Page dated 8/2/98

I could somehow look into people’s heads and see what they were really thinking. It looked like a black screen with red glyphs or something like on an old fashioned computer screen.

Dreamer’s comments: I’ve noted on the page that I watched Star Wars before I went to bed. Don’t know if that is why, but that info seems somewhat pertinent! :o)

(When I got up, my daughter told me that she dreamt someone that looked like Grandma died but it was not her. Two nights later my mother’s sister died. They could have been twins. My daughter did not know her.)


Page dated 7/28/98

Something about a chair or chairs made out of drugs that I sold for far less than they were worth and got in a whole lot of trouble for it.

Dreamer’s Comments: Nothing noted on the page. Evidently I was a “bad” girl. On the other hand, I would love to see a chair made out of drugs. What might it look like? Wish I could remember that part!


Page dated 7/29/98

I was sick in bed. There was a spring with a button on the end hanging out of my chest. I called my mother to see what it was. She told me the dentist had put in in there years ago and if I relaxed it would go back in place. I went back to a bedroom that belonged to Bill Cosby’s son on the Cosby show (name?) There were three young black guys in there. I got in bed and tried to turn the channel on the TV. There was no button to do that but there was this little inset screwhead that I had to turn. One guy tried to help me but then I discovered or somehow came up with a tool to do it. I went downstairs to get a cigarette. Aunt Carm and Diane were at a table making paper baby booties as favors for Patty’s wedding. They invited me to join in. I said no and thought how odd it was to be making paper baby booties for a wedding. I went in a room next door and there was an old lady selling doll clothes. I had an idea I’d give Patty an old doll for a wedding present since she was having baby booties and it seemed to fit. I picked an outfit from the lady. I knew I had no money with me cause I was in my house coat. She gave me 51 cents change and the outfit. I asked how much it was and she said 50 cents. I went back upstairs. A dog tried to follow me but I shut the door at the bottom of the stairs so it couldn’t. I dropped a huge burning cigarette ash on the carpet at the top of the stairs. I picked it up on the end of my cigarette so it wouldn’t burn. When I went to find the doll, I kept picking up the wrong one but then I found the right one. I went to put my housecoat on. I remembered it was hanging on a hanger on the door where the lady was selling doll clothes. When I went to get it, I discovered the lady had cut it up to make doll clothes. I borrowed a short dress jacket that my Aunt Carm was wearing. I put it on and she said to be careful. I didn’t know why but felt you could probably see through my nightie on the bottom a little. I went downtown. I came up on the corner of Laurens and Union in front of the bank. The curbs were very seteep as there was construction going on. Steve Yurek was directing traffic. All the “girls” (d, Deb, Kate, etc) were dancing in a line, like on a stage, across the street. I wanted to join them. Steve helped me down off the curb but I had to walk down the street a bit to find a place short enought where I could climb up onto the other side. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments: I cannot think of a more bizzare deam! There are no notes on the page so I must have been stymied the next day also. I guess I must have been wound too tight at the time not to mention very confused. Springs and screws, baby items for weddings, too tall curbs… who knows?


Page dated 7/3/98

Early in the night, I was sleeping and the dog jumped up on the bed and woke/scared me. For some reason I began to cry. I cried as I’ve never cried. I could feel myself expressing so intensely. I was so aware. I felt totally cleansed and I realized I have either been suppressing my feelings all these years or really been unaware of them. It feels like a breakthrough. Like a shift of some sort, happened inside.

I then had a series of short dreams as follows:

1. I don’t really remember the first one except that I think it was some sort of instructions and I “just knew” how to relax or how to ‘be’ without analyzing what I was feeling.

2. I was riding a bike down a curbless street. A street like Cranberry Road. I came to a “T” and turned left. Right before I came to it, the surface changed and it went from cloudy but nice to snow on the ground. I rode through the snow (not deep) and made another left onto a RR trestle. The ties were spaced quite wide but not wide enough to fall through on my bike. Someone was ahead of me, also on a bike, and seemed to have an old blanket around his shoulders. He was going slowly. I thought it might be Dick Haberer (today I can’t think who that is). He encouraged me to pass and moved to the side a little. I noticed it was Joe.

3. There was a snake in the house. In a room like a front living room. It was a long snake. People – I don’t know who – were trying to keep it in the living room by barricading the doors with things like dining room chairs and blankets. I could see how it could get out between the chair legs but wasn’t bothered by it. It was okay with me if the snake escaped.

4. I was standing in front of my house. Michael and Divona drove by me, right to left, in a van and didn’t even stop. Just seemed to ignore me. I waved my arms hoping they would see me in the mirrors.

