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Page dated 11/9/98

A black station wagon pulled into my driveway.  It seemed so real I woke up startled. I felt frozen for a minute and then got up to look in the driveway to see if it was a dream or if it was real.  It was a dream.

Dreamer’s comments….  I wonder if my proverbial knight in shining armor has traded his horse in for a black station wagon.    That really is a horrible thing to write since I already feel like I’ve definitely found my  “knight in shining armor” and his name is Joe.  LOL


Page dated 10/20/98

Last night I dreamt I met Tom Selleck outside of Church. He asked me if I wanted to buy his house and asked me over for breakfast so I could see it. I thought that sounded exciting and went with him. His home was small. There was only one bedroom and it held only a single bed. It was off the kitchen and had only a curtain for a door. There was a farmer, who looked like a thug, who was cooking in the kitchen. I thought I liked it because it was Tom Selleck’s house but then he disappeared and I didn’t like it at all anymore. Then a man who said he was Tom’s brother came in and gave me a blanket and said I had won it in a raffle. I didn’t know where Tom went. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: Somehow I am being misled it seems. Being told something is more than it is? Believe what I can see is real …

Page dated 10/2/98

Terry Schnell died. Anita told me from a rubber boat at the side of the road. I went back to tell people. They already knew.

Dreamer’s comments: This is absurd. I’ve known Terry Schnell for 50 years. If someone had told me when we were 14 that he would grow up to be Chief of Police I would never have believed it. He has always acted like a goof around me and does to this day. Anita is/was his wife and one of my good friends. The first time I met her, I had just walked into this bar and she threw me up against a wall, got right in my face and accused me of being with her boyfriend the night before. I had no idea who she was or who her boyfriend was but she was absolutely right. I had run into him the night before in a dance hall and we had jitterbugged. He was one of only a few I could do that with. All completely harmless… old friends seeing each other for the first time in a long time. I think he had just gotten out of the Navy. In any event it all got straightened around and two better people I could not know. Why I write all this down here is beyond me. I don’t know when they got divorced. I am wondering if that is what this dream is about.

Page dated 8/13/95


I was visiting my boss.  He was at the doctor’s office.  The doctor’s office was where the Olean Chamber of Commerce is. My boss (Jack Searles) looked like Jack Hart.  Don Winship was in there – very very sick.  He looked like Danny DeVito.  My boss would not say what was wrong with Don  Winship  There were many “native looking” women hanging in hammocks out back who were also very very sick – like Don Winship.  They were mostly school teachers I think.  One very young one was mumbling about Don Winship (2 + 2 =).  The doctor came and examined Don Winship right in the waiting room in front of everyone.  (My cat jumped on me here and woke me up.  I’m thinking this indicates a county or city scandal or combination of both.  My boss – Jack Searles is County Administrator, – Jack Hart is Olean City Attorney, Don Winship is Leader of the County Legislature.  There is one wholly owned by native americans city in America – Salamanca – that sits in the middle of our government incorporated County.  They have their own rules, their own police, their own tax system, etc. which causes a lot of heartburn for everyone outside their city from the state police to the state and federal governments.  It seems to me that this dream would indicate some sort of problem because there are reps from all factions at the doctor’s office looking for healing.  Bears watching.)

Dreamer’s comments:  There seems always to be some dispute involving the native American population on the reservation at Salamanca, the State, County and even sometimes involving the Feds.  Many times this involves the fact that people drive quite a distance to get tax free cigarettes and gas off the reservation, more recently the fact that the Indians have opened casinos etc.  sometimes involving land disputes.  It would seem there will always be something.

Page dated 7/12/95

I dream Joe gives me a card of different rings.  I’m taken by the diamond set similar to his mother’s and start wearing it.   I find it’s cheaply made and the stones keep falling out and I lose them so I go to the K-Mart type store where it was purchased.  They shrug.  So I go to a jewelry store and meet with a man who gives me the manufacturer’s address so I can write.  Telepathically I discover he’s undercover investigating stolen gems.  Later I end up in an apartment with him and an abandoned infant baby – I don’t know how we got there – and two gem thieves.  The baby telepathically tells me where the gems are hidden and that the two men did it and I am able to tell the investigator who knocks the two men out with a bowling pin and retrieves the jewelry.

Dreamer’s comment:  This seems just plain weird to me.  I did used to wear Joe’s mother’s wedding set.  I did lose one of the diamonds while on vacation.  I don’t know whether that happened before or after this dream.  I had it repaired/replaced and have not worn it since, instead choosing to save it for my daughter.

Page dated 6/11/95

Something about not living where I lived…. or wanting to live somewhere better,  nicer, etc.

Dreamer’s comments:  This would reflect the fact that I have always been a “mover”.  I think I counted once quite a long time ago… that since I was born my family, and then I, have moved about 52 times.  My father was a mover and I married a mover.  I’m pretty sure I’m done now..  LOL.