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Loose page dated 10/6/1991

I dreamed I was in Wardia Simon’s parent’s house with Dia.  She had two new outfits.  I admired them both.  She gave me a blue one and put on a red plaid one.  I was walking downstairs behind Connie Kramer leaving.  When we got to the store part, a whole lot of Dia’s family was sitting at a table out in the middle.  No one was behind the counter.  We passed Dias’s date going up the stairs.  He was a mid-eastern looking guy.  Connie stood behind the counter because none of Dia’s family was supposed to.  She would be embarrassed if they did.  I had the feeling they didn’t like her date.

Dreamer’s comment:  This is quite a mix of old and new.  Wardia was a childhood friend.  Her parents owned a little grocery and they lived on the second floor.  Connie Kramer would have been a new boss to me at the time.  She was the County’s Health Educator.  It seems to me this dream was showing me the contrast between the two.