgment. Things just are and you have arranged your surroundings to come to this realization.

There is no right. There is no wrong. There is only being. So just be.



Morning conversation with Joe:

C: Do you believe in God?

J: Yes

C. Why

J. You can’t prove there isn’t one.

C. You can’t prove there is.

Long pause for stalemate.

C. Do You believe you are God?

J. Me???

C. Yes.

J. No.

C. Why not?

J. If I was God my waist would be thinner.

C. Why is that important?

J. Because I have to worry my pants will fall down. My waist is bigger than my hips so my pants slide down.

c. You could always do an “erkel”.

J. No my chest is bigger than my waist.

C. Oh.


Talking to blisters

It is what it is for a reason. It just has to be.

I woke up in the middle of the night talking to my blister. I have this huge (think half dollar size) blister on the foot of the leg I just had the knee replaced on. To avoid pain, I walk along on the side of that foot and this, of course, translates to my knee.

Why dont you pop it? people ask me. Because it is red is my answer. And just when it seems like it’s going to be ready for popping, it grows and gets redder. Now I have lifelong experience with blisters. It’s a hereditary condition of the connective tissue I’ve learned from a skin doctor. So I’ve been messing around with blister remedies for years.

Last night I found myself talking to my blister. I ask it Why? What did I do? Why did you choose this moment to bubble up and grow and then keep growing at an alarming rate? And why are you so mad? Your color is angry. What are you trying to teach me?

It is what it is for a reason. Now tell me what that is so I can get on with it!

It hasn’t answered yet… but when it does, I’ll let you know.


Finding Guidance

Quietly moving into a spiritually centered life requires a great reorientation of your consciousness into higher fields. In the higher ranges of conciousness and energy, whole worlds of nonmaterial spiritual beings exist. Many people do not experience these levels at all. To them, even the existence of these levels seems highly speculative, absurd or even ridiculous. If you continue on the upward or more expansive path, you will auomatically begin to have experiences involving higher energies and will eventually encounter these beings as you carry your consciousness out into the higher or larger levels of your energy field.

I have read that there are three expanded levels of energy, each carrying a template that is called the divine will within and is the template for your will to exist in the physical world. Then there is the emotional level with holds the templates for love, inspiration and your feelings about yourself and others. The highest of these levels contains the perfect pattern for all things and governs the mental body… i.e., as above, so below.

Expanding out into your larger energy levels has been called transcendence by some. Once you reach out, recognize and claim these higher levels as your own.  You will notice differences, either subtle or profound or both. For instance, in an expanded energy vibration, you may notice that reason becomes truth, emotions become love, and will becomes courage. As you continue your expansion, you will notice that truth then becomes wisdom. Love will be experienced as unconditional love and courage as power. As we grow in this spiritual reality, we find God within and things seem to fall into place effortlessly. You realize you can bring in healing for whatever you think ails you on all levels.

The best way to enter in to a transcendental process is through guidance. Guidance is available to everyone from their higher self within, their guardian angel or their spirit guide.

Now most people will tell you to ask for this guidance but it has been my experience that these guides, not living on this level, are unaware of exactly what we are looking for. So you need to be specific, and DO NOT ASK. But rather explain what you are lookiing for. Give specific instructions and let them know how you will understand it. For instance I used to ask for a picture of what to do. I would show them the problem, then the problem solved and just say show me exactly how to get from here to there. Spirits have no sense of time or space. You have to tell them exatly what you want.

Guidance is an integral part of the unfoldment of your life. It is the key to the development of your heart’s desire and your life’s task, no matter what it is. It is a life process that begins to work as soon as you acknowledge it is there and no matter what you may call it… i.e. intuition, hunch, gut feeling, etc. If you are unsure, start small. Trust, and see how it unfolds, with no expectations whatsoever. You cannot direct your guides to tell you the answer you want to hear, but if you trust what you are told and it works out, you will soon learn to recognize your authentic guides.


Observations on being human.


1. You will receive a body. You may not like it, but it will be yours for this entire time around.

2. You will learn lessons. You have enrolled in life – a full-time informal school. Each day you wil have the opportunity to learn lessons. You might like them or you might think they are stupid and irrrelevant.

3. There are no mistakes There are only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error and experimentation. The ‘failed’ experiements are as much a part of the process as the experiment that ultimately works.

4 A lesson is repeated until it is learned. It will be presented in various forms until you learn it and then you move on.

5. Learning lessons does not end. There is nothing that does not contain a lesson. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.

6. ‘Over there’ is no better than ‘right here.’ When your there has become a here you will simply obtain another there that again, looks better than here.

7. Others are merely mirrors of yourself. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.

8. What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.

9. The answers lie inside you. All you ned to do is look, listen nd trust.


Chakra Health

A pendulum can be used to diagnose the energy moving through the chakras, or energy centers of your body. If you don’t have a pendulum, it’s easy to make one. Just take about 8 inches of string and attach a fishing sinker to one end.

Lie on your back and have someone hold it over the location of each of your chakras.

If it moves clockwise in a circular motion, that chakra is open and harmonious and experiences a clear perception of reality

If it moves counterclockwise, that chakra is closed and inharmonious and you will experience active projections of reality.

If it makes a vertical swing, you are moving feelings and energy toward the spiritual.

If you see a horizontal swing, you are most probably holding your energy down to avoid personal interactions and most likely have set up a strong block for some reason.

A right angled swing, indicates severe aggressive/passive split with the aggressive side more developed than the passive.

A left angled swing indicates the same but with the passive side more developed.

If it stands still, the chakra is not functioning at all and may indicate or lead to a pathology that you would do well to invstigate and possibly have treated.

