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Page dated 7/28/98

Something about a chair or chairs made out of drugs that I sold for far less than they were worth and got in a whole lot of trouble for it.

Dreamer’s Comments: Nothing noted on the page. Evidently I was a “bad” girl. On the other hand, I would love to see a chair made out of drugs. What might it look like? Wish I could remember that part!




I was in this big room in a big building… like maybe an old mansion with high ceilings and tall windows. An arab looking man in flowing robes came into the room and interrupted my conversation with I don’t know who… he had a long grayish white pipe that was shaped like a shepherd’s hook. He wanted me to have it. I didn’t want it, had no use for it but he left it anyways leaning against the wall in a corner. Later I was visiting an old woman who was bed ridden in one of the rooms upstairs. She was making a wreath and needed a flourish for the top… like a ribbon or a flower or something. The wreath looked like it was made like the pipe downstairs. I went to find her something in a work room. There was a man in there who told me the pipe and the wreath were made of cocaine. He had a small piece of one and showed me how it could be unrolled into a thin sheet of gauzy looking stuff and then crumpled into pieces as needed. I had no idea. I did not use cocaine and knew little about it. I began to worry it would be discovered in my house and there would be unwelcome consequences to such a discovery. Then I thought about what it looked like… a shepherd’s hook pipe and a wreath and thought what better way to hide it than in “plain sight”. I found a bright blue ribbon for the wreath and at that point I realized I had been dreaming in black and white. I took the ribbon to the bedridden woman and told her that I had found out her wreath was actually made of cocaine. She took the blue ribbon and at that point everything became colorized and bright. I watched as she attached the ribbon to the top of her wreath and she then began to eat the whole thing from the bottom up.  I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: I have no idea. This seems sort of sci-fi to me what with black and white to color; everyone a stranger and a drug I have no experience with. In my crazy days, I was always a pot smoker with maybe a hit or two of hash thrown in. I did around a week on speed once and only remember it as being a rush. I did LSD a couple of times. One time I fell asleep and woke up to find tiny brightly colored zoo animals dancing on the foot of my bed. I was alone. I called a friend who came to get me. I put on a white fuzzy bathrobe and pink fuzzy slippers and went to the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena like that. The effects wore off while I was there. I saw television cameras and hurried home praying no one I knew “back home” had seen me on TV in that outfit. I’m inclined to wax philosophical on the topic of life but I’ll save that for another time. I will say it’s a gas, is it not?

OMG, this is so funny.  I just realized I’ve dreamt this wild dream about drugs while I am on pretty good prescription drugs.  I just had knee surgery.