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Page date 1/8/98

I dreamt I was talking on the phone with Bambi. I had just told her I was getting divorced when all the power went out. I was just about to explain why and felt I had been cut off before I could but when I put the handset back to my ear she was still on there talking to me. We had never been cut off. Then I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: Note on the page – I am never cut off from the ‘power’ unless I think I am??

That seems  like something to contemplate!


Page dated 1/2/98

I woke up and distinctly heard a voice say “he doesn’t love her.”

Dreamer’s Comments: No idea who this might have been in reference to. I’m sure I’ve seen many arguments and break ups and heard many sad stories since 1998.  No notes on the page.


Page dated 1/20/98

I dreamt there was this man after me. He looked sort of eccentric like ‘doc’ from the Back to the Future series. Well maybe more like Beetlejuice with better teeth.

He wore a floppy top hat, black and whie striped T shirt and black coat. He was sort of scary looking.

For some reason I was in a trailer like my old one with Julie Phillips She was laying on her back on the lving room rug and the guy had her by her ankles. Abby was hiding in the bathroom. Joe went to call 911 or something.

I slapped the guy on the wrist and he backed right off and let go of Julie.

I woke up.

Dreamer’s Notes: I have no idea what this may have meant. Julie Phillips was not a good friend but the mother of someone on Abby’s gymnastic’s team.


Page dated 1/10/98

I dreamt I was in a church. It seemed I owned it. The pews were empty and I was plannng or thinking about getting seat cushions to make the attendees more comfortable. There seemed to be four apartments attached to the back of it. I think I was going to live in one of them. I got the sense it wasn’t going to function as a church but was more of a place to gather for workshops. Joe woke me up.

Dreamer’s comments: Again no notes. Around that time, I believe I was looking for income property. I don’t recall looking at a space comparable to what was in my dream.  I ended up with an upper/lower duplex house.


Page dated 10/14/98

I think I am in a large park. I am wandering along a path and there is a pretty wide river to my right. People are rowing boats in the river.

I come upon what looks like a spirit of some sort. I think it looks just like me and I recognize it as a lost soul… MY lost soul. It seems to be talking to me but I can’t hear a word and I get the impression it is like an unheard parent. It talks and talks and seems to be wanting to give me a message but, like a child, I am not listening.

Eventually, it turns upward and seems to just hover in wait for me. I am engrossed in watching the people on the river and also it seems I have something on my mind. I just want to “zone out” and think about what’s going on. I can see inside my body is a lot of tangled ‘string’ with lots of knots in it and recognize this as a problem I need to solve. My “spirit” just silently hovers and allows me to struggle with sorting out what seems like my mistakes. Each time I look, I see it is still trying to talk to me but I still don’t hear a thing.

Finally, I say please either help me figure this out, or quit talking. All of a sudden I am in one of the boats floating down the river. My spirit, lost soul, is in the boat with me. I see the mess inside me begin to straighten out and all the knots are coming loose. I become calmer and know that it is the work of my spirit/soul. I wake up.

Dreamer’s comments: I remember this dream like I had it last night. On the page I have noted “I wonder if my soul feels like a parent and I wonder if it gets as frustrated with me as I do parenting my daughter.”

Here is the thing… what really came out of that dream was a new way for me to ‘move on’ from things that distress me. Whenever I am crazed by something, I imagine myself in a boat floating down a stream. I wave good bye to people/things/events that bother me that I plainly see standing on the shore and let them pass out of my point of view. If things come up that I don’t like, I ball them up and throw them overboard. I do this until eventually I end in a large pool of calm water that gently rocks me in my boat. I am free. I have let everything that bothers me go and left it up river never to be seen again.


Page dated 10/11/98

I came upon the same person who was sitting by the river a dream or so back only this time she was strolling down what looked like an overgrown path through some woods. I wondered how I got there. She told me I was thinking wrong and that I didn’t need anything because I already have everything which is the first lesson and I can have any thing at any time. Instant manifestation is a law and then she issued a warning I’ve heard many times, “Be careful what you wish for” and to be prepared for the consequences of every wish. She advised me to practice controlled thinking, conscious thinking. She laughed and continued past me. When I turned around she was gone.

