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Page dated 9/10/98


I am looking at a what seems to be a pretty big water balloon about half full.   There seems to be like a straw in the neck to facilitate filling it.  There is something that looks like a screen over the top of the straw.  Then all of a sudden I am inside the balloon just sort of floating about.  It seems to be various shades of gray.  I can see the “grid” at the top of the straw.  There is light coming through it.  I want to go and peek out the hole at the top of the straw but for some reason I had the sense I wasn’t supposed to move in that direction yet.  So I just floated.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s comment:  Rebirth?  Something new?



Page dated 6/26/00

Question asked before bed –  “Who am I really?”

I have a vision of a black rectangle twinkling with hundreds/thousands/uncountable light blue lights.

Next my lights turn into angels then one angel then a steady stream of faces – every kind, every color, every age, every occupational hat, every background/backdrop.

Answer:  I am everyone.

I hear a voice or am impressed with the following information:  I am not what I think I am.  I am not Joe’s wife, Abby’s mother, Katie’s friend, Nina’s daughter.  I am not my past,  my present, my future,  I am all of that.  I am bigger than that.  These things are my creations – illusions I have created for whatever purpose.

I saw Ray Hatch – for real – He is not a man with cancer. He is not a man.  Man with cancer is the illusion he has created to serve whatever purpose.

I cannot buy into his illusion anymore tho’ he may still try to sell it to me.

It’s interesting now, more than ever before to see the extragavant illusions these human “beings” have woven around themselves – lost in them – I understand now how easily one can become lost n them.

Sort of wondrous.

Woke feeling extremely thankful.

Dreamer’s comments:  Susie if you read this I hope I have not offended you.  There is a fullness to this dream I experienced again as I type it here.  I love you all…..