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Page dated 1/3/14

Going to see about a house for auction on Laurens . Street. When we got inside it was huge. We could not see end to end. In front of us was a big area for a stage and audience. Would have to go up and in through some pillars to get in. It would hold thousands. Outside it looked like an ordinary older house. Don’t know why we were there. I think I was with Paula Zahn.

Dreamer’s comment: I’m not really sure what this is about. My gut feeling is this might have been around the time when Paula was experiencing some personal problems. I kept hearing odd rumors about her. I wanted her to know they were out there but did not want to rebroadcast them to the general public So this house might have represented all that was out there, but it looked ordinary because if asked I was telling people it was not what it appeared.



Page dated 12/28/13

I was doing laundry. There was a big blue blob at the bottom of the wash tub. The washer was agitating so I could not tell what is was but I thought it was a blue bottle. At the same time I was ironing. Joe was fooling around trying to hang up a sweater. It kept falling off the hanger. He was laughing. I was annoyed. I went back to the washer and got a long stick and hoisted the blue thing out of the water. Sure enough it was a bleach bottle and it was nearly empty. I wondered how the clothes would turn out. I looked at the tub where the water drains out from the washer and it was nearly navy blue. I was disgusted. I went back to the ironing board. The blouse I had just ironed was totally wrinkled. Joe was laughing. I was frustrated and pissed.   I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: Thinking about this, if this really happened it would be typical behavior for both Joe and I. He would laugh his butt off and make jokes about all the things going wrong and I would just be so annoyed at not being able to accomplish my jobs. Guess I need to learn to lighten up. So what if everything turned blue. So what if the iron didn’t work well. SO WHAT??? LOL


Page dated 12/3/13

Steven Scribner appeared before me in a purple shirt and tie and asked me to come back to work. I really wanted to but didn’t know how I would be treated.

Dreamer’s comments: When I was “asked to retire” from my last job, I was very hurt, in spite of being treated poorly by several who worked there. Nevertheless, I did miss the feeling of contributing to something larger. At the time of this dream, I probably would have gone back there – glutton for punishment that I am – but if that happened today, there is no way. It’s funny, but the further away in time I move from that place, the more clearly it comes into focus and I am able to see it is not a place I care to be associated with.


Page dated 9/18/13

I’m in a ladies’ room putting on makeup. Donna Simon and Patty Fox are helping. It is way too thick and it is leaving lines and I finally just wash it off. I am concerned about the suit I am wearing being too large. Went out of Ladies room. I was either at a wedding or a class reunion. Boys were on one side and girls on the other.   Right away Jack Hart walked up and asked me to dance. Dea kept prodding him “Show her how you can dance”. We danced and he kept spinning me away and then back and finally said how he liked my suit. We kept dancing. It was fun. He was having fun. I never saw him have fun before.

Dreamer’s comments: All around interesting. I can’t imagine Dea prodding Jack to dance with me. And I never have seen him have fun. He’s always seemed to me like he is in a prison of his own making and fun is not allowed.


Page dated 9/17/13

(something) needed to be done up high on the side. I went in to tell Joe someone was here in case he wanted to say Hi. Nina said no no no he will fall and get hurt and we can’t afford that and ran out to stop him. Then I was in the neighbor’s yard. It was very sandy. It was sort of twilight. Kathy McElroy was coming along in her car delivering papers. I showed her some funny looking cactus like but stringy plants that were growing in clumps all over the neighbor’s yard. I asked her if she knew what they were. I thought they were some kind of wild marijuana plant. She thought maybe she was insterested in the car in the garage. It was very old and wondered if it was for sale. It was still twilight. I woke up

Dreamer’s comments: This page is missing the first half of the dream. From what I gather, Joe Welch, my mother’s husband was going to climb up high on a ladder to accomplish some chore and she didn’t want him to do it. It probably doesn’t matter since this seems to be a mixed up dream anyways. Kathy McElroy was always looking for an old sports car, like an MG or a Triumph or something. She also has trouble focusing on one subject which is why I assume we went from plant identification to cars. I just don’t know. Not all here but didn’t want to skip it!


Page dated 9/6/13

#1 Anne is teaching me how to wrap round cylindrical things for the freezer. There seems to be different wrapping paper for each item. I wrap dog food and cat food and cookies. I had to stand up to wrap one thing, start in the middle and move towards each end. At one point I looked up and noticed President Obama standing naked out on the lawn.

#2 All the furniture was pulled to the center of the room I was in. It seems like I can feel Dad all around.

Dreamer’s Comments: I’m not really not sure what to think. It’s for sure the government seems to go round in circles leaving Obama out in the cold naked. So maybe that’s just my interpretation of our crazy government shenanigans. Until I read this, it is only the second time I’ve ever dreamt of my Dad. He died when I was 16. My one regret is that I never got to have an “adult” conversation with him… My fault maybe… I forced him into remaining a disciplinarian that long. Oh well… Worry and regret… two useless wastes of energy… Can’t change the future or the past… Can only deal with the present… that’s why the present is a present!!!! Ok so I’m getting queer… sorry!

