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Page dated 9/23/95

I dreamed I successfully counseled and treated cancer patients.

Dreamer’s comments:  I am going to pretend this is a very true past life or future life event cuz it sure ain’t happening now unfortunately unless the specific prayers/good vibes I send out are working unbeknownst to me!


Page dated 4/24/00 (home again)

I was working again at a job similar to what I had at Hysol as a customer service rep.  My work was backed up but I was not slacking.  I looked at the clock and it was hard to read but I thought it was 6:30.  I looked around and most people were gone.  Evidently I hadn’t noticed them leave.  I saw my sister, Anne, and asked the time.  She looked at the clock and said 7.   I couldn’t shut my computer down properly so I just cut the power and left  I wanted to finish a new customer form  but decided the hell with it.

Dreamer’s comments:  Through the course of my life I have felt a certain degree of “loyalty” to my employers and acted so which for the most part has been noticed and rewarded.  I’ve noticed in recent years that things seem to be different.  We seem to live in a throw away society where if you don’t work out, oh well, someone else can do it and probably for cheaper.  It’s an interesting phenomenom that certainly does not foster the values I was taught when I was younger.  Anyways…  What that has to do with this dream I don’t know, but this dream just sent me off on that tangent….  Lucky you!