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Page dated 7/28/04

We’re at a cookout at the edge of a golf course.  Joe Welch is there.  (Hi Joe!)  There is a “pile on” – a pile on of bodies.

Dreamer’s comment:  Joe Welch has passed so it was nice to be able to say Hi to him.  Evidently I’m thinking I have to carry everyone’s problems???


Page dated 7/26/04

1                 There was something about going to Japan.

2                 Joe did a U-Turn out of the garage

Dreamer’s comments: No idea about going to Japan. Never went, no plans to. After the U-turn comment, I noted that I needed to clean the garage … still do LOL. That dream reminds me of the time tha Abby wanted to get the car out of the garage but we could not get the garage door open, so she tried to do a 3-point turn to get out the door on the other side. HaHaHa That did not work and when Joe came home from work the car was in there all whichaway and it took him a really long time to get it screwed around right so it could be driven out. Wonder if this dream was prior to that???


Page dated 7/25/04

#1                  I was reading cards for people but I thought they would discover that i was a fraud. I was a little afraid. I had two names. One person came to me a couple of times, once under each name. I was sure he would discover I was operating under both.

#2                  Joe thought they were coming for him about a job. He had his wrists together and his head all dejected only it wasn’t him that they wanted, so then we were happy. Turns out the job was not meant for him.

Dreamer’s comments: So interesting to read these in hindsight. #1 –  I read cards for a long time for people. I always felt like a fraud when I did it because it seemed so easy. When I read cards, I would put my regular self aside and at that point pictures would present themselves and I would just describe what I saw. It always felt like I was two people when I did that. My regular self was always there watching my ‘other’ self describe what I was seeing. I always told people anyone could do it. I still believe that and I could never make any money doing that knowing anyone COULD do it.    #2 – Joe has worked for a few different industries. In almost every one, he was designated a compliance officer and it was his job to report irregularities that those above him might be taking part in. I don’t know if that was part of the Controller’s job but it seemed like it. The people at heaquarters were often calling him fishing for information that may or may not be there. I’m thinking he must have often felt like he was the snitch in a prison and not happy with it. I have never seen him so happy, or been so happy for him, since he started consulting and working on his own.