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Page dated 10/7/95

I dreamed I was walking a long long way – sleeping wherever.  I came to a place that was about 3 blocks off a beach.  I don’t think it was the ocean.  Maybe it was a big lake or something.  I slept that night on a couch outside someone’s home.  Seems like Ellen may have been living nearby but I never saw her.  Next morning I walked down to the water where a large crowd had gathered to see a contest of men who claimed they could walk on water.  All these big men – not contestants – were standing like a wall in front of the water.  Women and children stood back and could not see.  I recognized Rope so I went up and stood next to him.  Immediately the men began to harass me and squirt me with water that felt as if it was coming from a hose.  One of them was David Ash  (dead since 1964 or 65 I think – knew him in grade school) who assured me it was a joke.  That night I went to a dinner and saw Bob Mountain.  His place card said “Number Nine and Estate”.  He was with a woman considered to be an “old bat” – can’t remember her name.

Dreamer’s Comments:  This dream to me defies all analysis which any of  you who read this blog know I love to do.   So I am gonna’ sort of pick at it out loud here and see what happens.  First of all..  I would  have loved to have seen a contest of men walking on water but was prevented from doing so by a wall of large men and when I found one I knew that I could sort of sneak in beside to catch a gllmpse  I was “good naturedly” STILL prevented from viewing the contest by a dead guy from my childhood.  One who was very shy in life I might add.  I can’t imagine him ever squirting me with a hose.  Rope the guy I stood next to is a big guy and he is an attorney and partners with Bob Mountain the guy I saw at the dinner with the strange place card that said “Number Nine and Estate”.  The thing is…  He is most famously known as a divorce lawyer with   the reputation of a “shark” and is so nicknamed.  His wife is the nicest lady in the world.  I can’t imagine anyone characterizing her as an “old bat”.  Gosh darn it…  I wanted to see the walking on water thing!   LOL!


Page dated 7-19-00

It felt like I was at a Y in a room on an upper level.  It was filled with recital dresses and dancing dresses.  There were a few girls there who were going to sell the dresses.  Later I was going downstairs.  Now I felt like I was in a hotel, but I was in a robe and slippers.  My hair was sticking out all over and frizzy.  I had a comb in my hand.  I was taking the stairs trying to figure out how to get through the lobby with no one seeing me.  When I got to the second floor I realized I would go to the end of he building and take the elevator and it would end up where I wanted to be.  I went on to the second floor and saw Carol Fratarcangelo and one of her kids.  I put my head down.  I don’t think she saw me.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments:  I have no idea….  Recital and dance dresses make no sense to me…  being caught by Carol F. with frizzy hair in my robe and slippers in public would have no effect on me as she is one of the least judgmental people I know.  We would probably both get a good laugh out of it.  There is a drastic difference between wearing one outfit as opposed to the other and maybe this dream is trying to tell me something about that????

Page dated 5/19/00

#1  Dreamt I was running from one town to another to get Abby glasses.  (primary purpose to be there for and as an example for her?)  (I don’t see how)

#2  Saw Joe laying in he road in a karate robe.  He had no arms or legs.  (we’re going to lose an arm and leg over karate lessons contract).

#3  At some fashion show.  They waned me to model a dress that was very young and skinny looking.  I thought I might be able to do it if I wore control underware.  I was sort o afraid to try it on.  Diana was in charge of dressing rooms.  Wardia Simon Hart was in the audience.  I would have to run across a lawn to another building to try it on.  It was raining.  I was reluctant.  I woke up.  (Lots of intimidation here….  don’t need it!

(This one has to do with weight.  My wanting to lose it and being afraid I won’t)

Dreamer’s comments – none.  Just werid.