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Page dated 8/17/98

Karen Young, and I, and Poochie and Joe were going to some bar place in Buffalo. I saw Dea Hart there. She said I looked better with my sweater (blue) off (red/white shirt). I stayed late. When leaving, I was going too fast to see the signs. Karen was not watching. I ended up going off on an “on” ramp. A truck was stopped there. It was stuck under a sign. That stopped me. I turned around and a police man was there. He was going to give me a ticket I think but when he found out I was from out of town, he gave me directions instead. I was not sure of them but felt they were better than nothing. I forgot the dog so went back to the bar to get her. It was now 4 a.m. and I wanted to call home to let everyone know I was okay. Karen said to use the phone in the kitchen. I saw a neat phone with two receivers wrapped up in Saran wrap on the counter. (It seemed like a very high counter to me.) I thought it was neat and picked up one of the receivers. I looked up and some guy was looking at me. I don’t know if he saw me pick the phone up. I was not sure I was really supposed to be using it. so I put it back quickly. I went back into the bar to use the phone there. It was a rotary. I put in my 25 cents and dialed but there was no stop to the rotary so I wasn’t sure what number I was dialing. My Mom answered. She told me she had Chronic Fatique Syndrom. I asked her to call Joe and tell him I was okay. I wondered where Joe had gone. I thought he had started out with us. But now he was gone. Joe Bowser came to the bar to pick up his baby. His baby was a little girl with yellow hair wearing a yellow sleeper. At some point near the end of the dream, he was waiting for me so I could follow him home.

Dreamer’s comments: There are no notes on the page except for at the point where the police officer gave me directions, I evidently thought they led to a High School as I have “H.S.” noted in the margin. I laugh about Dea Hart noticing my outfit. I don’t know why she was in the dream, but that is exactly what she would do if she saw me; ie, give me fashion advice. I always get the impression she thinks she is just a bit better/smarter than I am whenever I do see her. I must have been frustrated using the phone if there was no stop. I find it interesting  that although I was not able to contact whoever it was I wanted to, I did make contact with my mother.  Joe Bowser and Dea Hart are both old acquaintances who played their parts perfectly, one being helpful and the other not. 



Page dated 3/23/03

I was going  hiking by myself.  I had staff in hand and was up the mountain at the treeline.  I found a penny and put it in my pocket.  I started into the forest on a path and found another penny that was partially covered in mud.  I put that in my pocket too.  That one was tails up.  It was getting darker in the woods.  I followed the path around a corner and could see that it would be pitch black in there the deeper I got.  I turned around.  It looked scary.  I felt fearful.  I just about ran down the hill.  I saw a couple up ahead on the path and asked if I could join them.  They agreed.  I followed them wordlessly until we got to cement stairs at the bottom.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s comment:  I am trying to think of what this could mean.  Pennies….  pennies from heaven?  Lucky pennies?  One tails up covered in mud.  Traveling alone into deep dark spaces and being unable to continue…  were the pennies supposed to help me?  Finding help out of there…  Lots to ponder here….  Anybody?  Any ideas?