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Page dated 9-11-02

I first see a Name    BROUGH _ _ _ _????

I am in a store buying cigarettes.  A girl beside me is also buying cigarettes,  She is young and has dirty blonde hair.  I look down for money and find I am naked.  She gives me a ride.  I wrap a towel around me  We stop somewhere or something,.  I think on Washington Street.  The girl turns into David Thropp.  Emil Ash is there and David gets out of the car.  I am sitting in my towel with my feet stretched out onto the drivers side leaning on passenger door.  I hear what is an argument I think and Emil whips out his dick and starts pissing on David and then in the car window.  I quickly put my feet down and roll my own window up.  Then I am in a living room back with the dirty blonde full of young people who have each paid $3.00 to see CCR,  (Creedence Clearwater Revival?) I still have my towel on but there is a ten and a five taped to my leg where my pocket would be so i pay with the five and say keep the change.   The alarm goes off.

Dreamer’s comment:  I don’t even know what to think….  I probably do smoke at the time  Emil Ash once offered me money to have sex with another person (which I declined) but it wasn’t  David Thropp.  David Thropp sells Vitamens which he formulates himself.  None of this makes any sense whatesoever to me  Anyone make any sense of this one?


Page dated 7/25/02

I drove along a waterfront of some sort.  I noticed a lot of big lime green oddly shaped spiders – they looked like the jacks that come in kids’ games and they were crawling all around.  At the end of the waterfront there was a big beautiful brick house, old but lovely with a very large porch.  A lot of people were having a party on the porch and I wanted to join them but I had to park at the other end of the waterfront and walk.  As I walked I came across two kids who were picking up the spiders, taking the balls off their legs and throwing the balls to the ground which they then behaved like bouncy balls going off in all directions.  Next I came upon a couple and the young man was trying to convince the young lady that the spiders were harmless and nothing to be afraid of.  I woke up.

(real)  7-26-02  After exercising, I felt a light touch on my left cheek and a voice whispered in my left ear “don’t worry”.

Dreamer’s comment:  Gotta love those bouncy spiders.  No clue what this means.  What fun to think those kids were having.  Don’t know what was happening to the spiders after their “balls” were removed!  The whole incident makes me think I had too many things going at once and was bouncing off in all directions trying to take care of them all.  Obviously having a hard time finding time for myself (getting to the party)

LOVED the “don’t worry message”  Haven’t had one of those in a while.  Think I might ask for one…  well for a message.  They always come at the darndest times when you aren’t expecting them and are always right on, aren’t they?

Page dated 5/23/02

I dreamed I was starting to work at a job where I found jobs for other people.  I had a list of names of people to interview  As I did, I was supposed to have them sign beside their name.  I kept forgetting to do that.  Finally I made a checklist of each step I was supposed to take which made it much easier.  There was a woman – very patient – helping me.  It was a young man that I forgot to have sign.  (I wonder if this is an indication that I might get the job at SBU I interviewed for).

I DIDN’T!!!!

Dreamer’s comments:   Comment at the time sounds relevant to me.

Page dated 5/21/02

My dog, Poochie, was taking a crap in the back yard.  I was watching through the back door.  When she was done, I was surprised to watch her back up rather than walk away.  What she uncovered was one of my dinner plates loaded with crap that wasn’t log like, more mush like.  Gross!  (I must need to change my eating patterns!)

Dreamer’s comments:  What other comment could there be?

Page dated 5/20/02

I seem to be working in a beauty salon except I have no training.  They give me Katie Kreydt to do.  I want to do a good job but don’t know how and feel bad about it.  She wants a wash and cut and deep conditioning.  I go and get the products I need.  When I come back the list of treatments has grown and I have to go and get more.  I think Debbie is there too.  I finally go to the sink.  Katie is on her hands and knees.  She has fallen and the cupboard door knob – a small flat topped thing – is in her eye and she can’t get it out.  I feel sort of useless – trying to think.  Finally I suggest we unscrew the knob from the other side of the door so at least she can stand.  As I am about to do that, she gets it out.

Dreamer’s comment:  This is so weird.  I have no idea what it means, but 10 years later, Katie was at my house and she was helping me replace knobs on my bathroom cupboard doors and she ran the electric drill right through the door and into a towel on the shelf inside and we could not get the drill out of the door.  We laughed so hard we took pictures.   I can’t imagine this dream predicted that incident in any way, still the parallels are uncanny – didn’t know what we were doing, had to look and look to find a drill, in the bath near the sink, small flat doorknobs, etc.

Page dated 4/10/02

I have a white stripe on my tongue running from front to back.  It bugs me.  I want it gone.  A man gives me a clear blue lozenge with a very strong menthol  taste.  I suck on it and the stripe disappears.  I keep looking in the mirror.

Dreamer’s comment:  Just not sure….  There seems to be something wrong in my life that bugs me…   there may be some sort of advice here but not clear about that at all!  Maybe telling me that the remedy is as simple as the remedy offered in the dream and I’m making more of it than is necessary.

Page dated 5/3/02

A face – a woman’s face – came out of the black at me (not scary) and said “miscarriage”.

Written afterwards but not part of the dream – Maybe it means that I won’t get that job.  I hope not because I’d really like that job – but if it does mean that, I’m sure there must be something better coming.

Dreamer’s comment:  Not sure what job I’m talking about.  I did have a miscarriage but that was a couple years prior to this date so I’m not sure what’s going on here.