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Page dated 10/1/98 nap

I came upon what I considered to be a sort of ugly deformed person sitting by a river.  I was sort of feeing bad for her.  She looked up and me and said “Sex is a form of looking for love and acceptance on the outside, when in fact, love is a quality everyone has and is found on the inside. Look in there and soak up so much of it you have leftovers to give.” Then she smiled and turned absolutely beautiful and I instantly knew the meaning of “feel the love.”

Dreamer’s Comments: Even though this dream is 20+ years old, I can still remember it. I have Wow Wow Wow written on the bottom of the page and I still want to say Wow Wow Wow.  I also wrote “is she me?”



Page dated 3/18/98

All I can remember is looking down into a cellar that was full of debris or at what appeared to be a pile of debris. The only thing I really remember about the pile was there was a pole of some sort laying up against the pile.

Dreamer’s comment: Isn’t that funny… yesterday or a blog or two ago I dreamt if I left without getting something out of the cellar I would not have it but that it would come to me and for some reason I thought it was sex. Now here I am dreaming about a pile of debris in the cellar with a ‘pole’ leaning against the pile. Subconciously I must not have a very high opinion of sex if I’m always associating it with debris. LOL.