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Page dated 5/18/01

I was a man in an insane asylum but I didn’t really feel like I was crazy.  I was taking a shower and a big fat woman nurse was trying to grab me through the curtain.  I wanted to fight back but mostly just kept evading her attempts.

Later I dreamt there were two people inside of me.

Dreamer’s Comment:  Sometimes I wonder where this stuff comes from….  could these be past life indications or overactive imagination?


Page dated 4/14/01

I was driving Jaimee (abby’s friend?) to an important meeting up a ramp.  We sat in a restaurant.  I saw something I liked.  She told me to talk to a woman who just bought it.  I think Joe was embarrassed.    Anyways, this lady was very ebullient.  She stood up and modeled a long sweater to her knees.  It had no sleeves and the arm holes were so big they were down to her waist nearly (I think) and to the middle of the front.  I didn’t want it anymore though she didn’t seem to mind it.  I saw a flower pot with a broken flower pot inside.  I recognized the broken one as my favorite.  I was a little sad but okay.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s comment:  In a way I wonder if this is a precognitive dream in that I was given a sweater by Abby’s friend that went to my knees…  I wore it once but didn’t really like how it fit and ended up giving it to another woman who admired it.  I thought the lady I gave it to was a friend (outside pot) but turned out to be not such a good friend after all (broken pot) and I was sad but oh well…  what can I do about it?  It is sad and I feel bad but some people are just like that…..  Gotta just let them be.

Page dated 2/12/99 Nassau Bahamas

I am in Scott Sheeser’s house alone.  I don’t know if I’m supposed to be.  It occurs to me I should call and remind him of the mail I sent him with the $50 in it for pot.  I make sure the mail is still in the kitchen drawer paper clipped under another piece.  It is.  Then the phone rings – or I call – or something – and I’m talking to him.  He’s laughing about another message thanking him for the good weed, but it’s written in some cryptic form so you wouldn’t know what was being talked about.  Then all of a sudden he’s in the house and I’m telling him in person about the $50 in the kitchen drawer.  He runs to check and seems incredulous that I knew about it and then I ask him if he’s interested in some other stuff – another connection or something.  He looks like he’s going to ask me about it but surprised I would even have such a connection.  Then I wake up because I have to pee.

Dreamer’s comment:  Ooooo….  I’m a drug dealer!  To the piano tuner!  Or I guess he’s the dealer and I’ve just blown his cover!  Or mine?  Is this about keeping secrets?  Or paranoia maybe?  LOL!  This one just seems crazy!  Maybe I spent too much time at the Daquiri machine in the bar before I went to sleep!