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I dreamt that Susie was looking for Ray and there was a search party. I joined it immediately. Susie looked so devastated and sad. I could not find him but then I thought about the first place we lived when I got married and for some reason was drawn to that. It was abandoned. Ray was not there but Maz was. He was living in the old bunkhouse, happy as a clam, like he always was. The only thing in there was the old couch I had bought at an auction for $20 over 30 years ago and a chair folded up in the corner. There was no heat source and he told me when he got cold he would go to the main house and fire up the wood stove for a while. I thought that so odd but then he said he really had no use for such things because he had everything he could ever need or want right outside his door. I was puzzled and must have looked so because he went to the entrance door and opened it up and the light outside was blinding. He laughed and somehow turned it down a notch so I could see outside. It reminded me of my NDE light, just pure love. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. The abandoned property had transfomed into a “paradise” like place and I was overwhelmed with love. I saw Ray and yelled out to him that Susie was looking for him. He laughed. I wanted to step outside but Maz grabbed my arm and said “not quite yet”. In the background I cold hear that old song that went something like “we live our lives in chains and never even know we have the key”. John Lennon was outside the door singing “Love is All You Need”. I woke up with those songs in my head feeling full of love and realized that was the key that unlocked the chains.

Dreamer’s comment: Definitely a lesson here. We live in a prison of our own making (“the bunkhouse”) and to practice unconditional love with everyone will unlock the door. BTW all other characters in this dream have passed on or out of the bankhose except for Susie who was married to Ray.  This is a lesson easy to learn if you are vigilant and keep your mind on it but you will  notice it is tested daily by some of the silliest things…. people who steal our parking place, the woman who will not remove her screaming baby from a show, children.  Of course you love them, but do you love them unconditionally; like when they get in an accident in your car, or double your laundry in  a day.  LOL!




I seemed to be headed home. I was traveling in an old Western type landscape. I was approaching a sheer high cliff that I did not ever remember seeing before. At the top edge of the cliff was a house. I could see the plumbing and electrical connections that were in the ground under the house. It looked like it was growing there with roots exposed. Suddenly I realized it was my house and the earth had fallen away from the back side of it. Then I  was at the front of the house, ground level to it. It was a very nice neighborhood. I looked around and noticed that there was nothing left to see in the backyard. I noticed the house that used to stand around the corner was completely gone except for a bit of fence that used to separate it from it’s neighbors. I could see the spikey ends of nails sticking out from it. I felt dazed and confused and wondered what was happening.

Dreamer’s Comments: I have lately felt like I am losing my bearings physically and I believe that has affected my mental state. My body has hurt to the point of tears on many days. I have lost the ability to move easily. I think the house in my dream represents my body. I do have a doctor’s appointment day after tomorrow. My gut tells me it will not satisfy me. I am thinking I will need to get out of town if I want to find relief.

(How interesting.  I just read a dream I had the same date in 2001.  Seems relevant.  Coincidence?  So weird!)



I won a car in a raffle. The raffle was in this big brick building that reminded me of a bank but it seemed too much to be a bank. It had a moat and I had to cross a brick arched bridge to go inside. They were giving away several cars, all the same except for color. They were all pastels and the cars were small. I won the pink one. I gave it to my sister Anne. I did not want it. Then I met this lady who had won the blue one. She had really wanted the pink one. I took her to my sister who gladly made the trade. There was no problem as the winnings were still in voucher form. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: I have none. This is something that if it really happened I would do just so everyone could be happy. Other than that, I have no clue.



