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Joe’s Dream – 3/29/14

Every now and then my husband has a dream he shares with me that I like to throw into this blog.

Last night he dreamt that we were both at Mazza (a place we were once both employed).  He went out to start the car but couldn’t find it.  He started to panic and began to walk the side streets looking for it.  When he still couldn’t locate it he ended up in Trenton NJ (his hometown – in the Italian section looking for it and then proceeded into the bad section.  He wandered into a bar where he saw Nicholas Cage who gave him a ride back to Mazza which is in Olean NY.

Dreamer’s wife’s comments:  LOL…  he thinks this is crazy.  I think there is more to it than that.    I think the lost car represents the loss of our jobs both of which were lost under “unusual circumstances” to say the least.   Though it’s taken some time, we are both feeling “liberated” which I believe is represented by his “rescue” by Nicholas “Cage” (as in no more cage – driven away from the cage?)  Am I stretching it?  I don’t care….  This is what it says to me!!!  


8/23/13 Joe dream

He dreamt he bought an old resort on a lake.  All the rooms were built into a mountain.  Every room needed refurbishing.  Each one needed a railing on it’s deck.  An elevator inside the mountain took the guests to their rooms.   There was a beautiful view out the back of each room.  He would refurbish one room, rent it out and move on to the next until eventually it was completed and then he wondered why he had done it.

I loved this dream.