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Page dated 3/22/95

I went to Toronto with Dawn. For some reason I kept hearing a voice that told me that Toronto was an Indain home. We went to see a movie/show about Indians. I found the whole thing fascinating. Dawn kept flirting with the guys sitting in front of us (they were Indians) I really hadn’t noticed them until I saw people getting up and leaving. I heard someone walking up the aisle say “fire”. Dawn said “yes, there is a fire and we have to leave.” I was bummed. The movie was good and I wanted to see the rest. As we left I didn’t see a fire but the usher said we could not go out the front door where we were parked and to go out the back. I didn’t want to walk all the way around so we stuck to the front door. It was on fire so we found a side door and left. We got in the car and drove away.

Dreamer’s comments: On the page I have noted that my family was going to Toronto in two weeks to see Phantom of the Opera. Dawn is married to a Seneca Indian and I am reading a book about Indians.

One interestng fact since then is that Dawn’s marriage “went up in flames” so to speak and she divorced her Indian and is now married to another man. I got to see the whole Phantom play.  :o)




I seemed to be headed home. I was traveling in an old Western type landscape. I was approaching a sheer high cliff that I did not ever remember seeing before. At the top edge of the cliff was a house. I could see the plumbing and electrical connections that were in the ground under the house. It looked like it was growing there with roots exposed. Suddenly I realized it was my house and the earth had fallen away from the back side of it. Then I  was at the front of the house, ground level to it. It was a very nice neighborhood. I looked around and noticed that there was nothing left to see in the backyard. I noticed the house that used to stand around the corner was completely gone except for a bit of fence that used to separate it from it’s neighbors. I could see the spikey ends of nails sticking out from it. I felt dazed and confused and wondered what was happening.

Dreamer’s Comments: I have lately felt like I am losing my bearings physically and I believe that has affected my mental state. My body has hurt to the point of tears on many days. I have lost the ability to move easily. I think the house in my dream represents my body. I do have a doctor’s appointment day after tomorrow. My gut tells me it will not satisfy me. I am thinking I will need to get out of town if I want to find relief.

(How interesting.  I just read a dream I had the same date in 2001.  Seems relevant.  Coincidence?  So weird!)