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Page dated 10/11/98

I came upon the same person who was sitting by the river a dream or so back only this time she was strolling down what looked like an overgrown path through some woods. I wondered how I got there. She told me I was thinking wrong and that I didn’t need anything because I already have everything which is the first lesson and I can have any thing at any time. Instant manifestation is a law and then she issued a warning I’ve heard many times, “Be careful what you wish for” and to be prepared for the consequences of every wish. She advised me to practice controlled thinking, conscious thinking. She laughed and continued past me. When I turned around she was gone.

Dreamer’s comments: “I hope I meet her again soon.” is written on the page. “I turned around to ask her what the story was when it came to karma but she was gone.”




First I dreamt I was sitting on a porch railing with Bambi and some other friends. I think we were at a party. Unexpectedly, this very handsome guy came by and gave me a kiss that left me breathless. He was someone that I did not really know and had never actually met but was aware of because he was so attractive and I had noticed him being around.  I never imagined that he might notice me.

Then I dreamt that I was at the Kinley house and Carolyn was going through this big old box and giving things away. There was nothing in there that I wanted. Abby was with me and saw a long gold chain with huge links and asked if she could have that. Carolyn gave it to her and then I noticed these huge diamonds scattered through it and some big heavy oak leaves also made of gold. I told Abby she could not take that because I didn’t think that Carolyn had noticed that it was such an expensive piece of jewelry/art/whatever. I showed it to Carolyn and she said to go ahead and take it. Then there was this pair of sneakers/shoes that looked like gloves for the feet. They were black soft leather with white stitching and white kidskin soles. When I commented on them, Carolyn gave them to me. I tried to refuse but she insisted.   I took them because I thought if I didn’t I would hurt her feelings.  Though I did think they were interesting and odd, I just knew they would hurt to wear them. I can’t even wear flipflops because they will give me blisters between my toes. We expressed our appreciation and left.

Dreamer’s comment: Before I went to sleep last night, I was thinking how this was just a world of ideas that appeared to become manifest. I think this dream exhibits the stark differences between what I think I am worth and what my daughter thinks she is worth. I also wondered if these ideas were a means of manifestation or in other words, we reap what we sow. Looking at the differences in outcomes between us, I am this day going to test this theory and begin to change my ideas about myself and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.  (I think I’ve said I would try this before.  Obviously I dropped the ball somewhere.  I will try to hang on to it for longer this time!  LOL!)  It occurs to me that I attracted something odd and have to admit the anything odd does interest me.