Dreamer’s comments: “I hope I meet her again soon.” is written on the page. “I turned around to ask her what the story was when it came to karma but she was gone.”


Page dated 10/1/98 nap

I came upon what I considered to be a sort of ugly deformed person sitting by a river.  I was sort of feeing bad for her.  She looked up and me and said “Sex is a form of looking for love and acceptance on the outside, when in fact, love is a quality everyone has and is found on the inside. Look in there and soak up so much of it you have leftovers to give.” Then she smiled and turned absolutely beautiful and I instantly knew the meaning of “feel the love.”

Dreamer’s Comments: Even though this dream is 20+ years old, I can still remember it. I have Wow Wow Wow written on the bottom of the page and I still want to say Wow Wow Wow.  I also wrote “is she me?”


Page dated 8/17/98

Karen Young, and I, and Poochie and Joe were going to some bar place in Buffalo. I saw Dea Hart there. She said I looked better with my sweater (blue) off (red/white shirt). I stayed late. When leaving, I was going too fast to see the signs. Karen was not watching. I ended up going off on an “on” ramp. A truck was stopped there. It was stuck under a sign. That stopped me. I turned around and a police man was there. He was going to give me a ticket I think but when he found out I was from out of town, he gave me directions instead. I was not sure of them but felt they were better than nothing. I forgot the dog so went back to the bar to get her. It was now 4 a.m. and I wanted to call home to let everyone know I was okay. Karen said to use the phone in the kitchen. I saw a neat phone with two receivers wrapped up in Saran wrap on the counter. (It seemed like a very high counter to me.) I thought it was neat and picked up one of the receivers. I looked up and some guy was looking at me. I don’t know if he saw me pick the phone up. I was not sure I was really supposed to be using it. so I put it back quickly. I went back into the bar to use the phone there. It was a rotary. I put in my 25 cents and dialed but there was no stop to the rotary so I wasn’t sure what number I was dialing. My Mom answered. She told me she had Chronic Fatique Syndrom. I asked her to call Joe and tell him I was okay. I wondered where Joe had gone. I thought he had started out with us. But now he was gone. Joe Bowser came to the bar to pick up his baby. His baby was a little girl with yellow hair wearing a yellow sleeper. At some point near the end of the dream, he was waiting for me so I could follow him home.

Dreamer’s comments: There are no notes on the page except for at the point where the police officer gave me directions, I evidently thought they led to a High School as I have “H.S.” noted in the margin. I laugh about Dea Hart noticing my outfit. I don’t know why she was in the dream, but that is exactly what she would do if she saw me; ie, give me fashion advice. I always get the impression she thinks she is just a bit better/smarter than I am whenever I do see her. I must have been frustrated using the phone if there was no stop. I find it interesting  that although I was not able to contact whoever it was I wanted to, I did make contact with my mother.  Joe Bowser and Dea Hart are both old acquaintances who played their parts perfectly, one being helpful and the other not. 


Page dated 8/12/98

Joe and I were trying to take our daughter, Abby, to see the Pope for her birthday. Joe knew the bartender at the Elks Club who said he could help. He knew someone with the last name Moses that knew how to get in but he wouldn’t tell Joe how to find him. I said I knew Carol Moses and maybe she would know how to find him. We went outside and Tony Capito came along and kissed us and Mitch Simon, who was sittng in the middle of the road.

There was an old man eating a tray full of assorted shaped sugar donuts.

Dreamer’s comments: No notes on the page and I have not a clue what this might mean, if anything. Abby has always had unusual birthday parties but the Pope makes no sense at all. Makes me wonder where this stuff comes from!  Lots of religious references in there:  Pope, Moses, Simon.   Hmmmmm……


Page dated 8/9/98

I wanted to do stand-up comedy. Everywhere I go I find I can’t unless my brothers have been there first. I want to do it on my own. (There is more to it. It was very strange. Like there was an invisitble connecting cord or something.)

Dreamer’s comments: First I have no brothers; and second, I cannot see myself doing stand up comedy. Maybe this is a parody of my real life? Maybe it is just a stand up comedy act and I should not take it seriously? Or maybe I need help from invisible brothers? Beats me!