5. I dreamt I was in a classroom. I had to take a test. There were four parts. The first three seemed to be book reports. Someone who looked like Mrs. Speroni (Abby’s 6th Grade Social Studies teacher) was mine. I began the test. I had two reports done and an idea for the third. I wasn’t worried about the last part but was worried about being done in time. I was afraid to approach the teacher to ask if I could stay. I was afraid the other students would laugh at me for needing extra time. I finally did ask if I could stay longer. She told me to come at 8:30 the next morning instead. I asked if I just couldn’t stay longer now since I was on a roll. I think she agreed to a short time but if I wasn’t done, I was to come back the next morning. I was relieved I would get to finish and had as much time as I needed.

6. I dreamt I was having dinner with Joe. He had on his blue and tan plaid Mickey shirt but it was inside out. I pointed that out to him.

I woke up.

Dreamer’s Comments: There are no notes on the page as to what I thought about any of this. Reading these today I would say that in #4 I was feeling invisible for some reason. I have to laugh at that since I’m feeling pretty invisible right now. #5 may really be about books I would write. I have published the first three. The fourth is a Christmas book I started last year but did not finish in time to publish for the holiday. Now I am trying to finish it in time for this Christmas. The snake dream is not my first snake dream. I’ve had them talk to me in dreams before and understand that to dream about them is actually a lucky thing. No clue about the bicycle dream really. I know that I’ve always been nervous about crossing railroad trestles and on a bike would be worse I would think. The inside out shirt also I have no idea about.


Page dated 6/29/98

I was working. I was intent on planning something, reading something, writing something. I looked up and saw a graying David McAuliffe. He pointed out that his brothers, John and the youngest one (Martin?) were there. They wanted my attention but I refused to be distracted. I looked up again and there was Greg Mazza. I wavered and don’t know if I let him distract me or not because I woke up. Greg passed away some time ago. I don’t know about any of the McAuliffe brothers.

Dreamer’s comments: This was back in 1998. I have often had contact with people who have died and I was close with. Most often this contact takes place in my dreams. I have, however, had a few instances of waking contact. So although I do believe this probably happened, I don’t know why.


Page dated 6/27/98

I dreamt I was going to do a psychic fair at Angee’s, a small local restaurant. I lived upstairs over Tito’s, a local bar, located in a building my father used to own when I was small. I went out back to the parking lot. Abby and a group of girls were practicing some kind of routine. It was dark out but the lot was lit. I went to the corner of the lot and pulled out a child’s motorized tike. It was plastic. You had to hold down a button to make it go. One friend of Abby’s (Alyssa?) said incredibly “You’re going to ride that?” There was a car right beside it. A big one. I started out and went up West State Street hill on the sidewalk. It was dark and there weren’t a lot of people. I was going really slow. Sometimes I would stop – or the trike would stop – and my thumb would be red and tired from pressing the button. I got around the corner onto Union Street and it seemed a little easier. There was some sort of stand – empty on the corner of Laurens Street. There was a big guy there – fair haired (John Mark Carney?) with a baby buggy. He gave me a diaper. I tried to give it back. I didn’t have a baby but he did. He insisted I needed it. I also ended up with a blue umbrella. It was a long regular sized one in a sort of dusty periwinkle color. It was very dark now. I got to Angee’s. I parked the trike under a table outside and went in. It was light and bright inside. There were many people. I was late. There were people sitting at tables waiting for psychics. Some may have already started. There was a whole group of people waiting for readings in a bunch of chairs near the front window. I looked around. There was a table in the middle with clients but no psychic. When I inquired if there was a psychic at the table I was told she was waiting for “Vivien”. There was one empty table. Small but I could make it work. It was on the side of a room divider but not completely isolated. I went to the registration desk. There were two young women working. They wanted to see my credentials, business cards, etc. I looked in my basket/bag. It was emply. No cards, no brochures. I looked around for someone (Donna S) who would vouch for me. The only one I knew was Linda Nolder. I’ve never read her so she couldn’t vouch for me. I looked down and found I was wearing only a t-shirt and a bathinng suit bottom. The bottom felt wet and was cutting into me as if I’d been swimming. I was dismayed that I was so unprepared. I left. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments as noted on page: 1. I’m still a baby at this (diaper) and trike. 2. I have power but not a lot yet (car vs trike). 3. I need to open up more and more to the guidance from above (blue umbrella) 4. Except for flashes of light, I am still living in the dark.

(This all sounds right to me now – 19 years later.)


