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Page dated 1/31/99

“teacher” appeared at the kitchen counter. Said life is a cycle. It moves in cycles (up/down). It is like this until it’s not. It will keep going from one extreme to another. Holding self at the fulcrum point, allows for both polarities to exist harmoniously (balance). This puts you above so you can see both. That is where acceptance fits in. It is important to accept that the two polarities can exist at one time. This is what allows you to exist at the fulcrum – at the point of tension – and releases you from the up and down of things. It allows me to be here physically but still be in touch with my eternal self. The minute that I accept, or allow it to be that way, emotional swings will cease. Everything will cease. Bottom line is to allow it to be that way until it isn’t.

Dreamer’s comment: So interesting that I should receive this message in 1999. It is 15 or more years later now. I’ve had many experiential life lessons since then. I can definitely see the truth in this although I’m certain at the time I did not understand. I was dreaming that life is just a dream and not at all real in the way that real is customarily defined.


Conspiracy Theories – 9/19/15

Conspiracy theories fascinate me for some reason.

The older I get, the more I seem to come to the conclusion, that things are not what they appear. It is all spin. It is all story telling posing as truth. So it is up to the storyteller to convince you that they have the REAL story.

The government, actually all governments in general, appear to be the best storytellers. They tell the country’s population what happened in any particular incident. And they set it up so elaborately that to listen one would immediately accept it as truth. But what if it wasn’t.

I became interested in conspiracy theories at the time of the JFK assassintion, which of course, is one of the most investigated, reenacted incidents in modern history. I was only 13. I was Catholic. (still recovering) I had been spoon fed the Catholic doctrine for 8 years of elementary school education and learned to believe that what any official told me had to be true. When they told me the President had been shot, I cried. That was a common reaction. When they told me his assassin had been shot, I choked. I found the story they were weaving unbelievably interesting and could not get enough of it. Here is the thing. It was not only unbelievably interesting, my gut was telling me it was unbelievable in truth. For some reason things did not add up though I could not put my finger on the flaws. That is when I found my skeptic.

In later years… much later years… I would end up working for a doctor who happened to be a practicing resident at Parkland Hospital in Dallas where they took JFK after he had been shot. The story he told me about the President’s wounds, and the actions of the government at that time, seemed to confirm my decades old skepticism. But I digress.

What prompts me to write this, is the most recent Republican debate and the claim that Jeb Bush made that his brother kept us safe. I immediately thought, how were we safe on 9/11? Why was it that the focus on chasing down Osama bin Laden, the purported mastermind behind 9/11, changed suddenly to Saddam Hussein and Iraq?  How did that war make us safe?  In my mind, it was like we arrogantly went up to an evil dragon and poked and prodded until it had no choice but to retaliate and we’ve been suffering the consequences ever since.  It seemed to set off this terrorism trend we are seeming to experience now.  How were the citizens of New Orleans, et al, safe after Katrina?

Has anyone reading this ever watched the Zeitgeist films? They advance a myriad of conspiracy theories dealing with everything from religion, to 9/11, to our money supply. All very plausible and again fascinating.

Why do I blog this stuff? I had a convoluted dream last night about 9/11. When I woke up this morning I flipped on CNN to see if any new conspiracies had hatched while I was sleeping. They were airing the real time footage taken at the time of the JFK assassination. Fluke?

Anyways, this is when I realized that life is a story. You can tell it anyway you want. It’s kind of all purpose in that regard. Stories aren’t real. You make them up as you go along. They can be as traditional or as funky as you want them to be. The more believable you make them, the more subscribers or followers you will gain. The funkier you make them, the more likely it is you may find yourself forgotten in some rubber room somewhere.

I’m thinking the only truth is YOUR truth. Everything else is conspiracy.