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Page dated 8/12/98

Joe and I were trying to take our daughter, Abby, to see the Pope for her birthday. Joe knew the bartender at the Elks Club who said he could help. He knew someone with the last name Moses that knew how to get in but he wouldn’t tell Joe how to find him. I said I knew Carol Moses and maybe she would know how to find him. We went outside and Tony Capito came along and kissed us and Mitch Simon, who was sittng in the middle of the road.

There was an old man eating a tray full of assorted shaped sugar donuts.

Dreamer’s comments: No notes on the page and I have not a clue what this might mean, if anything. Abby has always had unusual birthday parties but the Pope makes no sense at all. Makes me wonder where this stuff comes from!  Lots of religious references in there:  Pope, Moses, Simon.   Hmmmmm……