Page dated 9/3/13

I was with my girlfriends and we were dress shopping. We were going to England I think. We were in a hurry as we thought we were going to miss the boat. One friend sent me back for cigarettes – to some bar/restaurant. I noticed the cigarette machines were odd looking and nearly empty. They were devoid of the requested brand and any popular brand I could think of and they only took play money. I didn’t know where to get that. A guy came out into the hall from the bar and suggested I go to the convenience store next door and buy them. I thanked him and left. Then I was at a Green Gables junk auction. There were 3 old umbrellas on a table. One pink with a Lucite handle, one ordinary black and one black with a stripe. I picked up the one with the stripe and opened it. I thought how cool that it still worked well. The others didn’t appeal to me. The Lucite handle on the pink one was discolored and yellowing and the edges of the fabric were dirty. The black one did not appeal to me. Seemed too average and the handle was wooden and I thought it might have holes. Then I was back in the dress store. They all seemed very retro with dropped waists, or sailor type collars. I liked a lot of them but did not buy one. Then it seem like I may have missed the boat but I didn’t seem to care. There was a bunch of guys standing in the corner of the dress shop laughing. One of them was Tex Briggs. Diana found a cute cheap dress of t-shirt fabric. Ellen wouldn’t spend the money. I wouldn’t either, nor Katie. (As a note at the end, I have written the umbrella auction happened right in the middle of the dress dream and I think it really was about choosing dental insurance.)

Dreamers Comments: I vaguely remember this dream. The day before I had actually gone to a Green Gable junk auction with a friend and after I had the dream I emailed my friend and asked her if she had noticed 3 umbrellas on a certain table in a certain place in the auction hall. That’s how real that had been… I thought I had confused that part into my dress dream. She did not remember the umbrellas and in fact described some other items she DID remember in that particular place. That’s when I decided this whole dream was about choosing dental insurance. I had recently lost my job and needed to replace my dental insurance. The choices are many and kind of mind boggling and just as diverse as a dress is from an old umbrella.

Page dated 8/31/13

I dreamt we were at Mom Butts’ tiny apartment (my grandmother) with lots of little kids. Some one came with coloring books, like 10 of them. That wasn’t quite enough but we discovered there were other covers inside and my sister, Anne, and I sat and separated them so we ended up with like 100. Then there were lots of little gumball machine trinkets. One of them looked like a half of a wagon wheel. I had seen them before but never knew what they were for. One of Abby’s little friends told me it was called a beetle and was used to smoke with. (Here I have illustrated it in my notebook… it was half a wheel with 3 spokes connecting a center point on the flat side to a semi circle. At the center of the flat side where the spokes met, there was a little “spoon” configuration where the tobacco went. I didn’t know how to smoke it but I wanted to try) Mom Butts was sitting in the little living room in front of the TV. She was surrounded by chairs full of kids and quilts and all watching DVD’s or something. I think someone was in her kitchen baking cookies. I was so afraid we were imposing but she seemed to be in her glory. I woke up.

Dreamer’s Comments: This is one of the very few times my grandmother has appeared in a dream. It is appropriate that there be tons of children around. It seems like there always were at her house. She loved having them about. It figures that she would turn 10 coloring books into 100… what the “beetle” thing was I’m not sure but it must have interested me since I felt the need to diagram it. I would have quit smoking well before this dream.

Page dated 8/30/13

I was at the library – the old one that had two floors. We were sitting in the research room. Debbie gave me a phone to use for some reason. It was pink and fuzzy and she was very proud of it for some reason. I saw all the McAuliffe brothers come in. Paula was also there. I could sense her but never saw her. Everyone had a burger. Mine was thick and juicy with just the right pinkness and exactly the toppings that I like. Katie was there also. Debbie – or someone – took my burger when I wasn’t looking. I wanted it back and went looking for it going up and down the stairs and aisles but could not find it. Every time I did find a burger, it was pale and skinny and sick looking with lettuce and tomato which I do not like on a burger. Debbie kept shoving her pink fuzzy phone at me. I finally said I don’t want your pink fuzzy phone… I want my burger. At this point Terry Schnell came up to me and he had found my burger on the stairs. I was so happy. I looked around and saw all the people that aggravated me looking down at me through the big hole in the ceiling and just said to all of them… Hey you… get off of my cloud! I woke up with that song in my head.

Dreamer’s comments: It seems like I was feeling pissed throughout this whole dream until I got my burger back and most (but not all) of the people in it are people who aggravate me in one way or another when I am awake. It does not escape me that Terry Schnell found my burger… a long time friend… now chief of police! LOL!

Page dated 5/28/13

I dreamt little bugs the size of sesame seeds and the color of my skin were crawling all over me and biting me.

Dreamer’s Comments: In hindsight, this makes sense, as at this time last year I had just been “told”, or was about to be told, to “retire” from my job though I didn’t want to. I did not know why this had happened and it did “bug” me to leave with no real clarity. In the scheme of things, it is/was a small thing (the size of a sesame seed) and though irritating at the time (biting), it has turned out to be a good thing!