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Page dated 9/22/92

Don Fish had music playing really loud over an intercom. Lots of people in sparkly shoes were dancing in Susie’s office. Some person fell down the elevator shaft. We ran down to the cellar to see. There were a lot of dirty tissues to pick up.

Dreamer’s comments: Can’t even hazard a guess. Certain words come to mind, like celebration, interrupted by tragedy. Lots of crying.



Page dated 9/15/95

There was a lawsuit.  It seemed like it was over an old English house.  The Defendants were ghosts.  I believed in them  Jack Hart was one of the attorneys.  I don’t know which side he represented but I’m assuming it was the Plaintiffs because I felt torn between loyalty to him and believing in ghosts.

Dreamer’s comments:  I just don’t know where this stuff comes from!

Page dated 8/10/95

I seemed to be floating peacefully .   When  I opened my eyes I was startled by the face and upper torso of a man in a baseball cap moving rapidly towards me and wagging his left index finger at me.  He reminded me of Dieter Barie.  I didn’t feet threatened – only startled.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments:  Wonder what his problem was!!!


Page dated 8/4/95

I am riding my bike.  When I get to Union Street I see Debbie Joseph who is watching a parade.  I ride across the street between units.  It seems I am headed for Olean High School.  The streets are not laid out as they are now.  I ride down one marked North 6th.  Most of the houses are small, dark green, broken down and condemned.  I see one black family living in one that has been kept up.  The street comes out on Sullivan at about the point where North Third intersects.  I wake up.

Dreamer’s comment:  This seems very confusing to me.  From this perspective nearly 20 years later I would say I was feeling lost and had no sense of direction at that time.  YeeHaa!

Page dated 6/6/95

I dreamed that Pat Shaw went with my sister, Susan, to the movies.

I dreamed that I was walking to David Butts’ house.  I was on the wrong side of the creek.  Someone was with me.  They were afraid to go in.  I was trying to tell them that the outside maybe didn’t look so nice but the the inside was VERY nice.

(I believe this could pertain to anything.  houses, people, animals, flowers, etc.)

Uncle Bill was driving us at first – before we were walking – going all these crazy ways.   At one point, he drove us up to one side of a building and we got out and walked through to find the car – still running – on the other.  Also he drove us through a building.  Had a time of it making right angle turns and getting through doors, etc.

Dreamer’s comments:  This just seems like a mishmash of “stuff” that I could not put together.  David Butts is my cousin.  Uncle Bill is his father.  They did live on a creek when I was quite small.  The only word that comes to mind is confusing!!!

Page dated 6/26/00

There was some sort of show being done.  It seemed like some sort of outdoor arena, like a fairground or something where depending on where you sat you either looked up, down or straight on at the performers on the stage.  My seat seemed to be at a straight on angle.  The performers were making fun of various people in song or otherwise.  Someone I worked with told me I was to sing a song about some man who may have been my boss.  The people in charge were setting up.  I heard a group of 4 sing the song in practice.  I really didn’t want to do it.  I thought it was mean.  Then it seemed like the real show and the place was packed.  I hadn’t had one rehearsal.  I didn’t know the words.  I didn’t want to do it but was sort of afraid to say so.  The people in charge were intimidating.  Then someone came by and told me to walk up to the one woman and say I was sick and then told Denise Wenke to give me a ride home.  Denise didn’t mind but she also wouldn’t have minded staying.  I did as I was told and said I was sick and couldn’t do the show.  I was next in Denise’s car.  Now it was winter and raining and the roads were slushy.  The line of traffic would not let Denise in so she drove down some stairs.  I said “you’re going to drive down those stairs?” and she said yes or she’d never get into the line.  I thought it would be bumpy.  There was something about her cell phone ringing but neither of us knew what the caller meant.  I woke up.  (This feels like it revolves around my sister’s visit.)

Dreamer’s comment:  I am at a loss with this one.  The only clue I have comes from the note in parenthesis at the end referring to a visit from my sister which has to be my oldest sister.  We quite often “spar” with each other over various subjects because she nearly always has to be “right” and in the interests of keeping the peace it is often just best to let her be whether you agree with her or not.  

Page dated 6/1/00

I was standing at a pool when suddenly Tom Cruise appeared holding up a very small baby.  He had found it on the floor of a shower he said and was looking for the parents.  Blood began to pour from the baby’s nose and mouth.  A man and a woman who were down on the next level looked up, saw the baby and came running to take the baby to the hospital.  I think I heard later that the baby would be okay although at first I thought for sure the baby was dead.  (I think the baby represents the idea of having a  house by the water – because of the pool/shower – is a dead idea.)

Dreamer’s comments:  No clue…  first of all Tom Cruise???  Never was a fan – no offense Tom.  We have been “movers”.  Our first house  had a pond.  We had a pool at our second.  No water since although we have looked at cottages at the lake and houses with pools, etc.  So I’m not sure what this is about unless there was a house we were considering at the time that was on or near water that we didn’t get??  Who knows.


Page dated 4/7/00

#1.     I was supposed to be Cinderella in a stage play only I didn’t have to do anything.  They came around and got the actors out of a crowd right before it started.  I just sat in a chair on the left of the stage near the curtain.  People came around and waited on me…  gave me stuff to drink and eat but they never took my drinking glasses away and they were starting to pile up.  I think Joe was in the audience.  At one point my milk spilled.  At another the director walked by and frowned at my feet.  I had to put them flat on the floor.  Mr. McIlwaine came and stood in a small group behind me and told a story about freezing up or choking or somethng when he saw some girl he thought was hot.  Everyone on my end of the stage could hear it and we were laughing.  Then I noticed people dancing in the middle.  I wanted to join them.   I woke up.

#2.   I saw a vase of very dead – hang over the side – flowers.

Dreamer’s comments:  No clue really.  Mr. McIlwaine is an old boss who was not funny and I can’t imagine  him admitting in public that he thought a girl “hot” or even begin to tell a funny story.  If it hadn’t been milk, I’d think I was drinking too much.  Maybe I should be drinking more milk.  Obviously not a stellar performance if all I saw was dead flowers in the end   LOL!  Who knows….