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I dreamt of my father, passed at least 50 years ago. Only the second time I’ve ever had a dream of him. I only talked to him on the telephone actually. Didn’t actually see him. It’s all sort of a haze. Don’t even remember what we talked about specifically but it had something to do with not seeing him in so long and and wanting to see him again. Mostly I just felt a lot of love. I remember then calling my sister, Anne, to see if he had called her too. She said yes, but that was all. I know the name Drew came up. He had said he was with someone named Drew. I only know a few Drews and none of them have passed. It was just weird and for some reason, I woke up feeling very unsettled.

Dreamer’s comments: I have an odd sense of foreboding. I am feeling anxious. It feels like ‘something’ is going to happen. Like a death or something. I hate when this happens.  I need to let this go.



Page dated 1/18/03

Maz comes to see me.  We live at the top of a hill.  It kind of reminds me of Clark Street hill – in a big house – old house with big porch and oldish kitchen.  I am in the kitchen in my bright pinkish orangish neon sweatshirt and jeans. (Just what I wore today)  Joe comes in the far end door of the kitchen and says “there’s someone here to see you.”  I walk out the other kitchen door into the living room and look into the hall by the front door but then I am back where I was in the kitchen.  Maz comes in the other kitchen door and lays a present on the table and wishes me a “Happy Big ____”  I though he said “4 0” but I’m going to be 53.  I felt sort of sad or depressed or concerned or something.  (he wasn’t clear to me.  It was if he was fading or trying to “come in” from a very long ways away.  He’s been very clear to me before this.  But it’s been some years since I’ve seen him.  I’m wondering if it took great effort to appear to me at all.  I said thank you I think. and then he said he had to go.  I said I would walk him to the bottom of the hill.  When we got out side, Bambi and Phil were out front in a big white Lincoln Continental.  They said they would give us a ride.  I had on my blue rubber sporto boots now.  They looked stoned to me which made me smile.   It was a dark night.  I got in the back seat.  Although he had faded out,  I knew Maz was there too.  When we got to the bottom of the hill I said to Phil to stop the car before we got too far.  He pulled over and I got out and began walking back to the house.  If we lived at the top of Clark Street, this would have been around right in front of Bambi’s house on Brook Street.  I began walking home.  I watched Phil do a 3-point turn around and saw his giant red sort of square with round corners tail lights which is when I determined it was a white lincoln.  So he turned around and drove back by me and away and left me to walk back up the hill in my sporto 1/2 boots.  I woke up.

I woke up thinking the hill seemed a long hard climb.  When I realized maz was in it I felt bad that I didn’t say much to him.  tell him how I miss him and loved him etc.

In my notebook I have thanked him  after the fact for coming to see me and tell him I miss him and thank you for the message though I’m not positive about what it meant .  I can only guess.  Please come again I write.

Dreamer’s comments;  So interesting to run into this dream at this time.  I was just by the cemetery where he is buried along with some other friends and family and thinking how I miss them all….    I remember the wrapping paper on the pressent…  it was ducks flying in formation…   he used that 2x with me and I always took it to mean that when they were migrating change would come. and it always did.  Another time he handed me a purple envelope. so I knew he meant thank you.  Because my boss at the time constantly gave me thank you cards and they always came in a purple envelope.  So interesting how they find ways to communicate.  Even my dad found a way when necessary which was quite unexpected since I had never ever heard from him before.  I’ll stop rambling now.