These are just basics. There are a lot of books out there and probably even some online stuff that will take you more into the machinations of working with and measuring the health of your enery centers.



Discovering HERE

We all have the ability to know ourselves; to express ourselves; to just be ourselves. There are exercises that can aid in gaining access to our innermost selves; areas that are sometimes difficult for us to recognize much less experience. Practice one or two or all of the following and see where they lead you.

A process known as grounding is one way to get in touch with your inner most self. When you are grounded, you can feel all the parts of your physical being. So many times you may experience yourself as scattered or uncertain. Be still and think about every part of your physical body from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head and everywhere in between. Take a few minutes and check in with every part that you can become conscious of, inside and out. Are you encountering any resistance? This is probably your life force or energy flow being blocked and the place where you experience such a block may be very illuminating to you if you ask yourself “why there?” Try to feel the full extension of your energy as it moves out above your head and below your feet and balloons from your body. There is no need to do anything here. Just experience. Just notice. Anything you may experience or notice is totally fine. There is no right or wrong. It is all just you. It is very important to accept what you find with no judgment.  Make note of anything that ‘bugs’ you if you like but know whatever you do notice is all quite normal and natural.

Another process known as centering can also be a very good tool for expanding awareness of your inner most self. This involves the gathering of your energy field into what you perceive to be the centermost part of your body. It might be around your abdomen, or your solar plexus area or around your heart. Bring your consciousness to this part of your body and call all of your energy to come forth and be present in that spot. Feel it flowing into that area. Where is it coming from? Notice the sensations that follow it. You may experience a change of temperature in that area with it becoming warmer or cooler. Perhaps it will fluctuate with the arrival of each energy stream. Notice which are warm, which are cool, and how you are feeling. Are you more comfortable or less. Does it carry any particular memory with it? Are you feeling overwhelmed with any particular emotion? There is no right or wrong here. Suspend all judgment and just let it be whatever it seems to be.

There are many ‘sages’ who would advise you to do some sort of protection exercise after you’ve done one or both of the above and possibly discovered some spots you might be tempted to characterize as weak, or guilt ridden, or anxiety producing. Perhaps you think  you’ve discovered some continuous problem that you believe can’t easily be solved. You might be advised to isolate and put an energetic wall up to protect yourself from the ‘negative’ influences. Now I am not a sage.  I do have years of personal experience which tells me that to build a wall around a problem for purposes of protection seems crazy to me. Better to apply a dissolution process I think. Well, that’s my personal opinion. This is actually easily done. Just take a good look at what bugs you. Ask yourself “Is this real in the present moment?” It never is. It may feel real right now, but is it happening before your eyes? What are you doing right now that causes you guilt, or pain, or regret? The answer is you are probably watching a rerun of a prior incident that brings rise to whatever negative feelng you associate with it. Building a wall around it does not make it go away. To dissolve it, just realize you are looking at history. Apply the forgive and forget prncipal. I’m not talking about forgiving the person who keeps stealing your parking place so you go soap his windows surreptitiously. I’m talking about forgiving yourself for soaping the windows. Hey! What’s done is done! Laugh about it and let it go. Poof… dissolved. Who needs a wall now? Once you’ve accepted your actions and the consquences, you can move on. Over, done gone. Just decide you don’t want to watch that movie anymore and then if it comes up again, change it! Maybe change the soap to glass cleaner and add ‘sparkle’. How does that feel?

Those are some basic ways to get inside. Once you feel comfortable in there, you may be very receptive to new ideas. You can change your mind about the way your life is progressing and make appropriate suggestions so that your body and energy centers “get it”. Feel the ‘heal’ on every level. You are in a very good position to ‘mine for data’ at this point also. Do you have a bunch of questions along the lines of “why does this always happen to me?” or “what would be the best way to achieve a particular outcome in a certain situation?” or even “which way should I go?” Your inner guidance system is operating at full tilt right now. Take advantage of it.

There is one wonderful truth about all of these exercises. About all of life, really. Nothing is “real” as you may consider what real means. One thing easy enough to remember is that you are actually spirit having a physical experience. So you are operating on two levels. One is as I’ve described here… the very physical day to day stuff which seems necessary to handle and around which you build hopes and dreams, etc., or allow to haunt you. This level is totally based on reruns or past experience and is actually nonexistent in the present moment.   On the other level you are like God. You need nothing. That part of you is perfect. Believe it! And if you don’t believe, it… change your mind and give it a shot! What’s the worst that could happen?

Love yourself. Remember if you act like you are persecuted, you will be and you will be teaching those around you it’s okay to be persecuted. If you act like you are loved, you will be and that is what you will teach. Way more fun!!!

I think that is all I have to say today.



The geese are flying North again. I heard them last night and again this morning. I have a friend, passed now, who visits me in my dreams on my birthday and gives me a gift. Once he gave me a gift wrapped in sky blue paper with geese flying in V formation. I knew he was telling me that is when my fortune would change. That was a few years ago. Now every time I hear the geese migrating, I think of him. :o) And I think of Brook Street. That is where we were when he gave me that particular present.

Comment:  I  have never noticed any changes associated with the geese.  Maybe this is the year!  LOL!


3/6/16 Ego

Everyone makes an ego or a self for himself. Depending on a situation, this can be highly variable. Everyone also makes an ego for everyone else he perceives which may also appear highly variable depending on circumstance. Not only that, simply thinking about an ego, whether yours or someone else’s, can change your perception of same. There could be no better example proving ego is merely an idea and not at all a fact. The question then becomes, who are you/we?