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I saw a path of light. Joe, Abby and I are on it. Seemed to lead to happiness and fulfillment. Also saw that our 5 pets – passed on – were with us. Also on that path but different. Like they were with us but waiting for us at the same time.

Dreamer’s comments: This dream was 22 years ago. I do feel happy and fulfilled but given what I know about the Universe now, I’m sure I had a completely different definition for happy and fulfilled at that time. I think peace and contentment would more describe what I am feeling and I’m pretty sure my husband and daughter are more at that point also. 22 years ago I could count pets…. hahaha… I can’t count them all now! Surely I would miss one if I tried and I don’t want to do that but it does make me happy to think I’ll get to play with them all again sometime



Page dated 9/15/00


I was decorating a parking meter.  It turned out cute but there was too much on it.

(I believe this is a reference to the small living space we were temporarily moving into)


At a party on a bus, the ceiling was so low everyone had to hold their head down toward their shoulders to talk to each other.

(Again a reference to feeling cramped in the small space we are moving into.)

Dreamer’s comments:   Makes sense to me!  Had to be a reference to the apartment we moved into between selling one house and buying another.