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Page dated 8/16/13

I dreamt Jimmy Ratzel was trying to get a job so he could come see me. (He’s dead) I told him he didn’t need a job to do that. He could come see me anytime he wanted to.

Dreamer’s comment: So humorous that a dead person thought he needed a job to travel to see me and yet there me was already in front of me seeing me.


Page dated 10/1/98

I saw Jimmy Ratzel in my house and he kissed me lightly on the stairs. He said “I thought you were _____ _____ _____!” (I don’t remember) and I said “I thought you were dead! It was the sweetest kiss and I thanked him for it when I woke up.

Dreamer’s comment: Jimmy Ratzel was my very first love at age 14. After High School he went in the service and when he came out he died in a car accident. Boo Hoo.