I dreamt that I lived in a brown tweed world. Dark brown with traces of gold and orange in it. Well, not really the whole world. But I drove a VW bug that was brown wool tweed. I wore a jacket like that and my purse was also the same. At work it seems I could not find my purse. I wandered all over from the front door to the mail room looking for it. At the front door a bunch of men stood around… young men almost still boys. One of them had on a yellow plaid shirt and the collar was all twisted around. I reached out to straighten it for him and he told me to get away because I stunk. I left and went through a large open room with lines of desks. They were not crammed together but still there was no privacy at all. I looked at each one but still no purse to be found. In the mail room, there were lots of packages to be mailed. They were strewn over the top of a counter and some had fallen to the floor. I recognized the writing of an old boss. I put them in order but still no purse. I wondered if it was in my car. I went out a back door and saw that I was on first street. I looked through the parking lots there for my car but could not find it. I walked around the block thinking maybe I had parked on the street. I knew for sure it would stand out. As far as I knew, I had the only brown wool tweed VW in town. No luck. I noticed a man following along behind. Not in a threatening way. He asked if he could help me and I told him I was looking for my car AND and my purse and when I described them he started to laugh as if he didn’t believe me. Then he offered me a ride. I did not want to take it, but it seemed to be my only choice so I did. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: I have been cleaning out my house. Yesterday I noticed a box in the basement on the side that has lots of “junk” piled up. You know, the stuff you think you still need but will never actually use again. On the top of one box I think I saw an old brown tweed jacket I used to have. When I saw it, I wondered why I had kept it knowing it would never fit me now and probably never would again. I made a mental note that I ought to clean that side of the cellar out. I think that is where my dream came from. As an aside, I have to say that the thought of owning a brown tweed VW tickled me. Brown tweed I would consider generally ‘blah’ these days… but a brown tweed car? Love the idea! :o)



I dreamt of Jimmy Ratzel. He had on a black and white checked shirt – big checks. I seemed to be with all of my high school friends and we were going from bar to bar or party to party or something. From one crowd to another. Everywhere we went I looked for that shirt. I wanted to talk to him so bad. I would glimpse the shirt and never get any nearer.

Dreamer’s comment: Jim was my first boyfriend 52 year ago.   I loved him but I don’t think I really knew it at the time. He long ago died in car crash.



I dreamt I was paying bills. There were about 9 of them. For each I had to fill out this long form and then deliver it to the creditor. I went by bicycle. I knew that I could not get to some of them because they were out of town but I was hoping to find a place that would take them all. It seems that Union Street was in ruins and the first blocks of West State Street were now built up into mini malls and trendy stores. They seemed mostly to be men’s wear stores. I rode my bike down this street and began to stop into the stores looking for a place to pay my bills. No one would take them all. Everytime I would leave a store, I would forget my bike and have to go back to find it, I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: I wonder if this means I won’t be able to pay my bills.



#1…. I was planning to drive somewhere and I was looking at a map. The major interstate appeared in yellow. The place I was trying to get to did not appear to be too far away from where I was but was nowhere near to the interstate. I saw it was on Route 1. I saw several places where I could get off of the interstate and get onto Route 1 but as I visually tracked back I saw that I was actually on Route 1 at the moment and that I could just skip the interstate altogether if I wanted to.

#2…. Then I was on a two lane highway in a wooded area. There was a very young boy in a child sized battery operated ATV with a roll bar on it going down the road. It was obviously very slow compared to the regular sized traffic. Suddenly my perspective changed and I watched as this ATV came off road from over a hill. Then it hit a very old man who fell to the ground. The ATV kept on going.

Dreamer’s comments: #1 If I would slow down and look around I would find I am always right where I need to be in every moment. Sometimes what appears to be the fastest route is not always the best nor most direct route. Quit complicating things.  Speed is not  important.  Getting there is.   #2 I am not sure what that was about. I don’t know why but what springs to mind is a line from the Eagles song Get Over It that goes “I’d like to find your inner child and kick it’s little ass… Get over it!” Very strange.



I was on vacation on some tropical island. The only way on or off was by a plane that looked like it flew right out of the movie, Casablanca.  It was big and old and had propellers.  I wanted to go home. While there we had to walk everywhere. Off in the distance I saw a couple of stores brightly lit and very modern as compared to everything else in the dream. I seemed to be dreaming for the most part in black and white, but these stores were beaming out in color. I wanted to go see them. I noticed the name of one of them had the word Merchandise on the end of the title. All of a sudden I was with this woman named Clara who I used to work with years ago. I knew if we went to that store, they would give us money rather than having to give them money and it was because of where we worked. I asked Clara if she recognized that and she did and wanted to go too. We would have to walk to the other side of this huge pond/small lake and up a hill to get to it. We began our journey in fog and twilight. It seemed to take forever. While we were trekking along, I noticed our plane landed at the other end of the island. No way would we reach it before it left. We missed it. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comment: The only thing I can think of here is sort of “the grass is greener on the other side” kind of thing only it really isn’t. It was like I got sidetracked by all the “show” the store was beaming out, along with the prospect of receiving money. Because I took my eye off the ball – the idea of catching the plane for home – I missed it. Know what is really important and keep aiming for that. Don’t get sidetracked by glitz and bright lights. It makes me realize I can be easily distracted and have been and need to get “back on track.”



