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I dreamt of a yellow rose with 3 faces. They all seemed to be male. I felt one of them was mine and as if I was creating my own prison. As if I could choose to be only one of the three and there were no other options.

Dreamer’s comment: Interesting. I do believe we create our own prison when we believe we are limited in what we can accomplish. In fact, we are limitless


Page dated 8/11/95

I  was counseling Carol Capito on self-acceptance and self-love using the yin/yang for a visual aid.  I explained how there were opposites everywhere in the universe i.e. night/day, dark/light, summer/winter, desert/ocean and on and on.  I told her about Abby’s analogy of the yin/yang:  That there was a little hole of dark on the light side you might fall through and be on the dark side, but there was also a little hole of light on the dark side that you could use to get back to the big light side.  I explained it was a balancing act.  Everything in the universe is.  The trick to staying “in balance” all the time was to accept the light and dark as they are.  To resist such a concept will cause imbalance which in turn causes dis-ease which can then manifest physically as illness of all sorts from depression to heart problems, cancer, virus, even the common cold.  When I woke up, I recognized I wasn’t teaching Carol at all, I was teaching myself.  I only hope I can remember this and use it.

Dreamer’s comment:  I have remembered it because of Abby’s “visual aid” she showed me in this dream but I have not been that successful at always remembering to use it until I realize I’m “stuck” out of balance.   She has this wonderful attitude she seems to live by which is simply “kill ’em with kindness”.  That’s not to say she doesn’t “lose it” on occasion because she does fall through that little black eye now and then but she does recover quickly.  As her mother, I admit to being biased, but I am still impressed with the wisdom she seems to exhibit.  I was pretty good at holding a grudge at that age!  LOL!

Page dated 6/2/95

I was out of my body playing some kind of cosmic tile game with some other entities high up in the heavens.  I looked down to Earth and saw two white circles and something else approaching my house.  As I got closer I realized it was an old friend named John and his 2 young sons who were wearing sailor hats (white circles).  I zapped back into my body so that I could greet them.  We ended up sitting at my kitchen counter having a conversation that taught me more about attachments.  I let the words flow through me as I explained to him that having attachments bound one to the Earth.  That there were certain items created for the convenience of the physical body – i.e., a refrigerator, clothes, etc. and that everything else – including certain routine behaviors – was unnecessary.  To become attached to those other kinds of things was to be attached to the physical.  I was reminded of the bible story of the man Jesus told if you want to follow me you must give up all your material things.  He meant that not so much in a possession sense but in an attachment sense.  If you’ll recall, the man was bummed out about it.  As John would be.  It has been my observation that he is a very materialistic person and I understood why it was he who was sitting across from me.  I could see that side of me reflected in him.  (This was a wonderful dream.  Makes me want to clean my house and get rid of a lot of “stuff” – just give it away. )

Dreamer’s comments:  I remember this dream as if I had it last night it was so vivid and “real” to me.  I remember the great joy I was experiencing while playing the tile game and I also remember the great sense of release I experienced after I understood how attachments can imprison us.   It is funny how “stuff” has come and gone in my life….  It has always felt better to have it “gone” and in fact since becoming unemployed I am again cleaning out my house!  I swear there are little elves in my basement just making clutter when I am not looking!  Where in heck does it all come from really and why do I keep it around????

Page dated 8/1/00

Back to the kitchen counter with my vaguely familiar visitor.  I am doing the talking now.  It seems I have questions —  So is it okay to be angry or not?  Those who I have read or heard preach peace and love say no – can’t do it.  I’ve heard others say “express it!  It’s the healthy thing to do!  Can I get angry and express it and still get to heaven?  I begin to laugh.  So does my visitor.  We both recognize that is a ludicrous question.  I continue …  Is it possible to express anger without negatively affecting someone else?  Can’t anger be a positive thing?  If I spend too much time on the positive end of the scale – won’t I be out of balance?  (more laughter)  If we are all one, doesn’t that include everyone on both sides of the scale.  (We are on a roll now.)  So what is it that makes one better than the other?    My visitor speaks….  it’s best to just be.  Do the best you can with what you’ve got and don’t worry about the rest, or whether you are living right.  There is no way to live wrong.  Just be.  Two things that can cause a backstep are worry and regret.  Both of these emotions take place out of the present and are not valid.  They take you to somewhere where something has already happened (oops too late!) or someplace where everything will turn out fine as long as you trust.  Replace worry with trust.  Just be.  Forgiveness is new life every time.  We’ll save forgiveness for another time, but consider replaceing any anger you might feel with forgiveness.

