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Page dated 1/13/94


I had to pay my taxes and I had to drive through a place that gave me a ticket. It was a ticket to get into a park or something. Next thing I knew, I was at the dinner table with Bob and Cindy Mountain and Mitch Simon. There with other empty seats. They were all dressed up and I wasn’t. They didn’t seem to care but I felt self-conscious.


It seems I lived in an apartment by myself. It may have been upstairs. It was small. The furniture was old but very beautiful and comfortable. The kitchen was oak, even the old fridge. It felt like I liked to garden and did so. I had a cat. I may have been very old myself. It was as if I was watching all this AND also living it. Then I thought about Bambi and when I did she was just there and everything became hers. Strange. I woke with the feeling I had walked with fairys and undines as well as material spirits.

Dreamer’s comments: #1 Ever since I began to work, I always hated to pay taxes. I remember thinking everytime I turned around the government was taxing me for this or that and it pissed me off and I felt like I would never have any savings. I also always got money back and when I did, I would go on vacation with it instead of saving it. The Mountains have gobs of money and are my friends. Bottom line, I think this was a money dream. #2 I didn’t think I would ever get married and this dream is probably a projection of where I expected to be in my future. Not so as I did get married. Not even one regret though I do like to be by myself.

It just occurred to me as I was putting the title on, that I had these dreams exactly 22  years ago.  Makes me wonder….  I feel like writing a story around this series.