I had a new job. My desk sat so that a tall bookcase was close to my right; so close that I could not exit from my desk that way, I’m not sure what the job title was but it involved tracking things. My boss did not seem to like me. I recognized him as one of my former bosses. He did not like me. (Oh I see I’ve already said that.) I liked to laugh and have fun and he was all business. There was a woman who also worked there who seemed to be his favorite and did whatever he directed with a smile and then complained about him behind his back. She did not like me either and in fact would sabotage my work. My boss told me I was not appropriately dressed for my job. I had on slacks and a blouse. I looked around and saw men in jeans and tees. He told me I had to wear a brown blazer every day. I looked around again and did not see one other brown blazer. Nevertheless I went out and purchsed a brown blazer and a pair of pants. While ironing the pants I noticed a very large hole along the outside of a leg seam. It could not be mended or even patched. I was starting to get pissed. At that point the woman came along and intentionally spilled her coffee on me, staining my shirt. I was given a new duty which was to assign customer numbers to new customers and then add them to the tracking program. I did not understand how to assign the numbers. The method seemed ludicrous. The first number had to be assigned from 1 to 9 and based on how I was feeling with 1 being loving and 9 being hateful. The first customer they gave me I started with a 9 even though I had no idea who they were. I had to add a one to get the next number. I could not add 1 to 9 and come up with a single digit number so I began to seek direction from my coworkers. No one wanted to help me and the mean woman laughed at me. I took off my new blazer and walked down the hall to my boss’s office where I set it on fire and dropped it on his floor.  I  left by the back exit never to return. I noticed that job had made me “sour”. I noticed a rush of goodwill and the feeling of complete freedom come over me and I woke up.

Dreamer’s comment: If ever there was a convoluted way to describe my last job, this is it. What I learned from it all was to stop complaining about it and just meet it head on. Done!



I was in this big room in a big building… like maybe an old mansion with high ceilings and tall windows. An arab looking man in flowing robes came into the room and interrupted my conversation with I don’t know who… he had a long grayish white pipe that was shaped like a shepherd’s hook. He wanted me to have it. I didn’t want it, had no use for it but he left it anyways leaning against the wall in a corner. Later I was visiting an old woman who was bed ridden in one of the rooms upstairs. She was making a wreath and needed a flourish for the top… like a ribbon or a flower or something. The wreath looked like it was made like the pipe downstairs. I went to find her something in a work room. There was a man in there who told me the pipe and the wreath were made of cocaine. He had a small piece of one and showed me how it could be unrolled into a thin sheet of gauzy looking stuff and then crumpled into pieces as needed. I had no idea. I did not use cocaine and knew little about it. I began to worry it would be discovered in my house and there would be unwelcome consequences to such a discovery. Then I thought about what it looked like… a shepherd’s hook pipe and a wreath and thought what better way to hide it than in “plain sight”. I found a bright blue ribbon for the wreath and at that point I realized I had been dreaming in black and white. I took the ribbon to the bedridden woman and told her that I had found out her wreath was actually made of cocaine. She took the blue ribbon and at that point everything became colorized and bright. I watched as she attached the ribbon to the top of her wreath and she then began to eat the whole thing from the bottom up.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: I have no idea. This seems sort of sci-fi to me what with black and white to color; everyone a stranger and a drug I have no experience with. In my crazy days, I was always a pot smoker with maybe a hit or two of hash thrown in. I did around a week on speed once and only remember it as being a rush. I did LSD a couple of times. One time I fell asleep and woke up to find tiny brightly colored zoo animals dancing on the foot of my bed. I was alone. I called a friend who came to get me. I put on a white fuzzy bathrobe and pink fuzzy slippers and went to the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena like that. The effects wore off while I was there. I saw television cameras and hurried home praying no one I knew “back home” had seen me on TV in that outfit. I’m inclined to wax philosophical on the topic of life but I’ll save that for another time. I will say it’s a gas, is it not?

OMG, this is so funny.  I just realized I’ve dreamt this wild dream about drugs while I am on pretty good prescription drugs.  I just had knee surgery.