I wake up refreshed and knowing I’m okay.  That I am perfect as I am.  That everyone else is too!  (I can choose my feelings instead of letting my feelings choose me.)

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Page dated 7/31/00

I am back at my kitchen counter where I teach only this time I have a visitor I have never met before who is doing the talking.  There is a vague familiarity about this “presence”.  It is comfortable and I “get” that it is important for me to listen….   I make sodas and “feel” the words flow through me…  Every relationship is there for a reason…  whether we know the reason…  it is important to recognize that there IS a reason and that the reason has a purpose which is preordained most likely.  And it is important to have faith in the relationship, to bless it, to flow with it and to let go of any resistance that may arise within the relationship.  Everything will work out to the advantage of all in this manner.  All lessons will be learned.  Insights will be had and LOVE will bloom.  (LOVE = God = power = truth = faith.  Have faith that all is as it should be because there is no way that it isn’t!)

Dreamer’s comments:  I’m thinking this is the first time this kitchen counter may have come up in this blog.  It recurs periodically in my dreams and usually is connected with lessons… sometimes I am teacher and sometimes I am student.  I may have been experiencing difficulties with someone around me at the time of this dream which is possibly what prompted it.  I do know good advice always flows back and forth across that counter!

Page dated 5/24/00 (lmao)

Abby and I were trying on shorts.  My size was 5, then 6, then 5.  The shorts were lime green and another were aqua blue.  I watched a black girl trying on shoes.  All the shoes were the same style and black but she would sit and put her foot under this machine and it would paint the shoe.  She tried hot pink, lime green and yellow.  When she was done she had stripes on her foot from the shoe painting machine.

Dreamer’s comments:  I don’t know why I laughed when I read this, but I did thinking of that poor girl’s striped painted foot.  How crazy is that?  It just seems to me that this is telling me all I have to do is “think it” and “it is”.  My size, her shoe color, etc.  BUT there will be consequences (like stripes) so – as my mama used to say – be careful what you wish for….

Page dated 3/22/00

We were going out into nature.  We stopped for food.  I wanted peanut M&M’s and looked in a couple rooms of this store before I found them.  Joe wanted chicken.  Dave (Gut) Weatherby was behind the counter.  All he had was little cut up pieces that he put on pizzas.

Then we were hiking.  Two birds came and sat on a big leaf in front of me.   The one was quite extraordinary.  He stood on the tips of his wings.  His beak was long and tentacled.  When others approached, he held it up over his head and spread and curled the tentacles so he somewhat resembled a flower (like a lily).  I called attention to it and this man picked it up.  I yelled at him as I didn’t think the bird should be disturbed.  It seemed to me he thought he’d be famous for discovering it or something.  The others would have nothing to do with him thinking they might catch something…  some rare disease or something.  He slinked off and later we found him in a cave with a bunch of those birds.  There were small holes in the walls that they sort of squeezed through.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments:  I wonder if this is showing me that sometimes I make snap judgments of people without knowing the whole story.  Right away I was yelling at this guy for disturbing this beautiful unusual bird and yet later in the dream I find him as a sort of caretaker to that very species.  Also, in the beginning part, having to search for what you want then finding it but not in the form you expected.  

Page dated 10/19/00

I had a sensation of floating.  I was watching myself and I looked sort of blurry.  I was on the right and I’d say “i am over there” while pointing to the left and immediately I’d see myself “over there”.  Then I’d say “no – I am over here” and immediately I’d see myself back where I first was.  I got the importance of the “i am” statement.  And also saw the power that goes with it.  It seems I was proving that whole thing to myself.  Felt very good.  Having a good time with it.  Woke up.

Dreamer’s comment:  All I can say is I love dreams like that!