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Page dated 8/13/13

Joe and I were driving in a 40’s type car.  We stopped for a soft serve ice cream.  I wanted a twist and was told there was no such thing.  I got a half and half with chocolate on top.  Joe got the same.  When we got home he showed me a box of Cosmic Brownies.

Dreamer’s comment:  Well…  right now I am trying to diet so ice cream cones and cosmic brownies are sure sounding good to me!  They must be a holdover from my life in the 40’s!  LOL!


Page dated 10/21/95

I dreamed that my friend Dawn was my brother. We were little. I was a boy too. We lived in Sweden, or Denmark or what seemed to be a Scandinavian country. Our favorite thing to do was go sliding. We ended up being abandoned by our father (Joe?) and then I was abandoned by her.

Dreamer’s comment: Dawn is probably around 20 years my junior and I met her in this life when she came to work at the County Health Department. That was around 20 or so years ago I think. When we met, it was like we recognized each other from our former life and were pretty much inseperable for as long as we both worked there. To this day I sense a bond between us that cannot be broken even though we live entirely different lives miles apart and would be there for each other if an occasion called for it… or even if it didn’t.

Page dated 5/30/00

I dreamt we bought a big victorian house.  It was beautiful but it needed a lot of work.  One room was painted a dark bright blue and had a dark bright green ceiling.  It seemed to belong to descendants of someone famous – a philosopher or a scientist or someone of that sort.  There was a “V” in the name.  Somewhere I think a little girl had died there.  She had fallen from a tree or out a window or something.  I think.  Light curly hair she seemed to have I think.  I saw her but it was not scary.  There was quite a bit of property with it, but it hadn’t been tended to and needed a lot of clean up.  (I don’t think we paid much for the house??? But the renovation was expensive!!!)  Also something about dark red/maroon patterned carpets.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments:  I vaguely remember having this dream and thinking it was real when I woke up.  I started to research it…  like look for famous people who may have lived in the area who had a “V” in their name.  I did not find anyone right away and realized this could have been a past life, or a figment of my imagination (tho I don’t think so) but mostly if it was real, it could have happened on the other side of the globe.  So I just ended up letting it be.  I still think it was real.  Perhaps I should have spent more time with it.  Anybody got any clues for me??

Page dated 4/2/00

There was this place – somewhere in China or Asia – where they used to torture children.  It was an old monastery or convent or something.  They weren’t supposed to do that anymore but there were two older women who were after this young boy and his bit older girl companion.  I was trying to save him.  Marty Duffy was there.  The women were trying to get him to put some sort of screws (thumb?) on the boy but Marty wouldn’t.  He said he’d had enough and laid down.  He was old.  There was a video of a fat slobby man who would bite the fingers off a little at a time of the children’s hands that had to feed him.  It was appalling.

Dreamer’s comments:  I am really glad I don’t remember this dream.   Just reading it made me “sick to my stomach”.  I had a weird feeling about it and makes me wonder if there is some sort of “past life” or “parallel timeline”  thing going on with it.  I used to work with an older gentleman with the name of Martin Duffy.  He worked up product quotes at my first “serious” job.  To me, he seemed a shy, withdrawn person compared to others who worked there.  He is the only connection I see but maybe on that day I had just watched the 2nd Indiana Jones film or something.  Who knows???

Page dated 5/18/01

I was a man in an insane asylum but I didn’t really feel like I was crazy.  I was taking a shower and a big fat woman nurse was trying to grab me through the curtain.  I wanted to fight back but mostly just kept evading her attempts.

Later I dreamt there were two people inside of me.

Dreamer’s Comment:  Sometimes I wonder where this stuff comes from….  could these be past life indications or overactive imagination?