Page dated 5/27/98

Joe, Abby and I moved to a huge house with many rooms. I had my own small personal space with a closet and dressers and even a small couch. I kept my clothes in this room. One day I noticed Abby had a friend over. I didn’t know she was coming. That turned into 16 friends that I counted and parents were staying too. I found Abby and told her to choose two friends to stay and send the rest home. I was becoming angry thinking she had planned a party without telling me. I didn’t want a party. I wanted peace and calm. She didn’t do as told and I went to find Joe. The house was full of strangers and I was upset. I found Joe and told him. He was leading four people with scarves on their faces and hats on into a closet. They seemed familiar but I didn’t know who they were. I started to cry. I went to my room. It was full of people. I told them to get out but they all laid down to take naps. I went and found Abby and told her she was grounded with no friends over for two weeks. She crinkled her nose at me and made a funny face. I felt like no one would listen to me. They just stared at me if I spoke and paid no attention. I began to think maybe this was a surprise party for me or something but I didn’t know anyone. (I thought maybe that was the surprise) I decided if they wouldn’t leave, I would. I was barefoot so I went to my room to get shoes and socks. My drawers were open and empty and there were strangers in my closet. I left anyways and as I did, I heard someone say “she’s not going to go anywhere” as if I was sort of in prison. I thought “The hell I’m not” and began to trot. I heard a young boy yell “Daddy” and felt him point at me. I seemed to be in a strange city or town and it began to rain. I got wet, but dried up in an instant. I had on jeans and my blue and green plaid flannel shit. I trotted by big houses looking for streets to turn down. I trotted through some deep puddles. One was up to my mid calf level. I went left and then right and seemed to be in a bar r district with narrow steets. I thought I should have brought my purse and credit cards. I felt in my pocket. I had my rock, and a quarter and a $20 bill. That’s all I’d left with. I followed 3 or 4 young adults with matching pink, red and white tie dyed shirts. They went into an alley. They seemed to step right and into booths the size of toilet stalls. Then right away they came out and exited right at the end of the alley. A young man in brown cutoffs and a striped short sleeved work shirt passed me. He held back his hand to me and said something like “I’ll help you out.” I ignored him. I went down the alley. I looked into the booths as I passed. They were empty except for there was red and pink graffiti on white cement block walls. They were all dead ends. I thought they might have been toilet stalls but they weren’t. I went to the end where I had seen the others exit and walked out of the alley into what looked like a New York City business/residential area. I wished I would run into someone I knew. As soon as I did, Katie appeared in front of me. She seemed to be painting a building. She smiled at me and said “Hi Cathy”. I began to feel safe. I woke up.

Dreamer’s comments:  Throughout the whole dream I felt annoyed and ignored.  Everywhere I went to look for relief, I was disappointed.  I shrugged off the one person who said he would help me.  He was a stranger (the one in the cutoffs) and I didn’t really trust him.  After a lot of struggling, I finally found someone who I was comfortable with and that I knew would honor my needs while still taking care of her own and I realized that all I had to do was ask and there she was.  It was such a relief and when I woke up I was calm and not frantic like I felt in the dream.


Page dated 5/24/98

I seemed to be on some sort of boat. It may have been at Disney. It seemed to be a showboat of sorts. It had two sets of stairs. I was looking for someone. I finally caught a glimpse of that person going up one set of stairs on one side of the boat as I was coming down the other set on the other side.

After that I seemed to be sitting in an audience at a show except that my seat was facing the audience and was to the left of the stage. There was a girl singer who was going to perform. She sat in my row. I thought her shoes were neat. Before she went on, she asked me to hold her right shoe and then she left. I was trying to sneak her shoe on my foot to see how It would look. When she came back with the other shoe, she was laughing and said something about ‘dying on stage’ and me saving her. I said I would but first I’d like to take her shoes.

When I woke up, Patty Fox was telling me I really ought to get over the resent that I held for one of my old boyfriends.

Dreamer’s comments: No notes on the page around this dream. On first thought, after all this time, it seems to me that I wanted to walk in someone else’s shoes… like maybe the girl (that I never knew) who ended up marrying the old boyfriend long, long ago. From various stories I’ve heard over the years, she is sort of a ‘star’. In that respect, I have to say I am happy for both of them and I will leave it at that.


Page dated 5/12/98

I watched myself bungee jumping and thought it’s okay to take the giant leap into the void because I’m protected with the bungee cord.

Dreamer’s comment: Not sure. This dream was a long time ago. If I had to guess, I would guess that I was thinking of doing something that had a bit of risk associated with it and that this dream was telling me it was okay to try. That I would remain safe on all counts. In any event… I am still here!!! LOL!